Morning Sunlight Piano Mix (Pop)

Lighthearted and upbeat cue with piano, acoustic guitar and synthesizer riffs. It delivers positive and happy feeling and the changes the dynamics throughout the song which makes it a good fit to a variety of applications, from low-key background play to prominent. Loops seamlessly. If you don’t want it looped, simply fade out at the end or contact me for a custom version.

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This audio track is offered with a royalty free license and can be used in a wide range of media projects, including business presentations, flash games, mobile / cellular phone applications, Web site background loops, podcasts, commercials and jingles, advertisement, TV, film, animation, YouTube videos, software, and so on. Please pick appropriate royalty-free license based on intended use.

If you use my music in your project I would really appreciate you letting me know. With your permission, I would love to mention this in my blog and to publish a link to your project on my Web site.

This song was composed and recorded by MikS Music, a musical project of Mikhail (Mik) Seliverstov.

Download Morning Sunlight Piano Mix (Pop)

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