Personality Quiz Viral Facebook Application (Social Networking)

NO fake results! – most facebook application calculate fake output and post random picture, but this one post only real calculated output base on the user answers! – This method reduces the possibility for the user delete the output picture.

  • All you need is just a good idea. You do not need programming knowledge.
  • Full installation instructions and video tutorial.
  • Admin Panel allows to upload the questions and answers.
  • All answers will be assigned a unique output image.

Video Demo


Why choose this application?

The easiest way to increase your number of fans you have on your Facebook Page, is a game or a creative/funny quiz application. With this universal basic script you can start your ‘like collecting’ campaign in minutes. You only have to think out few output, like ‘What will you get for Christmas?…’, ‘Will you survive end of the World 2012?!’ ‘Which car fits you best’ etc.. And make few result picture. Your users will try your app, but they have to like your facebook page first, then the app will show the result to them, and also post an image to their Wall and also to their Photo Album. You can place a link so your user friends will able to try your app also, and if they do the same you have more and more facebook fans.

Personality Quiz Viral Facebook Application Features

  • User data access (Name, Email address, Birthday, Gender)
  • Facebook TimeLine support
  • User have to like to see the result
  • Real result
  • Unlimited output pictures
  • Administrator can upload output picture on admin panel
  • Easy to add or delete an output picture
  • Auto picture resize
  • Add Photo to Facebook User Album!
  • Administrator can add any picture or video on Non-Fan page
  • You can choose like button format
  • Facebook Developers Install Guide


Usually it runs on all main web-hosting company i have tested on BlueHost, Hostgator, and it runs on all cpanel, plesk based server and on other also if all requirements are available. Sometimes it was need to ask the Administrator to install ionCube and DOM php module but it was quick and free. The following are require to use the script.

  • PHP running on your server version 5.x
  • MySQL running on your server version 5.x


Since 1st Oct. 2011 facebook default browsing is in secure mode. The application works without SSL but you will lose about 60-80% of your users without SSL , because default in facebook is HTTPS . This is true for ANY facebook application you buy on CodeCanyon or elsewhere.

  • SSL Certificate

Support and Aftercare

Download Personality Quiz Viral Facebook Application (Social Networking)

Earn Clicking Banners For Powerful Exchange System (Add-ons)

This is an addon for Powerful Exchange System ->

With this addon, users will be able to earn coins by clicking on banners. Users can also add their own banners to the banners page using their coins.

Login details:
Login: demo
Pass: demo

Download Earn Clicking Banners For Powerful Exchange System (Add-ons)

WPSequencer – CSS3 slider constructor for WordPres (Sliders)

WPSequencer is truly unique WordPress slider plugin. With simple to use drag and drop slider builder you can create stunning animation in minutes. 40+ predefined animation presets and Google fonts support – out of the box!


  • Drag and drop interface – no need to struggle with any code!
  • Google fonts ready – range of most popular fonts
  • CSS3 animations – for better performance
  • Ready for localization – .po & .mo files included
  • FREE test drive

Download WPSequencer – CSS3 slider constructor for WordPres (Sliders)

WPD Q&A (Add-ons)

The WPD -Q&A add-on is an add-on for WPdeposit that allows you to run a Question and Answer system on your wordpress website. In order to ask a question a user has to spend out x money/points and authors which answer was marked as correct by the question author will be rewarded with x money/points. (x money/points => to be set in the settings panel)

This is an add-on for the WPdeposit plugin ! It will not work properly without it.


  • Tag system
  • Administration panel
  • Widgets / shortcodes
  • Shortcode generator for syntax

the live demo can be found at

the the documentation can be found at

Download WPD Q&A (Add-ons)

Elavon Payment Gateway for Woo Commerce (WooCommerce)

The WooCommerce Virtual Merchant Gateway plugin enables you to take credit card payments directly from your WooCommerce site using a Virtual Merchant account provided by Elavon. Consumers will not be redirected during the payment process allowing you to maintain your brand throughout the customer’s purchase experience.

To use this plugin, you must have the force secure checkout option enabled within WooCommerce, and a valid SSL certificate (all of which is required prior to Elavon’s initial account approval process).

