You Translate! Website Translation System (Project Management Tools)

You Translate! is a PHP , MySQL & jQuery Application that let your users to translate your website in any language you want.

How does this work?

  • You assign your messages that you want to be translated
  • User signs in or registers
  • Then your users translates the messages and can also vote on them
  • You then choose the translation and can either accept or delete it
  • After all your messages are translation for a specific language, you can make it live to your website.

You Translate! Features:

  • Login/Register/Activate-Resent Activation link/Recover Password Systems
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to navigate
  • Admin Panel:
    • Add/Edit/Delete Languages or View Translations
    • Add/Edit/Delete Messages
    • Edit/Delete Members or View Translations of Members
    • Edit/Delete Translations
    • View Statistics
  • Documented Code
  • Documentation
  • Uses PHP ,MySQL & jQuery
  • Uses OOP Code
  • Secure
  • Each logged in user has a box on the right sidebar with their stats regarding their votes/translations etc…
  • Structured Folders

Live Demo:

For the front page click here

Username: testuser
Password: Test123

For the Admin Panel click here

Username: admin
Password: admin

note: most admin features have been disabled.


Version 1.0

  • First Release

Download You Translate! Website Translation System (Project Management Tools)

Instant Facebook Quiz Premium Application (Social Networking)


Instant Facebook Quiz is a fully customizable and easy-to-use quiz.
It contains a user interface integrated with Facebook and an admin page where you can edit the
questions and customize the layout, including the colors of the application and the text fields seen by
the users.
You have full access to the players’ name, email, age, gender information.


  • Fully customizable skin
  • Unlimited questions
  • WYSIWYG question ediotor
  • Up to 5 answers for 1 question
  • WYSIWYG text field ediotor
  • Full control over the database
  • Full access to the players’ data: name, email, age, gender
  • Posts a Facebook message on the player’s wall
  • Facebook share option

Download Instant Facebook Quiz Premium Application (Social Networking)

Creative Feedback Form with Voting System (Forms)

Creative Feedback form is a new way to interact with site visitors gaining valuable feedback which can be rated by others users of site.

We have included 4 different color styles, although you can change them to suit your own website. The form was made so you can easily embed into any web page in a matter of minutes – even a user without knowledge of programming language will easily setup it on their own!


  • Lightweight inobtrusive script.
  • Does not require any external library – even jQuery. You can use it on any site!
  • 4 color sets to fit any design.
  • Intuitive and firendly user interface.
  • Extremely easy configurator – no need to edit any files to get it ready.
  • Easy installation – just add line of code from configurator to head section of your file and you are set!
  • No dependancy on any database – it works with plain files as a storage.
  • Built-in captcha – anti-spam system.
  • Detailed and designed installation instructions

Download Creative Feedback Form with Voting System (Forms)

EasyBlock. PHP Blocker by OS/Mobile OS/Browser/Bot (Miscellaneous)

This is a PHP Blocker with Admin Panel that will allow you to:

  1. Block you page to visitors using the Browser, OS, Mobile OS or Bots of your choice
  2. Redirect them to a file of your choice
  3. You can do all different blocks you want
  4. You can edit and delete the blocks you want
  5. In a page of your preference, you can show the actual Browser, OS, Mobile OS or Bot visiting your page
  6. All the preferences can be changed in a easy admin panel, protected by user and password!

You can block:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Firefox 3.0
Firefox 3.6
Firefox 2.0
Firefox 4.0
MSIE 7 .0
MSIE 7 .8

And much more!

Download EasyBlock. PHP Blocker by OS/Mobile OS/Browser/Bot (Miscellaneous)

WPdeposit (e-Commerce)

This deposit wordpress plugin is similar to the deposit they use here on themeforest (and other envato sites).


  • A deposit system of course
  • A complete administration panel to setup the deposit plugin.
  • Deposit history
  • Test mode option

  • Full developer guide to create your own module

Payment gateways

  • Paypal
  • More to come, we will pick the most requested first

Demo video

WPdeposit demo video

Extra modules

To extend the deposit plugin we provide extra modules. A few available modules (or soon to be available) are:

  • Advertisement module: Let users advertise on your site
  • Subscription module: Let users subscribe to your content
  • Shop module (lite & pro version)


A live demo is available at, make sure you have a test account for each of the payment gateways to test out the plugin before using real life money. A demo video will be available soon.

Download WPdeposit (e-Commerce)

6 Different Appearance Animations With CSS3 (Animations and Effects)

With this item you can add beautiful appearing animations to your own content on your own website. These animations are made with modern CSS3 and works in WebKit Browsers and Firefox.

The code is easily customizable so you can create your own appearing animation!


  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • 360° Rotation
  • Zooming In and out roughly at the same time
  • And two more beautiful animations
  • Download 6 Different Appearance Animations With CSS3 (Animations and Effects)

    User Profile Widget for WordPress – About Me (Widgets)

    About Me is a plugin for WordPress that creates a new widget to display your user profile and latest tweets. Let your visitors and users know who is behind your site or give a quick explanation about what your site is and what it can do for your users.
    Check the last widget at the right sidebar in the site pointed by the Live Preview link.

