Joomla Smart Social Pop Up Plugin (Social Networking)

Joomla Smart Social Pop up is will increase your joomla site popularity in the social network site. The user have to wait certain time unless they share or like your site. Please see and rate the plugin if you like


  • Three popula share site
  • Time for site pop up time out.
  • Easy to integrate to your joomla site
  • Easy admin panle
  • Easy to change any value
  • Change to text
  • Coded standart joomla rules.

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Download Joomla Smart Social Pop Up Plugin (Social Networking)

Meme Maker (Social Networking)

Facebook Application that allows you to create memes. The user a meme among the 18 that come (you can enter, edit, delete memes), type the phrase you want and ready, is published in the timeline.

You can do with your fanpage memes, can promote a better meme or also promote ads.

See also the Meme Generator Facebook App:

Download Meme Maker (Social Networking)

CSS3 Pill Buttons (Buttons)

CSS3 Pill Buttons is a set of fourteen clean & colorful pill-shaped buttons which work great on almost any website with a light background.


  • Clean & colorful
  • Pure CSS3
  • Easy to add icons (30 icons included)
  • Easy to use & to add images
  • Fourteen color schemes included
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Clean & commented code
  • Detailed documentation.


  • Internet Explorer 8+ (Note: some features won’t be available in old browsers like IE8 )
  • Chrome
  • Opera 10+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 4+



14/05/2012 – Version 1.0

  • Initial release

Download CSS3 Pill Buttons (Buttons)

Css3 Pricing Tables – 9 Different Colors (Pricing Tables)

This is a pack of pure Css3 and HTML Pricing Tables is a complete solution for building awesome tables for your website. It comes with 9 color variants and easily to customize so you can create your own. A well layered PSD and detailed Documentation are included in the package.


  • Pure Css and HTML
  • 9 Different Colors Version
  • Hover States
  • Documentation
  • No images
  • No Javascript
  • Gracefully degraded in older browser
  • Easy to customize

Browser Support

  • Firefox 3.5 and Above – Full Support
  • Opera 11 – Full Support
  • Safari 5 – Full Support
  • Chrome – Full Support
  • IE9 – Full Support
  • IE7 , IE8 – No Support for Rounded Corners, Shadows and animation

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Download Css3 Pricing Tables – 9 Different Colors (Pricing Tables)

Stylish UI Elements (Miscellaneous)

Stylish User Interface (UI) Elements is an item which comes with 2 colors, 5 types of elements, 2 versions (Pure CSS3 – Non-Pure CSS3 ).


  • White
  • Black


  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • Buttons
  • Page Navigation
  • Menu

For more information about the elements please watch the video by pressing on “Live Preview”.

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Download Stylish UI Elements (Miscellaneous)

WordPress Weather Forecast Widget (Widgets)

Powerfull WordPress Weather plugin, based on Google Weather, with automatic location detection (with fallback) using GeoIP database, supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees, also includes images for a better experience.

– Current weather conditions and four-day weather forecast
– Temperature format changeable by visitor
– Weather conditions in any language
– Easy installation
– Easy to edit
– Cross browser compatibility
– Compatible with latest WordPress
– Free support

You can view the widget in action at

Download WordPress Weather Forecast Widget (Widgets)

Complete Google & Bing SERP Rank Tracker (Miscellaneous)

This is a fully functional program that will track the position of web sites in Google and Bing (set up for United States) through an intuitive Campaign Manager. The application is set up to track the first 50 SERP placements and will keep records of where the placement was at each day so that you will have historical records of your search engine rankings to make informative decisions about your SEO initiatives. With this rank tracker, you can track an unlimited amount of campaigns and competitors.

Not only does the program track and record the rankings, but it also has a beautiful Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery front-end to make your job even easier. Rankings are presented in DataTables, with a comparison to see where the rankings were previously (yesterday, last week, last month). You can also easily pull up a line graph depicting where the rankings have been previously. The program is even set up to use private proxies! A video walk-through is included for a quick and easy install.

