License Generator – 1 PC = 1 License (Membership or Authentication Tools)

License Generator it’s a .Net library that lets you to add a License System on your .Net Application.

See the video to know how work:

Download a demo:

It generates one License for one PC, this want to said that if the user want to use your program on other pc his serial, key will don’t work :D

Very simple to use. Simple add a reference for the dll and works with it.

In addition you can make a Demo limitation to your program, with the key:


Works in:

  • Net Framework 3.0 or +
  • and C#

The Item includes:

  • Dll Library (Obsfucated and Normal)
  • Source
  • Help Video
  • A demo project

Important:Your client needs to have Internet conexion when load your App if you want the mail with the key.

Important:Open the Source and the Demo Project at least with Visual Studio 2008

Download License Generator – 1 PC = 1 License (Membership or Authentication Tools)

Advanced File Server (Loaders and Uploaders)

Key Features

  • AJAX Powered
  • Support for multiple users
  • Support for upload tickets with a given number of uploads
  • Syntax highlighting for html, css and php files
  • Ability to set an expiry time for a file
  • Support for user permissions, you can deny access to specific pages for each user
  • Fully tested in Firefox, Chrome, IE 8 , 7, 6, Safari, Opera
  • Degrades gracefully for users without javascript (although it is required to submit the upload form)
  • Fully object oriented, you could easily create your own user interface if you want to.

Advanced file server is a file hosting platform that you can use to store any file temporary or permanently.
You can give other users access to the system via a upload ticket if they need to send you a file or for any other reason.
You can also create any number of user accounts with individual permissions for each page.
The user interface has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, you can test this using the demo below.

You can test your system for compatibility with this item using this script.
If all the blocks are green it should work for you if it does not, I’ll most likely be able to find a workaround.
NOTE : You will need the ability to add a cron job to be able to use the file expiry feature.

Live Demo
Username: admin Password: admin
The demo has a file size limit of 1MB, the actual item will determine the maximum size from your php installation.


Download Advanced File Server (Loaders and Uploaders)

Professional Server Status Script (Miscellaneous)

With this Server Status script you and your clients will be able to monitor and see the status of your server. It is easy to use and you only need to edit 1 configuration file and change the values to your server settings.

It will work on VPS and Dedicated servers and require no database connection. If you are an expert in html/php you can easily change some settings and add more port scanning features and change to look of the script.

The script will also refresh each 60 seconds to keep you and your visitors updated on the status of the server.

Download Professional Server Status Script (Miscellaneous)

Site Configuration plugin (Miscellaneous)

Plug-in that helps to focus all the basic settings of your site in one place, as well as easy access to their values from any controller or view.

Plugin required:

  • PHP5
  • CakePHP 1.3.x
  • phpThumb Class

Plugin features:

  • Manage all major site configuration from one place
  • Easily integrates with other controllers or plug-ins
  • Supports 3 types of parameters (String, List, File)
  • Localization ready (default English)
  • Establish with any DBMS supported CakePHP framework


In the Administration Console you can see how to work this plugin in the site. To access the console, use the:
login – config_manager
password – config_manager

Download Site Configuration plugin (Miscellaneous)

jQuery.MyFlickr (Images and Media)

MyFlickr is a lightweight and fast jQuery plugin made to build thumbnail photowalls from Flickr photostreams and galleries.

You just need a free Flickr API Key.

Features (v. 1.0.0)

  • Access to three different Flickr API service methods
  • Stylizable via css
  • Defines rows and columns
  • Specify preloader
  • Enable or disable pagination
  • Select the page to start
  • Configure the photo info element
  • bind the miniatures to external lightbox-style plugin (fully tested with fancybox and lightbox for jQuery)
  • …and more

Watch the live preview to see it in action!

Download jQuery.MyFlickr (Images and Media)

Lowrider Triple Slider (Sliders)

The Lowrider Triple Slider is a uniquely-designed gallery with a contemporary look that displays three images at a time. Upon each rotation, the images slide into their frames from different directions. The directions reverse if you move backwards in the slideshow order.
Each set of images has a corresponding button below the gallery. If the slideshow is set to run automatically, the buttons will follow along and become highlighted when their corresponding images are shown. To skip to a set of images, simply click their button.

Includes detailed documentation.

Preview can be seen here:

Or in action in this Magento theme just above the footer:

Download Lowrider Triple Slider (Sliders)

Amazing Custom File upload (Forms)

This jQuery plug-in is a custom/fake file upload control.
File upload control is used in almost all the websites. But the restriction of not been able to alter the style/look of it, makes it different from website theme.

Here is my version of jQuery based file upload control. Behind the scene this plug-in use the normal file upload control, but showing only text-box & button.

Also, clicking the text-box brings the file selection window, which is not possible with normal file upload control specifically in IE.
It also overcomes the different look & feel of safari from other browser of file uploader.

Download Amazing Custom File upload (Forms)

WordPress Automatic Plugin (WordPress)

WordPress Automatic Plugin is a unique plugin that enables you to create a content based on your specified keywords that will fill your site content very fast and very reliable.

Operation:That smart plugin searches for your keyword in the article directories & Naturally include the author’s resource box below each article to save the copyright.

