SE Battery Tester

SE Battery Tester

  • Easy-to-use, compact and accurate – pays for itself by reducing harmful battery waste
  • Works with virtually all replaceable battery types; alkaline, lithium, button, 1.5V – 12V
  • Fits battery sizes AAA – D, 12V, 9V, camera, watch & hearing aid batteries; 2.5 – 120mA
  • Easy-to-read meter shows battery strength instantly – no more guessing
  • Thumb-slide caliper adjusts for battery size; tester requires no internal battery

New Battery Tester enables the user to check remaining power inside a battery at a glance. It is compact and light, very convenient to carry in a camera pouch. Adjustable to fit the exact size of the battery. Accurate and high-quality. Tests the following sizes: *1.5V: AAA,SH16,MN2400,R03 AA,HP7,MN1500, UM3 C,HP11,MN1400,SP11,LR14,UM2 D,HP2,MN1399,SP2,R20,UM1 * 9V: PP3, MN1604,6F22,006P Easy to use. Measures: 4.25″L x 2.375″W x 1″H Instructions included. Sealed in original package.

List Price: $ 4.50

Price: $ 0.95

Elmer’s E650A Stix-All Cement 5/8-Ounce

  • Flexible bond in hot and cold extremes
  • Water resistant
  • Adheres to plastic, glass, metal, wood and more
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Elmer’s, 5/8 OZ, Stix-All, High Technology Adhesive, Bonds Almost Everything, Except Skin, Dries Clear & Flexible, Use Indoor Or Out, Bonds Dissimilar Material, Resistant To Water, Heat & Cold, Use As Sealant, Fills Gaps, Bonds Metal, China, Plastics, Glass, Brick, Wood & Almost All Porous/Nonporous Surfaces, .

List Price: $ 4.29

Price: $ 0.98

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