Dreamcar concept (Cars)

Concept car designed by me.It is the mixture of the todays cars and concept cars from the past.Before I became 3d modeler I sketched a lot futuristic cars.When I want it to look more realistic,I started to learn 3d modeling and animation.I’v also was accepted by Coventry University for automotive courses 5 years ago,but had no money for education.So it stayed just a dream.

3d model created with polygons with blender3d 2.49b.Rendering with yafaray rendering plugin.There are about 70098 polys,but you can lower it in blender with subsurf modifier.Doors are openning as you can see on the images,and are attached with empties.Objects are separated.For better reflections you will need hdr images as a world background in yafaray plugin.Mirror and subsurf modifier not applied.

Download Dreamcar concept (Cars)

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