My Guitar (Hip-Hop)

Welcome to the beat of lovely guitar play ;)

As you listen this beat is kinda filled with most of what you should know how to make a simple beat, a simple guitar beat, I did not use many sort of effects but hardcore is one thing for the guitar.

If you would like to use this track for mostly more development you are fully granted that, as you could add your own voice on top, or even change the full features of it, if you buy an exclusive of this project you are enabled to release this track as your own musical art of work, as long as it does not stay as it is now, you must add voice, and other instruments, maybe change the settings of the guitar play ;)

This beat is made by using mostly DSK Instruments, which are included in the zip archive, so you don’t need to download those VST instruments, just copy to foldre of vstplugins all 4 folders. These instruments are 100% free.

I used an drumloop which i got from royalty free samples.

You may feel an journey while you listen, and get astonished by the great sound ;)

A mp3 version is included in the zip, and this project will load with an demo version of FL Studio 10.0

This is more the hip-hop beat, but this is more likely an art of guitar work, especially for the classical way of an beat

Download My Guitar (Hip-Hop)

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