WordPress Ken Burns Slideshow (Sliders)

WordPress Ken Burns Slideshow is a smooth and beautiful flash slider made just for WordPress!
Based on the best selling Xml Ken Burns Slideshow, it has a lot of cool features and effects, so this slider can become the perfect way to showcase your products.

Get it today and start impressing your clients!

Best Selling Slideshow

With more than 2000 happy customers, this is the most popular Ken Burns Slideshow on ActiveDen. Now, a WordPress plugin, this is the perfect gallery for your website!

Awesome Ken Burns effect

The Ken Burns effect is incredible with this slideshow. It runs smooth and fast, and combined with the simple fading transition, the result is simply beautiful!

Easy to integrate

The plugin comes with a custom admin panel where you can manage and customize all of your slideshows. To use it, you only have to put a shortcode in your page.

Unlimited slideshow

You can use as many slideshows as you want and in each one you can add unlimited pictures with different design settings!

Captions & Hyperlinks

For each picture you can set up a title and a description, styled with html features. Each picture can also link to another webpage!

Alternative Content

Scared of iThings that can’t play Flash? This slideshow degrades smoothly relying on the Nivo Slider when there are no plugins installed.

Full list of settings can you can customize in the admin panel:

  • Slideshow size
  • width
  • height
  • Control buttons settings
  • enable/disable buttons
  • buttons background color
  • buttons symbol color
  • buttons background color(on roll over)
  • buttons symbol color(on roll over)
  • Slideshow play settings
  • enable/disable autoplay
  • enable/disable loop
  • enable/disable randomizer
  • Captions settings
  • title text color
  • title background color
  • title background opacity
  • description text color
  • description background color
  • description bakground opacity
  • Other settings
  • transitions speed
  • preloader color

Full list of a slide’s properties:

  • Main settings
  • image path(can be taken from the library or from any file)
  • time on screen
  • Ken Burns Effect
  • initial zoom
  • final zoom
  • initial position(TL, TC, TR, ML, MC, MR, BL, MC, MR)
  • final position(TL, TC, TR, ML, MC, MR, BL, MC, MR)
  • Hyperlink settings(optional)
  • image url
  • url target
  • Captions settings(optional)
  • title text
  • description text

You can add and manage as many slideshows as you want!

Before deciding whether to buy or not, please take take a look at just how easy it is to use this:

Download WordPress Ken Burns Slideshow (Sliders)

Testimonials for WordPress (Widgets)

With this plugin it’s possible to create/collect/manage and show testimonials of your clients and users. The plugin consists of a Custom post type were you can manage your testimonials. A widget to display testimonials. And I also added a shortcodes to show a form in the frontend so that your clients can submit their own testimonials. After submission they first need to be accepted by an admin before they will be published on the website.


  • Manage testimonials
  • Widget to show random testimonials
  • Shortcode to show form that users/customer can use to submit testimonials (need to be approved by admin)
  • Shortcode to show last or random testimonials

Download Testimonials for WordPress (Widgets)

PHP Graphic Works (Images and Media)


WiseLoop PHP Graphic Works is a set of PHP classes designed for image manipulation on the server side.
This package allows complex image processing in a flexible manner, by using only a few lines of code. Thus, the image processing commands can be specified in an Fx Chain which is then parsed by the effects processor to be applied over the source image. The Fx Chain can be loaded from a string, a string in JSON format, or also from a local or remote file (it may be even a URL ).
Cache-type function, prevents useless processing by storing the resulting images for a given set of effects, improving the processed image output speed.

By using live-type characteristics of this package the Fx Chains can be applied to images on the fly, thus, the resulting image can be displayed directly in a html img tag.
There is also a batch processor that enables applying an Fx Chain over an entire image directory.
Service information feature enables the development of JavaScript applications allowing them to be aware of the effects available, and the parameters required by the effects. (see demo application Image Editor)
The choosen programming model allows the extension library of effects and permits using this package in a flexible and intuitive manner.

In conclusion, this package is not just a way to apply effects on images, it is a powerful API that due to its dynamic characteristics can significantly improve the image of web sites and helps developing JavaScript applications that do image processing on the server (image editors, galleries, etc.).