Download Complete Google & Bing SERP Rank Tracker (Miscellaneous)

EU Cookie Law Script (Miscellaneous)

A JavaScript solution to the EU legislation coming into action May 26th 2012.

Includes smooth slide down banner, fade in bubble, custom text change options, custom URL for additional “read more” link within bubble and slide away upon agreement.

On 26th May 2012, new laws came into force in the EU that affect most web sites. If cookies are used in a site, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 (UK Regulations) asks that the website user must give consent to the use and placing of the cookies. This script takes less than 2 minutes to implement and complies with the new legislation.

Download EU Cookie Law Script (Miscellaneous)

DZS Video Gallery – For Joomla (Galleries)

Best selling video gallery of all time. Extra loaded with features. State of the art administration area. DZS Video Gallery.

DZS Video Gallery is the ultimate gallery for your
videos. Its the only gallery that can display YouTube videos and videos
from your server in the same container. It can be used as a portfolio
or a video showcase. You choose. It is XML driven and only needs a
simple text editor to be set up. It can be embedded in html ( just drag
and drop with your favorite html editor ), can be used stand-alone and
also can be integrated in your flash project very easy.


  • total freedom – customise buttons, activate scrollbar on/off, resize thumbs, everything is at your disposal with this gallery!
  • full of choises – set up the gallery just by inputing your YouTube user/playlist in the
    feed from tag file. all descriptions/titles/thumbs/videos will
    be feeded directly from YouTube so you wont need to write anything
    other then that
  • hybrid – it can be a video player
  • extensive admin panel – admin panel with lots of options to make the gallery as customizable as possible, yet easy to use. Comes with a drag & drop html5 uploader too! And awesome functionality like drag & drop for items, duplicate galleries etc. to make your life easier while editing the gallery. You can setup unlimited number of galleries in the admin as well as put them in the content.
  • backup database / import, export feature – keep your database safe and do regular backups via the Export Database feature included with this plugin.
  • easy to install – install and get this plugin ready in less then three minutes. Add it to your content via a simple shortcode – [videogallery id=”theidyousetintheadmin”] .
  • auxiliary shortcodes – want to get a single video in your post without having to go through the admin ? The , [youtube] and [vimeo] shortcodes are built just for that. You just have to set the id for the youtube or vimeo shortcode, or the location for the video shortcode.

What do you get?

  • video gallery Joomla plugin – get creative!
  • sample data – the preview admin configuration which you can import in your own
  • documentation – extensive documentation on how to install & configure the plugin
  • psd files – gallery design psd included
  • free updates – even if the value of this gallery increases with upcoming updates, you will get them for free
  • free support – for installation via my forum -> this is the fastest form of support

Three Minute Installation

Extensive Admin Panel


Download DZS Video Gallery – For Joomla (Galleries)

Wall Grid Gallery (WP NextGEN Gallery Template) (Galleries)

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This NextGEN Template will help you to easily add a grid gallery to your WordPress website or blog. The gallery is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones).

For this to work you need to have NextGEN Gallery installed.


\Responsive layout.
\You can use an unlimited number of galleries into your WordPress website.
\You can display in a gallery an unlimited amount of images.
\You can customize each gallery individually.
\You can have a completely customizable lightbox.
\You can embed Youtube & Vimeo videos.
\You can add HTML or Flash.

\You can attach links to thumbnails.
\You can design your own navigation buttons and use them.
\Display items at random.
\Browse the gallery using the mouse or a scroll.
\Browse the gallery on touchscreen devices using one finger (swipe thumbnails or lightbox).
\Completely resizable.
\You can change background color, image and transparency in the gallery from the template.
\You can change thumbnail size, border, spacing, transparency, …
\You can change picture size, background, border, spacing, transparency, …
\View the Live Preview to see some customization examples.


If you have some questions or you encounter problems, before you contact me, please visit the FAQ section or read the documentation. If you need to contact me please add in your message a link were you use the item, admin or FTP info, or any other stuff that might be relevant.

