Intelligels® GENII Soft Foam Laptop Computer Wrist Rest *Free Carry Case!*

Intelligels® GENII Soft Foam Laptop Computer Wrist Rest *Free Carry Case!*

  • Finally you can now work comfortably all day and night on your laptop! Invented by an IT Professional specifically to prevent wrist strain, palm pain and hand fatigue. Medium soft foam pads place hands and wrists in ergo-tested neutral position for soothing comfort and proper support. Try Intelligels® today, “The perfect laptop companion®!”
  • There is NO EQUAL in lightweight portability and ergonomic support and comfort for laptops – you will love using Intelligels®! Now **FREE** Custom-fit carry case (.99 value) while supplies last!
  • Works seamlessly with integrated laptop touchpads and click buttons using click-thru lower edge. Stay-in-place, super-gripping neoprene bottom (non-sticky) for superb stability. No more jewelry, watch scraping or wear and tear on laptop cases! Also prevents accidental finger brushing of touchpads! Bonus: can be used as a wrist rest when placed in front of PC keyboards and even netbooks (see product pictures).
  • Wrist strain? Carpal tunnel? Hot laptop case? PAIN NO MORE! Calling all IT Pros, Business Pros, Students, Gamers, Laptop Warriors! Give your wrists a rest, you’ve found the best – Intelligels®! Finally, REAL ERGONOMIC COMFORT for your laptop! New, improved, quality Made-in-USA Intelligels® GENII curved soft foam pad laptop wrist rests will revolutionize how you use your laptop! Not too hard, not too soft, just right! Patented, ergonomically tested design eliminates discomfort, strain and fatigue in palms and hands that leads to carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries while working long hours on hot, hard laptop cases.
  • One-size-fits all laptop brands with 12″,13″,14″,15″,16″,17″,18″ wide screens *with exceptions* from Apple®, Acer®, Asus®, Dell®, Gateway®,HP®, Lenovo®, Sony®, Toshiba®. IMPORTANT NOTE: One-size-fits all does -not- mean exact, but nearly perfect on HP®, Sony®, Dell®, Toshiba®, most PC’s etc. Apple® Macbooks have larger touchpads so they will be partially covered by Intelligels® but still very usable (see MAC reviews). Super-lightweight (<2oz) and truly portable, does not block front ports like others! BUY 2 AND GET FREE SUPER-SAVER SHIPPING! NOW FREE CUSTOM-FIT CARRY CASE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (.99 VALUE)! Makes a great gift item!

THE PERFECT X-MAS STOCKING STUFFER!! **FREE** Custom-fit carry case while supplies last, hurry! (.99 Value!) Calling all IT Pros, Business Pros, Students, Gamers and Laptop Warriors! Now you can use your laptop in comfort all day and night! Ergonomically designed foam universal wrist rest fits most laptop brands and models (see note above) and will revolutionize how you use your laptop! Also can be used as a wrist rest with your PC desktop keyboards and Netbooks when placed in front of either

List Price: $ 21.99

Price: $ 12.99

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