Ufological World (Electronica)

Welcome to another world, venture forth to another planet as you listen to this beat.

There are many sort of proportions in this track:
1. it’s an 110 bpm track
2. 13 presets of sytrus made truly by Dealazer, or me as we can say.
3. It consist of royalty free samples only
4. the project has quite unique ways of pitching on the instruments
5. it’s totally mastered, as it should be.
6. it’s quite short, about 2:54, but can be adjusted in demo version of FL Studio if you are the one that wanna lay on vocals on the track. It’s quite simple just follow some tutorials on youtube ;)
7. as number 7 is the lucky number I can say this track brings you to heaven as it should do ;) because the zip contains mp3, samples and flp.

Well this is quite an journey you need to settle down to. as you may ask, how I make this kinda tracks?, yea I work and work, each day creating the unique sounds needed for these kinda tracks ;)

Download Ufological World (Electronica)

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