Epic Cinematic Movie Intro 3 (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

This third instalment of orchestral trailer tracks is perfect for a fast, furious opening sequence!

A charging sixteenth pattern is introduced from the start by the Cello and Viola sections, accented by a modern synth and heavy drum pattern, that really punches through the mix with the booming orchestral percussion. The second violins imitate the violas in a higher octave, while the first violins provide accented stabs throughout.

The piece develops with the introduction of the brass section, the trombones and French Horns providing a harmonically rich wall of sound, until the distorted, electric guitar drops some heavy power chords for the final movement!

Includes both a 320 MP3 and 16-bit Wave.

Download Epic Cinematic Movie Intro 3 (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

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