Airbus A320-100 commercial jetliner (Commercial)

Model was created with blender3d 2.74 version.Rendering images previews with blender internal render.There is one texture for this product 2050×2050 png with windows and doors details.Texture was created with inkscape vector editor.It is uv mapped from side view.There are no landing gears and no interior objects.Elevators or flaps are detached,but not rigged.Rudder is jointed but you can unlink it easily,and use it to animate it if you like.There are 17 NGONS on engine pylon.Enjoy my product.

obj file
verts: 13660
polys: 23448

3ds file
verts: 70344
polys: 23448

Download Airbus A320-100 commercial jetliner (Commercial)

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