Performance:it operates in the exactly time intervals and post selected number of articles specified by user as long as there is a visitors comes to the site and costs Zero bytes of your wordpress database.

Note:Facelifting the article to get a unique content by secret operation you will know if you purchase !

New feature: will support More Than one Article Directory In the next update.

Download WordPress Automatic Plugin (WordPress)

Image protector (Calendars)

If you spent a hours designing an amazing graphic, would you want it ripped of in matter of seconds? Damn no!. Image protector script is an easy way to protect your images against downloading or hotlinking.


  • Watermark
  • Caching engine.


  • PHP 4 .3+
  • GD Library

How it works

It Cuts your image into small squares and watermark the original source to make your it harder to download, copy or hotlink.

Download Image protector (Calendars)

Gentle captcha php class (Forms)

With Gentle Captcha you get 4 different type of captcha verification that you can use on your site. This package contains 1 main class and 4 modules. Each module represent a “type” of captcha verification.

Ads module – With Ads Module you can define custom words or short sentences that will be used as captcha code. This module will allow you to earh some money by using captcha for “text ads”.

Math1 module – Math1 module is using addition math operation for captcha code.

Math2 module – Math2 module is using subtraction math operation for captcha code.

Rand module – Rand module is generating random strings with length predefined by you for captcha code.

Class support different settings like background image, background image width, background image height, font (you can use custom font also), font size and text inclination angle that can be altered via config.

Download Gentle captcha php class (Forms)

ML Regions (Miscellaneous)

ML Regions is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to define a custom region anywhere on the site and add any content without using WordPress custom fields.

You can use ML Regions anywhere in WordPress templates, admin pages or posts.

Read the FAQ section on how to display the content of the regions.

Full documentation with example images can be found in plugin documentation folder.

You can login to the demo site with the following user data and try out the plugin

Demo website:
Admin panel:
Username: test
Password: 123456

Download ML Regions (Miscellaneous)

Lightbox Evolution for WordPress (WordPress)

Lightbox Evolution is a tool for displaying images, html content, maps, and videos in a “lightbox” style that floats overtop of web page. Using Lightbox Evolution, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.


  • Can display images, HTML elements, SWF movies, Maps, and Ajax requests
  • Customizable through settings and CSS
  • Groups related items with navigation buttons
  • Amazing animations!

If you like this script please take a minute and rate it :) If you are rating it with less than 5 stars please drop me a mail why it didn’t achive a full score and what could be improved in your opinion :)


1.2.2 (Ago 16 2010)
* First release.

More Premium Scripts

Download Lightbox Evolution for WordPress (WordPress)

Amp Buttons (Buttons)

Amp Buttons are cool and stylish CSS buttons that look great in every browser.

These buttons look awesome in Firefox, Chrome, Safari. These buttons look exactly the same in IE 7&8 minus the rounded corners (check the screen shots).


  • 3 Sizes (small, medium, large)
  • 3 Styles (gradient, icon, mini)
  • 18 Icons
  • 12 Colors, Easily Customizable

Basic Usage

Creating a regular button is a simple as this:


Creating the styles for a different color button is a simple as setting a couple background colors and border color

.btn-pink { background-color: #FF0066; border-color: #DA0C59; }
.btn-pink:hover { background-color: #DA0C59;

More advanced features are available for customizing colors, icons, and styles.

Download Amp Buttons (Buttons)

Dynamic Step Process Panels (Miscellaneous)

Live preview

Dynamic Step Process Panels is a lightweight jQuery plugin. It allows that any content can be represented in any number of tabs / steps. Can be used to:

  • presentation of bulleted content,
  • multisteps forms,
  • provide a description of products,
  • viewing photos,
  • loading content from files via AJAX ,
  • anything that comes to your mind :).

– jQuery based,
– 16 predefined coloristic versions,
– step by step / free choice mode,
– any number of steps,
– any step width (css-based),
– many panels on one site,
– next and previous buttons,
– custom buttons captions,
– custom fade effect speed,
– step labels,
– first step can be open / closed on start,
– specify that the step can be choosed again,
– content for steps can be loaded via AJAX from files,
– customizable beforeLoad, onLoad, onOpen, afterOpen, onHoverIn, onHoverOut, onOpenPopup, onClosePopup events,
– and more!

Plugin is lightweight (5 KB – packed code, 11 KB – plain code).

After purchase you get:
– extensive documentation with many examples,
– css files for every coloristic version and one computed file for all coloristic versions,
– packed and unpacked javascript plugin files,
– psd files for steps images.

free counters

Download Dynamic Step Process Panels (Miscellaneous)

WP Geo Tagger (Media)

Welcome and thanks for checking out our new WP Geo Tagger plugin! WP Geo Tagging can be used to add your current location to posts or to add an event location, so your readers can get directions in a snap.

This is perfect for adding a location to events, , concerts, geo-tagging your photo shoots, food blogs, and anything else that might require you to add a map directly to WordPress posts! You can even add a master map to any post, which will automatically list ALL of your geo tags in one big map (example)! Pretty handy huh?

This plugin takes about 10 seconds to install and it’s a breeze to use – you can even customize the map size for your site to your own dimensions. We hope you like it!

Download WP Geo Tagger (Media)