Download Elavon Payment Gateway for Woo Commerce (WooCommerce)

Facebook Friends – Questions & Answers App (Social Networking)

Facebook Friends Questions & Answers is an External Facebook App

1. What is Facebook friends Questions & Answers?
Facebook friends Questions & Answers is a free online application which you can use it to find more information about your friends from social network. You can play the game of YES /NO answers and questions anytime and anywhere with your friends. It’s easy, funny, interesting, because you will find new information about your friends. Your question will be posted on your friend wall, but he can see your answer just if he use our app and if he has enough coins for that. When one of your friends will answer to a question about you, you will see the question posted on your wall, but you can view the answer the same like before, just if you use our app and if you had enough coins.

I will be glad to hear any suggestions or update to existing fuctions!

I will do my best to to assist you in any problem related to Facebook Friends – Questions & Answers App

Please rate the item after you buy it!

Download Facebook Friends – Questions & Answers App (Social Networking)

Tabs + Accordion (Navigation)

Tabs + Accordion is a jQuery plugin that simplifies creating responsive tabs and accordions.


Here’s a quick list of some of the top features. For a nice and detailed overview of all features,
go to the info page.

  • Shared markup
  • Responsive
  • 4 themes included
  • Compatible with RequireJS
  • Multiple and nested instances
  • Save State
  • Beautiful CSS3 transitions
  • LESS stylesheets included
  • Powerful API
  • Well documented


Download Tabs + Accordion (Navigation)

Crystal Gallery – Translucent blur photogallery (Images and Media)


Crystal Gallery is a jQuery plugin which turns simple HTML markup to photogallery with thumbnail navigation. The gallery features a modern translucent blur effect on thumbnails which looks really great.

As it is a jQuery plugin so it can be really easily customized to fit your needs.

With this gallery you can show all your photos with style. It can be perfectly used as a photographers portfolio or just to show your photos on you page or blog.

You can even use multiple galleries on one page with the fixed layout.

Check out fullscreen gallery demo



  1. Stunning translucent blur effect
  2. Fixed or fullscreen layout
  3. Fully responsive – adapt size on window resize
  4. Thumbnails navigation
  5. Top, bottom, left, right thumbnails position
  6. Four types of photo changing transitions
  7. Flickr feed support
  8. Multiple instances on one page
  9. Keyboard navigation
  10. Social media icons
  11. Your custom gallery logo
  12. Unlimited gallery categories
  13. Custom gallery settings for each category
  14. Lazy image loading (don’t slow page loading time)
  15. 24/48 Support and lifetime free updates

Download Crystal Gallery – Translucent blur photogallery (Images and Media)

jQuery Tweet to Download (Social Networks)

So you have files you want to give people access to files, videos, tutorials, images, etc. after they Tweet about your site or follow you on Twitter but you don’t run WordPress? Tweet to Download for jQuery puts the power of the WordPress plugin in an easy to use jQuery plugin with simple markup. Turn the Tweet and Follow buttons into a social download system for your site and drive tons of new social traffic and backlinks to your websites! More Tweets = More Traffic = More $$$$$$


  • Works with both the Tweet and Follow buttons!
  • Can require both actions to be completed for download or either action!
  • Customize the text and URL that is pre-loaded in the tweet box!
  • Works with any download URL !
  • Cookies remember users who already tweeted / followed!
  • Unlimited number of download lockers per page!
  • Includes 4 different download locker styles!
  • Control counter / button appearance!
  • Comes with full install instructions and documentation on how to use!
  • Don’t be fooled by knockoff’s and copy cats!
  • Free updates and support!

Custom Event Tracking

It also allows you to do some other cool things such as multiple button configs, right now there are three ways you can use Tweet to Download.

  • Tweet Only – Create a download button that requires the user to tweet, you can pre populate the text of the tweet and define the URL that will be tweeted with the tweet as well. After the tweet is sent, the download will be started or if your download url does not start the file transfer right away they will be redirected to the URL .
  • Follow Only – Create a download button that required the user to follow a given username. After the Follow action is confirmed the download will be started or if your download url does not start the file transfer right away they will be redirected to the URL .
  • Use both buttons – You can also include both buttons in one download locker! You can than require the user completes just one, or both of the actions to get their download / redirect.