I will try to answer your questions in less than 24 hours. If you don’t receive an answer in 24 hours please view my profile page for a reason.

Download Wall Grid Gallery (WP NextGEN Gallery Template) (Galleries)

Joomla Smart Social Counter (Social Networking)

‘Smart Social Counert’ is a uniqe product of Smartdatasoft. This product is a set of social network counter which counts your website liked or shared by the users.

This is the joomla version of our jquery edition


  • 3 way to show top social counter
  • Easy to configure
  • Easy to integrate to your joomla site
  • Share count all famous site
  • Easy admin panle
  • Easy to disable any social counter site icon
  • Change show poission of icon
  • Coded standart joomla rules.
  • Order the social coutner icon.

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Download Joomla Smart Social Counter (Social Networking)

Advanced Member System (Miscellaneous)


A membership system that gives you complete control over your users, from creating, deleting or suspending accounts, enabling new registrations, email verification, demonstration mode and maintenance mode.

As well as this your users will be able to lock their settings from unauthorised change and allow logins to their account only from specific IP address, also once a users settings have been changed an email will be dispatched to the listed email address, if the users password has been changed, the new password will be included in the email.

Main Features

  • Easy to Use and Integrate
  • Enable or Disable New Registrations
  • Enable Maintenance Mode (All logged in users that are not in the Administrator group will be logged out)
  • Enable or Disable Invite System
  • Set maximum number of invites per user (Once an invite has been used, it will automatically be deleted)
  • Email verification on all new registrations (Activation Email)
  • User Settings Lock to prevent account theft (Unlock code is send in an email)
  • IP Protection System with Whitelist
  • Users are emailed when their account settings have changed, if their password has changed, it will also be emailed to them
  • User Settings Page
  • Users are automatically logged out when suspended
  • Lost Activation Page (only shown if the user tries to login with a non-activated account)
  • Reset Password Page
  • Page Protection by User Groups
  • Using OOP PHP and MySQL
  • Easy to edit email templates

Admin Panel Features

  • See an Overview of all Users and Groups
  • Add new Users or Groups Easily
  • List all Users
  • Reset Users Password (Either manually or automatically)
  • Reset or Disable Users IP Protection
  • Enable, Disable or Reset the Users Settings Lock
  • Add staff notes to each user account (can’t be edited, only deleted)
  • See all statistics about the user
  • Add, Edit and Remove User Groups
  • See how many users are in a User Group
  • Set User Group which is used by default for new Users
  • See all invites associated with a users account
  • Create or Delete invites for a users account
  • See all of the sites current settings


Please take a look at our demo here

Installation and Configuration

Please see the provided documentation on how to install and configure this script.

Download Advanced Member System (Miscellaneous)

StyleWare K2 Maps – Google Maps Plugin for K2 (Add-ons)

We decided to create a unique plugin to allow using Google Maps in K2 items and categories. With our demos, you will find how cool it is.
Works with Joomla 1.5, 1.7 and 2.5 and K2 2 .4 and 2.5

With this plugin you can:

– Add map with pin to each K2 entry.
– Choose the map type like roadmap, satellite etc (globally and per item).
– Choose from 4 color sets of icons (globally) or upload your own icons.
– Set locale like English, Russian etc. (globally).
– Choose the zoom (globally and per item).
– No need for API key. It runs out of the box.
– You can now choose the type of pin type (i.e. hotel, bar, restaurant etc.) to add (we have added some most common, you may decide to use any with small modification).
– You enter the address and the plugin will use the Google geocoding function to determine the correct place.
– Support for displaying all items in a category into a single map with link to each entry.
– Supports Google Street View.

Attention: In order to function correctly, the addresses entered in the plugin parameters per item, should be very correct and in the manner, which Google uses to determine the exact coordinates. Mistyping or wrong addresses will result into not loading the plugin for the exact K2 item.

Download StyleWare K2 Maps – Google Maps Plugin for K2 (Add-ons)