Immortal Speaker (Electronica)

Immortal Speaker is an fully specked hardcore dubstep track, just for the reason that you might need this project to understand the basics of how to create an dubstep track.

All samples in this track are royalty free + some of my own creations ;)

In the zip you find flp and also the samples.
Instruments are native FL Studio, so with an demo version you could load up this track and enjoy the thrill by testing how to work on such as this track.

This is an totally hardcore track, and it took me several hours to just finish for your fingers ;)

Everything is setup real fine in this track.

As you would know releasing this track is solely forbidden, but you can change the track totally not using the same samples, but the instruments that are inside the project, there are about 10 instruments, 3xosc and sytrus, they you may reuse.

Thanks for peeking into this project if you buy it ;).

Download Immortal Speaker (Electronica)

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