Twin Rotor Military Helicopter (Game Sounds)

Here are some hard-to-find sounds of a large twin-rotor CH-47 army helicopter, perfect as a background sound effect for a game, game cinematic, film or other application. Long used in applications ranging from military troop transport to logging, these familiar and proven machines have remained in service since 1962 and will continue well into the 21st Century.

This sound is well-known to soldiers around the world, and most will recognize it instantly. A must-have for any military-related productions set from the 1960s onward.

Surprising factoid: The large and ungainly-looking CH-47, with a topspeed of 170 knots, can outrun an Apache.


twinrotor_passing.mp3 (0:34)

This is a very realistic rendering of a large CH-47 helicopter passing overhead and off over the horizon. A subtle doppler effect in the twinrotor_passing.mp3 adds to the realism.

twinrotor.wav (0:28)

This is a looping effect of a CH-47 in the distance. It could make an ideal background sound effect for a military-themed game, game cinematic, urban ambiance, film or other application.

Both files include acoustic rotor interaction effects characteristic of Piasecki’s meshed rotor tandem designs.

Download Twin Rotor Military Helicopter (Game Sounds)

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