Main Features

  • complete collection of image manipulators: rotate, crop, resize, scale, stretch, flip;
  • large collection of image filters: blur, sepia, grayscale, negative, contrast, brightness, gamma, saturation, hue, smooth, sharpen, channel, colorize;
  • great special effects: puzzle, noise, pixelate, reflection, emboss, edge, sketch, round;
  • drawing primitives: text or image mixing, so image watermarks can be applied;
  • applying effects on selection or entire image;
  • applying grayscale masks (vectorial-internally generated or loaded form external uri-s)
  • applying multiple effects at once using chained effects;
  • image folder batch processor;
  • effects service info available (JSON format) for easy integration with JavaScript applications;
  • live rendering so you can apply effects on the fly directly from the html tag;
  • lightweight due to the Autoloader feature;
  • smart caching for fast processing;
  • exhaustive documentation;
  • effects library easy to enlarge;
  • Live Demonstrations

    Very Short Features Preview


    Original Picture

    Applying Fx Chains

    Rounded Reflection

    Gamma with Reflection

    Gamma w/
    Sepia with Reflection

    Sepia w/
    Grayscale with Reflection

    Grayscale w/
    Negative with Reflection

    Negative w/
    Mask with Reflection

    Mask w/
    Selection Capabilities









    Applying Masks









    Applying Single Fx

    Blur Filter Effect

    Brightness Filter Effect

    Extract Channel

    Extract Red
    Colorize (Tint) Filter Effect

    Contrast Filter Effect

    Gamma Correction Filter Effect

    Grayscale Filter Effect

    Sepia Filter Effect

    Negative Filter Effect

    Text Watermark

    Pixelate Effect

    Puzzle Effect




    • Apache Web Server 2.0.0 or above
    • PHP 5 .0.0 or above with GD2 extension enabled

    Installation Instructions

    • Step 1: make a folder named /wlGraphicWorks on your Web server;
    • Step 2: copy entire /bin and /live folders to the new created /wlGraphicWorks folder;
    • Step 3: set the cache path from /bin/wlGwConfig.php file (make sure that it exists and is writable);
    • Step 4: include /bin/wlGw.php in your application.

    free counters

Download PHP Graphic Works (Images and Media)

Facebook Plugins and Dialogs class (Social Networking)

This Facebook plugins class enables you to centralize all your Facebook plugins and dialog declarations. The main advantage is to avoid having your plugins declarations everywhere in your projects. Instead you can have them all in one place, all defined in a structured and flexible class.

If you are interested by integrating Twitter widgets you can have a look to the Twitter widgets class.


– Centralize all your Facebook plugins and dialog declarations.
– Avoid duplicate code.
– Save time by having to update only the class file when Facebook make changes.
– Use efficient and flexible functions.
– Extremely easy to integrate into your existing projects.


– Offer a way to your user to update their Facebook status.
– Offer a dialog box to your users to add you or a specific user as their friend on Facebook.
– Add a Facebook comment system to any page.
– Integrate like buttons and customize the look and the links related.
– Integrate like boxes with the activity of your Facebook page.
– Propose a Live stream box, an activity box, recommendations and more !
– The Facebook SDK in included only once (even when your call several same methods!).
– Rich documentation included (with examples).

The purpose of this class is clearly to give you all the Facebook social tools that could help you offering a richer experience to your visitors. Letting you focus on other important things.

Have a look on all what you can integrate on our demo page.

Download Facebook Plugins and Dialogs class (Social Networking)

Calendar Class (Calendars)

Calendar class is a PHP class, which you can use to create a full working calendar. Even more, it gives you the options to create hyperlinke, checkbox and radio buttons inside the dates cell.


  1. Easy to use. Just one simple PHP class.
  2. Full working without any configuration.
  3. You can create hyperlink on calendar cells.
  4. You can create checkbox on calendar cells.
  5. You can create radio button on calendar cells.


Demo Page: http://www.the-di-lab.com/calendar-demo

Manual file is included in download file.

Download Calendar Class (Calendars)

Advance iOS APNS (iPhone)

What is this script?

This script is for pushing notifications to iOS devices. e.g. What the twitter app does when you get messages. You should look what people have been typing in to the demo on twitter @advance_ios.

