In Loving Memory (Atmospheres, Soundscapes)

This is a slow tempo, yet very emotional piano piece with some serious atmospheric background music played on a couple of synthesizers. It was written in response to an item request for a song that was minimal, yet emotional. So here it is. I tried to keep some of the melody in the major keys, yet the song still has a somber feel overall. It’s one beautiful, sad feeling song, with a bit of an almost haunting edge to it.

This song would go well with any project that aims to set a particular mood. It would go well with a scene in a movie after someone has died. Or it may go well with a funeral scene.

When you purchase you get:

Track 01: WAV file (3:03)
Track 02: 320 mbps MP3 file (3:03)

Thanks for listening and or purchasing.

By the way, this one has a DR of 14 for those of you who are trying to meet the DR official standard.

Download In Loving Memory (Atmospheres, Soundscapes)

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