Tun Tavern (Buildings and Architecture)

“The tavern was erected in 1686 at the intersection of King (later called Water) Street and Tun Alley by settler Joshua Carpenter, brother of Samuel Carpenter, a Quaker merchant who made a fortune trading Barbados. Joshua Carpenter built the Tun on the caraway that led to Carpenter’s Wharf. Tun Tavern was named for the Old English word “tun”, meaning a barrel or keg of beer. In the 1740s, a restaurant, “Peggy Mullan’s Red Hot Beef Steak Club”, was added to the tavern.”

The 3D model was created on Sketchup 2013. It’s created accurately, in real units of measurement.

Model formats:
– *.Skp (Sketchup 2013 Vray 1.6)
– *.fbx (Multi Format)
– *.obj (Multi Format)
– *.3ds (Multi Format)
– *.Max (SKP or 3DS File is Ready to upload in 3DS Max)

  • renders Are made in Sketchup 2013 using vray 1.6 (HDRI environment is included in the set)
    If you need any other formats we are more than happy to make them for you.

The model is provided combined, all main parts are presented as separate parts therefore materials of objects are easy to be modified or removed and standard parts are easy to be replaced. If you experience difficulties with separating standard parts we are more than happy to give you qualified assistance.
We greatly appreciate you choosing our 3D models and hope they will be of use.
We look forward to continuously dealing with you.

Sincerely Yours,
William Marcos

Download Tun Tavern (Buildings and Architecture)

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