Limousine (Cars)

Hi there,
Here is a precidency limousine model.
High Poly Detailed Object and Mid Poly Detailed Object. Both of they are in same file.

Count informations:
*Points : 92430 (1319161)
*Polygons : 87909 (1284969)
Objects : 181 (504)

Car has shiny shaders in Cinema 4D version. It has flag textures in content. No texture UV mapping problem in different 3D softwares. Just add which shader you want.

Model has no interior. Only exterior.

Specials on this model:
Flag poles and Flags for Countries or Companies or Communities
Presidency Design
Signal Jammer Antennas
Armored(Luxury) Surface

This model is not just for serious jobs. Turn it to white and place a red carpet next of it :)

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Download Limousine (Cars)

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