    • Display your user name linked to a custom URL .
    • Show your Gravatar.
    • Introduce yourself with a biography or a quick pitch about your business.
    • Text block supports shortcodes.
    • Display your latest tweets (with cache for tweets).
    • Add multiple profiles.

    Since it’s a widget, you can not only use it in your sidebars but also with a PHP call or even in your post or page content.

    The biography/quick pitch text supports WordPress’ shortcodes and HTML . The demo shows how you can embed a Google Maps iframe and have your map shown in the site but you could also embed your YouTube video podcast!

    You can also display your tweets and even cache them for an specified time amount in case Twitter goes down.


    Slider Gallery Shortcode for WordPress
    Tabs Widget for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

    Download User Profile Widget for WordPress – About Me (Widgets)

    Flexible Contact Form WordPress Plugin (Forms)

    Best and most Flexible Contact Form available on Codecanyon, now available in WordPress.


    • Easy to use
    • AJAX contact form
    • Easy to add in any WordPress page!
    • Powered by jQuery
    • Easy installation process!
    • Antispam Verification
    • Email Validation
    • No database or PHP knowledge is required
    • Flexible control via admin panel
    • Compatible with all web-browsers
    • Lots of settings to take over full control of your Form


    Front End:

    Admin Panel:
    Click Here for Video Preview of Admin Panel
    Similar Admin Panel Here:
    username : admin
    password : admin

    Next Update

    Fixed a few problems with the CSS form.
    Added option in the settings to enable TinyMCE Button.

    Download Flexible Contact Form WordPress Plugin (Forms)

    Facebook Exchanger (Social Networking)

    This script is a powerful exchange system for Facebook.
    For example, you have an Facebook Fan Page, but you don’t have enough fans, with this system, you can increase your fans page. How you can do that it’s very simple, for every “Like” received from you, to another member, you earn coins. For every coin, you earn 1 Like, so this is the exchange system for Facebook.
    This system work the same for your websites.


    • Exchange system for Fan Pages
    • Exchange system for websites
    • No api required
    • Page for selling points
    • Paypal integrated
    • Powerful control panel
    • Many other features

    Control Panel Demo
    Username: Admin
    Password: 123456

    Download Facebook Exchanger (Social Networking)

    GiftScript – Virtual Gift Application for Facebook (Social Networking)


    GiftScript – Copyright © Phillip Rock 2011
    Current Version: 1.5
    Release Date: 8/16/2011

    A lot of the gift app scripts floating around require users to earn virtual currency to send gifts to one another. They can earn some of that currency on their own, but more often than not they need to pay for it. GiftScript was built on the philosophy that virtual gifts should be completely free. Users will earn ‘points’ in the application by simply sending gifts to friends. As they gain points, they’ll unlock new gifts to send. The only limitation is that they can only send the same gift once daily to the same friend.

    This app is absolutely perfect for promoting your business. Flower Shops, Bakeries and even Hardware Stores could benefit from the script by offering virtual counterparts to your real-world items!

    The administrative panel is a bit vanilla. It does nothing more than allow admins to manage the gifts in the application. I hope to have administrative tracking of gifts sent/received in the near future. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

    Please note that this is an application for Facebook. You will need a Facebook account to create the application on Facebook. I am a freelance programmer and am in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook.



    • Utilizes the Graph API in an iframe setting.
    • Uses the PHP SDK v3.1.1.
    • Supports OAuth 2.0.
    • Easy-to-use admin panel for managing gifts.
    • Optional fading banner in the shop to display the latest gifts.
    • Powered by jQuery AJAX .
    • Includes a like and send button.
    • Very simple, clean layout.
    • Runs smoothly in all major browsers.
    • Publish feature is available when users want to share a gift they’ve received or found in the shop.
    • Free updates as long as it is supported.
    • Easily monetized with banner advertisements.


    • Facebook Account
    • Server w/ PHP v5.3+
    • MySQL Database

    Download GiftScript – Virtual Gift Application for Facebook (Social Networking)

    Elitepack Classic CSS3 Buttons (Buttons)

    The Elitepack CSS3 Buttons is the ideal button set for your business, portfolio or any kind of website website seriously. All in all there are 62 colors in all variations. Best of all it comes in 5 outstanding variations:

    • Classic – Simple Simon
    • Bright – You may need your sunglasses
    • Push – Do exactly that
    • Border – kind of laid back and flat
    • Dark – for a dark background

    The Elitepack CSS3 buttons do not use any images (well, apart from the small icons) to create the smooth gradients and shadows; They have variation in normal, hover and active buttons states and have a smooth animations between states. You can use them in any position be it as a link, input, or simply an action button.

    Download Elitepack Classic CSS3 Buttons (Buttons)

    Fancy Thumbnail Slider (Sliders)

    Fancy Thumbnail Slider is a Fullscreen carousel slider with lot of features and settings. The slider fit automatically to the Browser size.
    With just some small changes on the css file you can change the layout of your Slider.