Compatible With All The Popular Browsers

  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releaes
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9 & 10

Great For…

Tweet to Download is great for all kinds of uses, they are endless.

  • Plus to download free design resources like icons, PSD templates, etc.
  • eBook downloads.
  • Video and audio downloads.
  • App downloads.
  • Tutorial downloads.
  • Shareware sites.
  • Wallpaper sites.
  • Literally any kind of content (zip, rar…)!

Download jQuery Tweet to Download (Social Networks)

Youtube Channel Video Grabber:Vidplanet CMS Plugin (Add-ons)

This is a plugin for the Vidplanet video cms. Please ensure you have purchased and installed the latest version of Vidplanet video cms before using this plugin.

Keyfeatures :

  • Imports all videos from a Youtube channel by single mouse click.
  • Just input the name of the channel, and submit the form.
  • All videos from that certain channel will be imported into your site database.
  • This plugin can be also used for standalone script for furthur project usage.


login to (id: admin, password: 1234) and select “add video” section to test the demo)

Easy Installation

  • Download and install vidplanet video cms in your server
  • Purchase this plugin and follow the easy installation instruction inside it’s documentation folder


Feel free to knock me for any support via PM. You may also hire me for your project or any customization at oDesk.

Instant support:

free counters

Download Youtube Channel Video Grabber:Vidplanet CMS Plugin (Add-ons)

All-in-One Subscribe Popup (Miscellaneous)

All-in-One Subscribe Popup is a PHP +jQuery script that allows you to add a highly customizable subscribe popup box to any website. It combines 7 different popups (on page load, on external link click, on copy content, on context menu, on scroll down, on idle, on click), which can be used separetely or simultaneously without conflicts. Once raised, popup asks visitors to submit their name and e-mail. These data are saved in database or submitted to MailChimp and iContact newsletter systems. All saved data can be exported as CSV -file to be used with any other newsletter systems. Integration of the script is really simple. All you need to do is to add single line of code into your website.


  • Modern Opt-in form: popup box contains HTML5 +CSS3 AJAX -ed opt-in form.
  • Highly customizable: set size, colors, opacity, background image and even edit CSS .
  • Modern popup box: shadows, round corners, etc.
  • Secure Admin Panel: configure script and manage data through nice admin panel.
  • Content editor: insert any HTML -content inside of popup box.
  • MailChimp supported: contact details can be submitted to MailChimp through their API .
  • iContact supported: contact details can be submitted to iContact through their API .
  • CSV Export: all data can be exported as CSV -file to be used with any newsletter systems.
  • 7 subscribe popups in one plugin: use them separetely or simultaneously without conflicts.
    • OnPageLoad popup appears once user open page in browser.
    • OnClickExternalLink popup appears once user click any external link on page.
    • OnCopyContent popup appears once user copy part of your page into clipboard (using Ctrl+C or through context menu).
    • OnScrollDown popup appears once user scroll down current page to particular point.
    • OnIdle popup appears after defined period of inactivity.
    • OnContextMenu popup appears once user call context menu (click right mouse button).
    • OnClick popup appears once user click on link with class="megasubscribepopup_click" attribute.
  • Remember visitors: OnPageLoad and OnScrollDown popups can be displayed only once per visit.
  • OnPageLoad autoopen and autoclose delay: you can configure these parameters too.
  • Remember subscribed visitors: script remembers users who already subscribed the page (using cookie).
  • Show or hide close button: open popup box as modal window.
  • and more, and more, and more…

Fron End Demo

Click “Live Preview” or visit demo website. There you can see all subscribe popups (on page load, on external link click, on copy content, on context menu, on scroll down, on idle, on click).

  1. When you open demo website, you will see OnPageLoad popup.
  2. Then you can click external link #1 or external link #2 under “Demo” section and you will see OnClickExternalLink popup.
  3. Try to copy any part of content into clipboard and you will see OnCopyContent popup.
  4. Scroll down this page and you will see OnScrollDown popup.
  5. Do not touch mouse, keyboard or screen for 30 seconds and you will see OnIdle popup.
  6. Click right mouse button and you will see OnContextMenu popup.
  7. At the end you can click another demo link under “Demo” section and see OnClick popup.