Working Demo

The current demo pushed to my iPhone 3GS currently but I have also connected it to twitter (for the demo only) so you can kind of see how it works. I have a working demo for people if they want to use it, but this is for people that want to buy as i will need to put you in my dev team. If you are wanting a full demo contact me using the information below.

As you can see in the preview image you can implement this easily in your current system and if you need help you can contact me. I want to give people the best script ever so I will be offering full support to anyone who needs it and I will be updating the script with new features .

Update 1.1

  • Bug fixes.
  • Easer installing applications.
  • New documents.
  • Production and Development integration.

If you can think of any updates or anything I can do to show you this works until I get an application running please contact me by commenting or tweeting me at @aaran_mcguire.

Contact Me

You can contact me on [email protected] or twitter on @aaran_mcguire or PM me on my profile.

Download Advance iOS APNS (iPhone)

jQuery Sliding Puzzle (Images and Media)

Hey and welcome to my very first CodeCanyon file. It was about time I ventured these hillsides – I’m more of a coder than a designer by nature anyway. I figured I’d break the ice the only way I knew how: with a game!

It’s really simple to set up and has great default settings for easy implementing, but also offers a great variety of options to customize. Feature include:

  • Infinite amount of images
  • Multiple puzzles on one page is easily possible
  • Rows, columns, width, height, everything edited easily
  • Transition times configurable
  • Fully standards-compliant and great crossbrowser support.
  • Very light-weight
  • Easy to implement
  • Extensively documented

There are countless uses to explore with this very original way of showing your images and illustrations!


If you are trying to customize something, but you’re not quite succeeding, or you just want me to make a few changes for you, you can always contact me!

Joost’s latest file:

Other files by Joost:

Download jQuery Sliding Puzzle (Images and Media)

DropLib – DropBox API Class (Miscellaneous)

With DropLib you get a fast and easy to use PHP DropBox API Library. Unlike other implementations out there, this class does not rely on PHPs OAuth extension, which is not available at most hosting services, to authorize its API calls but uses a set of lightweight pure PHP classes.

It allows you to up- and download, copy, move, rename and delete files, create new DropBox accounts, to display thumbnails of images and retrieve varius directory and account informations.

If you want a detailed overview of what is possible with the DropBox API , then have a look at “DropBox for Developers”.

Also you can read the DropLib documentation.


  • PHP 5 or above
  • cURL PHP extension

Download DropLib – DropBox API Class (Miscellaneous)

Appointment System (Miscellaneous)

Appointment System is a perfect application for handling your daily appointments. It enables people to book an appointment with you through a niche interface, and you will
be able to appove/reject the appointment simply by clicking a button. It will send approval/rejection automatically to the booker, and you can define your own email content template, so you
don’t have to type any content for email each time. Even more, you can block specific dates to inform people those days are not
available for appointments.

  1. Version 1.1
    • Able to create certain block time on certain days
    • Demo switch
    • Added validation to prevent user from entering empty date
    • Updated calendar helper
    • Updated database table


  1. spl_autoload_register(PHP 5 >= 5.1.2).


  1. User friendly booking interface.
  2. Admin panel: block dates.
  3. Admin panel: manage appointments.
  4. Admin panel: send approval/rejections email with templates.


Front page: http://www.the-di-lab.com/as-demo
Admin page: http://www.the-di-lab.com/as-demo/users/login
Username/Password: admin/admin

Manual file is included in download file.

Download Appointment System (Miscellaneous)

Imgur Clone (Images and Media)

Imgur Clone is a replica of the popular Imgur website. You can allow you users to upload images which they can share amongst other internet users.

You have control over the size of images, file types and more. The Imgur Clone comes with a “cron job” that you can setup to remove unwanted “stale” images.

The application is easy to configure and maintain. It comes with complete html documentation as well as each PHP file is fully documented.

