Eco-rporate 7 (Motivational)

Hi everyone.

Do you like Christmas ? I don’t. I mean it used to be really nice time when I was a kid, but thanks to big money making corporations it’s to commercial. Day after Halloween all shops around changing everything to “christmasy” stuff. To much. Just for the sake of sitting, eating and drinking for 2 days? Oh no … not for me. That’s why I’m not even tempting to come up with any Christmas Jingle bells – shmells etc.
Here it is instead:

Eco-rporate 7

This time is quite short – 1:45, but I love this one because It’s got this nice acoustic guitar chords … ok – let’s be honest only 3 of them, however – power of simplicity.

As inspiration I had my previous tracks – one popular one – find out in my portfolio or to make it easy for you check those links:


Eco-rporate 2

Eco-rporate 3

Eco-rporate 4

Eco-rporate 5

Eco-rporate 6

Nice and “soft” house style loop:

Take it easy

…and some drum and bass stuff:

media intro 1

media intro 2

media loop 1

media loop 2

media loop 3

Download Eco-rporate 7 (Motivational)

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