Admin Panel Demo

You can try admin panel:


Login: admin

Password: admin


Let’s imagine that you have website and you want to install there.

  1. Create folder subscribe-popup (use any other name) in root of your domain. Once created it can be reached by URL :
  2. Edit inc/config.php and set MySQL database parameters.
  3. Go to admin panel using default login/password (login: admin, password: admin) and configure script on Settings page.
  4. Make sure that your website loads jQuery. If it doesn’t, just add this line into head section:
    <script src="//"></script>
  5. Add this piece of code at the bottom of the page (before </body> tag):
    <script src="//"></script>


  • PHP version 5.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • jQuery version 1.4 or greater


If you have problems regarding using the plugin, please contat me and I’ll help you.

Download All-in-One Subscribe Popup (Miscellaneous)

Safe Register & Login With Admin Panel (Forms)

What is ‘Safe Register & Login With Admin Panel”?

This is an amazing Register&Login script.
It has a beautiful template AND it’s also is one of the safest scripts ever.

Easy to integrate

If you don’t know anything about PHP or MYSQL , that’s no problem!
You just have to paste a few lines of code, but don’t worry, once you open te file, there is a great install guide! You just open it, fill in a few fields, and the database creates itself.

What does the Admin Panel do?

Once the users start to register, you can easily manage them in the Admin Panel. Here you can delete users if you want.

Check it out!

Why am I still explaining this to you, just click on the preview and see it yourself!


If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact me!
You can send me an email, or comment here.

Demo accounts:

(Admin: admin – s101010)
(Demo: demo123 – test123)

Download Safe Register & Login With Admin Panel (Forms)

Facebook Viral App – Your Latest Visitors (Social Networking)

With this interactive and interesting facebook application users can find out their profile’s latest visitors (Randomly selected 9 friends, friends of opposite sex preferred).
More over, they are required to like a page and invite their friends to see the results, making the app go viral once a few users have used it.

Live Demo Here

This is exactly what is required for a marketing campaign and you can get easily thousands of like/fans for your facebook fan page in just a few days.

  • Features Quick and easy setup (you need to edit one config.php file)
  • Ability to Invite friends to your facebook app forcefully, or let the users choose on their own. (Configurable in the config.php)
  • Easily set the page title and message to the facebook friend invite box
  • Ability to set the facebook album name, album description and photo description
  • Trackback (a link to your facebook app) from the facebook album description/photo description, to increase exposure.
  • Ability to change the font and size of the text in the generated image.
  • Automatically share the generated image along with the profile pics of selected friends.
  • The profile pics are tagged automatically and precisely, increasing the viral effect.
  • The “recent visitors” are selected randomly, while giving preferance to friends of opposite sex, just to spice up the results.
  • Ability to change the generated image padding, size, template, etc.
  • Killer landing page and it’s PSD included
  • The generated image is mapped with links to profiles of the respective friends, so that the user can click on them to go to thier profiles.
  • Works brilliantly with free SSL adaptors like or
  • Separate debug mode to review changes.

Download Facebook Viral App – Your Latest Visitors (Social Networking)

Modern CSS3 Breadcrumbs (Navigation and Menus)

Simple, unique and modern CSS3 Breadcrumbs. Styles to choose are Light and Dark, with possibility of choosing 10 different colors with 6 different style.


  • Dark and Light Styles for Breadcrumbs
  • 6 different style
  • 10 different colors for each style
  • Pure CSS and HTML
  • Well Documented
  • No Images
  • Clear code
  • Easy to use


  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Chrome
  • Opera 10+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Safari 5+

Some More Words

If you really liked this product then take a minute and rate it. It would be highly appreciated by our team. If you have rated it anything less than 5 star then please let us know where were we lacking and didn’t fulfill you expectations. We are all open for your suggestions do not hesitate to contact us. Please go to this link and just fill contact form. We are just one step away.

Download Modern CSS3 Breadcrumbs (Navigation and Menus)