    Brief Decription how to script works:
    Depending on the browser-size the script is adding a number (missing) of items to fill in full rows. As well the sript needs minimum 1 invisible row to slide in
    You placed 30 thumbnails and your browser width is displaying 9 items per row. You want to show 3 rows (There would be minimum 4 rows / 1 invisble).
    To have all rows completed with items we would need 36(4*9) items but we just have 30 items placed and. So there are 6 items missing.
    The script takes the first 6 items and add them to the end of the item-list to fill in the rows!
    JUST CHECK THE DEMO ( I placed 30 different thumbnails)


    • Fancy Thumbnail Slider JavaScript
    • Fancy Thumbnail Slider (packed)
    • jQuery 1.4.3
    • jQuery Easing 1.3
    • jQuery shuffle
    • Documentation & Demos


    • Easy to integrate
    • Major browser support
    • Customizable
    • Documentation & Demos included

    Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Download Fancy Thumbnail Slider (Sliders)

    Fancy Music Player V2.0 – jQuery plugin (Media)

    I am glad to introduce version 2.0 of Fancy Music Player. Fancy Music Player is highly customizable MP3 -Player in Flash with a HTML5 fallback.

    Whats new in V2.0:
    1. Now you have a HTML /CSS skin for both versions. So when you customize it, you only need to edit the CSS file. You do not need to open the flash file in Flash Professionell anymore.
    2. You can add tracks with 4 different techniques:

    • HTML playlist
    • XML playlist
    • Custom playlist
    • Custom link

    3. You can also remove a track from the playlist and set a link for download/buying the track.
    4. It also detects when you add track to the playlist and a track with the same title already exists, then the existing track will be selected.


    • MP3 -Player in Flash with HTML5 fallback
    • HTML /CSS skin
    • HTML and XML playlists
    • Many options
    • An extensive API
    • PSD file included


    • playlistHeight – The height of the playlist
    • volume – Show/hide the volume control
    • playlist – Show/hide the playlist
    • playlistInitOpen – Open the playlist, when the player has been created
    • playlistScrollable – Enable/disable the scrolling for the playlist
    • autoPlay – Enable/disable the autoplay
    • showHours – Enable/disable the hour digits in the time display
    • trackColorNormal – A hex value for the title color
    • trackColorHover – A hex value for the title color, when you move your mouse over it
    • trackColorSelected – A hex value for the title color, when its selected
    • targetLink – The target window for the optional links of each track
    • xmlPlaylist – The path of the xml playlist
    • swfPath – The path of the FancyMusicPlayer.swf
    • onReady – A function that will be called, when the player is ready


    • play()
    • pause()
    • toggle()
    • next()
    • previous()
    • setVolume(0-1)
    • clear()
    • addTrack(trackPath, title, link, playIt)

    Download Fancy Music Player V2.0 – jQuery plugin (Media)

    Unlimited Form Builder & Manager (Forms)

    Unlimited Form Builder & Manager is a do-it-all tool for creating, managing and implementing any number of forms across your website. Supports an unlimited number of form fields including File Uploads and HTML Emails. All configured within the feature packed administration program using jQuery, jQuery UI & AJAX features. Preview entered form information before submission. Form output including Preview & Completed pages are template based and are 100% customizable using a WYSIWYG editor. Unlimited Form Builder & Manager is your end solution for administrating and quick deployment for all your form needs.

    Download Unlimited Form Builder & Manager (Forms)

    Sudoku Unlimited – Application for Facebook (Social Networking)

    Sudoku Unlimited – Copyright © Phillip Rock 2011
    Current Version: 1.6
    Release Date: 8/19/2011

    Sudoku Unlimited is an application for Facebook that generates random puzzles for users to solve. It is designed for quick and easy setup as well as little to no maintenance. The script does not require any form of a database. If you are looking for a simple application to enjoy and to possibly earn a passive income off of, look no farther. Sudoku Unlimited can even be integrated into current applications on Facebook!

    Please note that this is an application for Facebook. You will need a Facebook account to create the application on Facebook. I am a freelance programmer and am in no way endorsed or affiliated with Facebook.

    You can find documentation on integration and installation here:

    – Utilizes the Graph API in an iframe setting.
    – Uses the PHP SDK v3.1.1.
    – Supports OAuth 2.0.
    – Does not require a database.
    – Generates random puzzles, so a user will get a new puzzle every time.
    – 6 difficulty settings.
    – 3 puzzle types.
    – Includes a like and send button.
    – Very simple, clean layout.
    – Runs smoothly in all major browsers.
    – Publish feature upon completing a puzzle.
    – Free updates as long as it is supported.
    – Easily monetized with banner advertisements.

    If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask! This is my first script posted to CodeCanyon, so if anything in the documentation confuses you please let me know and I can adjust it accordingly.

    Download Sudoku Unlimited – Application for Facebook (Social Networking)