Download Imgur Clone (Images and Media)

5sec Link Remover – a membership extension plugin (Membership)

  • make money with your blog – show links only to registered/paying users
  • append affiliate codes to links
  • show different links to different types of users
  • create a link gateway – push all your links trough one URL , ideal for measuring outgoing clicks
  • modify all existing links in all your posts with just a few clicks
  • take full control over links in your posts, pages, custom post types and text widgets
  • define how various user groups see links and if they see them at all
  • remove links completely
  • turn links into plain text
  • modify links so that they all point to a single post
  • modify link text and href attributes
  • custom template system enables complex link modifications
  • apply rules to all links, or just internal or external
  • control links on a per-post basis
  • skip links on a per-class basis
  • use [remove-links] shortcode if you don’t want to modify links in the whole post

Demo & details

Download 5sec Link Remover – a membership extension plugin (Membership)

EnvatoAPI Wrapper for Objective-C (iPhone)

With this class you can fetch data from the Envato API straight into your iPhone, its easy to use and comes packaged with a sample project and a detailed instruction / setup guide.

The sample program will give you a clear view on how to implement this into your own work. Its a matter of dragging the classes into your project.

For more information visit http://kiwiii.nl or don’t hassel to contact me !

This class has been tested on all Recent iPhone Models, on iOS 4.x

Package Includes :

– Setup Guide PDF
– Setup Guide Pages
– WebRequest Class
– EnvatoAPICore Class
– Sample Project

Download EnvatoAPI Wrapper for Objective-C (iPhone)

Thumbnail Scroller (jQuery Plugin / XML) (Images and Media)

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This jQuery Plugin is ideal if you need a fast and very customizable Thumbnail Scroller. The scroller is completely editable from a XML file, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones).


  • Unlimited amount of thumbs can be displayed.
  • You can change the scroller’s direction.
  • Add unlimited scrollers on you web-page.
  • Completely resizable.
  • XML driven content.
  • You can change background color and transparency.
  • You can change thumbnail size, border, spacing, transparency, …
  • View the Live Preview to see some of customizations.


Send me a link to the page you used this product on, and I will post the link here or on my website.

Item views:

Download Thumbnail Scroller (jQuery Plugin / XML) (Images and Media)

Cpanel Email Creator (Forms)

Cpanel Email Creator lets you create an email account just by filling a form without actually login into your Cpanel admin page.
Using Cpanel Email Creator, you can provide free email accounts for your visitors.
They will be able to create their own email account without your intervention.


  1. version 1.3
    • Replace deprecated function ereg with pre_match
    • Able to configure which domain to create email account if you have multiple domains
    • Updated manaul file
  2. version 1.2
    • It supports both Cpanel and DirectAdmin
    • Code re-factoring
    • Updated manaul file
  3. version 1.1
    • Demo mode switch
    • Improved email address validation


  1. Lightweight, easy to install.
  2. Anti-spam captcha.
  3. Client side validation.


Demo Page: http://www.the-di-lab.com/demo-cec/index.php

Manual file is included in download file.

Download Cpanel Email Creator (Forms)

APItizer – bringing the AppStore to your PHP (Miscellaneous)

APItizer fetches all the meta data from Apple´s App Store in an awesome and simple way. You can get all relevant information right from the App Store API . APItizer brings all the Apple App Store data in your php, whether you need it for later use and integration in App Store Data-based services or to display the App with the Download-Link (this is where you could use tradedoubler affiliate links- this feature is coming soon!) nice and as beautiful as on the Apple App Store-Website or in iTunes. The output lets you stay flexible, to fit the human readable output to your own designs. The output function also is a standard, so you can just use our preferences.

APItizer brings you loads of flexibility, changing parts of it is no problem, whatever you want to change and implement, it is stunning how good APItizer fits in your php code. Especially if you work with different languages or don´t like the standard expressions in its output, you can exchange and vary them as you wish. We have some nice examples over at http://geardev.de/codecanyon.php , look, what our great features can do for you.

APItizer doesn´t need much php skills, it does most of the work for you and makes your life easier, doing so many little things for you at once. The Code is written in a simple and easy-to-understand way and of course, it is commented. If you have problems anyway, or want to request a new feature, write a mail or comment and you will usually get an answer in 24 hours.

We are always working on APItizer and improving it. APItizer will soon also work with the iTunes API for music, podcasts, anything that Apple gives us an API for.

Download APItizer – bringing the AppStore to your PHP (Miscellaneous)