High Quality Article Writer

High Quality Article Writer

I require a high quality article writer, the initial project is for 3 500 word articles. However if you are able to prove yourself this could increase to upto 100 articles per month.

My requirements:-

High Quality Articles.
Researched and Unique Articles.
Perfect use of grammar and spelling.
A proven history of article writing.
Delivery within 72 hours.

If you can offer me all of the above then please place a bid to complete the initial 3 articles.

Inventory Automated System

Inventory Automated System
This is semester I willing to pay for a good grade in my programing class. The professor wants me to design a program that is a lot like the library automated system that you would find at your local library. The problem is my time is very limited and I need the help of a programer to excute my ideas.

***Note: I would answer you bid if you just send me a pre-set message. That doesn’t tell me about yourself and your attention to deatail. I would fill you in with all the details once we have come to an agreement.

WordPress Photo Site 2

WordPress Photo Site 2
My client needs a big photography site made. It needs to bed one in 16 days or less.

It can be made in wordpress, joomla, drupal or any type of cms you want. I’m leaning toward wordpres because the minisites with there templates are easy to make with wordpress.

When you place a bid note the type of cms you would use.

You have 30 days to do the work. I’m willing to pay $300-400.

Note: I’m having the client have someone design most of the pages. Not all of them but most of them. Some of those pages are already made, but need to be moved around and to what the client wants. You will have to make the template designs for the mini sites. They all will look very similar. They will only will have a few differences.

The person who accepts this project will work on myserver. The very first day they will need to cut up the psds and put them on the wordpress site.

Project is to create a website where photographers can sign up, open an account and create individual mini sites for each one of their clients (i.e. bride and groom). The photographer will just have to upload the photos he wishes to be on the mini site and complete a few short steps and the mini site will be created for the client. It will be something like www.brideandgroom.mysite.com. The site will be password protected, and will be managed by the photographer as well as by the client. We will refer to the client as the site host. After the photographer is done uploading the photos and publishes the site, the host will be sent an email to come view and customize their site. They will need to first access their site with the sites password then sign on with their host username and password to further personalize their site.

The host can select from different template, hide photos from public view, change the site’s password and send out invitations that include the sites password to their friends and family. We will call these people visitors.

The visitor will be able to come to the mini sites they have the passwords of and will be able to browse the photos, leave comments for the bride and groom, purchase photos, and use the photos towards the customization of photo products like mugs, calendars, t-shirts etc. (note this customizer is a flash application I’ve already had made. You won’t have to do any flash work. You will have to send the photos to the flash applicaton, but in terms of the flash application I”ve already had that made, and will get someone else to customize it to fit this project. So keep that in mind if you see any thing about a customizer in this description.

1.2 Purpose

Purpose of this document is to serve as requirement document for the project and understanding of the functional requirements from provider’s end.

There are four different “user types” that will be gaining various different functionalities with our site.

Admin Portal

This user is the super admin of the portal and expects the following standard features

o Secure Admin Login Interface

o Manage Photographers: Name, Address, Phone, Email, Billing Address, CC Number, Expiration etc….

o Account Suspension, Reactivation, Deletion of Photographers accounts and deletion of specific minisites

o Admin ability to manage/ search the accounts in an organized fashion searchable by Event host/ Photographers/ and Visitor Accounts

o Manage Orders & Payments (View Successful and unsuccessful Orders). Export in excel function will be available
o Order sheet should be accessible in admin panel next to the orders and should be able to be emailed directly from order manager panel.
o View Photographer Statistics includes no. of event sites and sales across each site (This feature is only for Administrator in order to get the knowledge of the status on the sales of the products)
o View Mini-sites and Buyers Statistics across each site

o Add / Update / Delete Global Products (Canvas, Calendar, Apparels etc.)

o SEO based Content Management System for required Products, Categories and Pages ex: Contact Us, About Us, and Help…etc.
o Email Modules (Manage Notification mails etc.)
o order form that includes the high res attachment of the photos that will be used in the photo product and a snapshot of user created item on the product customizer.

o The admin needs to be able to manage the orders by creating order sheets, search sales and order history across all sites and across sites of specific photographers, needs to be able to store customers information for mailings and processing orders.

1. Photographer

This user will be making the event websites covered by him for his customers. His functions include

o Add an event that will automatically create a personal website for their customers (Event Host).
o an invitation email must be sent to the host that included their mini sites password as well as a temporary host login password
o He can customize the mini-sites name and will be provided with name suggestions by the application.

o When publishing the site the photographer will be offered to select from a few option that will effect the pricing of the product on the site he would like to publish.
o the image uploader needs to be able to have the option to drop the photos in different folder on the minisite into re-namable files directories.
o Can upload events photos with a limit closer to 2000 images per event using bulk image uploader module.
o Can View Own Statistics that include no. of event sites and sales across each site and search through his sites order history and profits
o The photographer must be able to add delete photos or delete full site in case and from the clients published site
o The pics uploaded by the photographer will be displayed to visitors after applying the watermarking process specific to event’s site or photographer

2. Host

This user is the event host whose event is covered by the photographer. His functions include

o Manage Account settings (Site password, Host Password, Email)
o Manage Photos (Delete/hide, rename folders, set order in which photos are to be displayed to the buyers)
o Refer/Invite a friend module to Invite Friends to the event website. (the invite template must include the minisites particular password)
o The ability to connect their FB and other SN walls to be posted on their mini sites
o Manage Comments/blog posted by the buyers/visitors.

3. Buyer

o This user can be the attendee/friend of the Event/ Host or general user. His main functions are determined as:
o The user can create an account that will allow him to save his projects, view his saved pictures folders, and track his orders.

o Browse the photos of the event in a slideshow style.
o Rate the Photographer
o Use photos to create prints on products (canvas, calendar, apparels etc.)
o Can save the favorite image for later use (favorites folder)
o Buy/Place order for the custom prints using a shopping cart integrated with an payment gateway
o Rate the individual photos and it creates a folder titled Top rated photos (specific to each event ) which stores the top rated photos in the order that they are rated.
o Can post comments to the photo
o Tell a Friend/Email Photo option.
o He can store the pictures in his saved folder for later use, and track his order history.
o While placing an order buyer can preview the order with an image customizer module like in zazzle.com
o Email confirmation for the orders that are placed by the visitors
o Site-wide Search Functionality for ALL SITE VISITORS to search for event (by bride and groom name and/OR date of event)
o Any visitor (who has been granted access to the site) can invite their friends as well. And connect to their SN accounts
o 2.1.5 Miscellaneous
o Other requirements as discussed are
o Integration of a music player with the mini site.

Additional notes:

The client will have some “administrative” control over their page, like adding and deleting photos etc.

The next level is that the client will also be able to invite visitors to “their” site where they can purchase the photos of their event.

So photographer uploads the photos, creates the site, client invites friends, friends purchase photos and photo products from the site.

Four levels here me the adminstrator, the photographer to monitor sales activity on the mini sites he created, the client, and the visitors.

There is two parts here essentially, the photographer’s site where they will create an account, and create mini sites for their clients.

And the minisites where the clients will invite their friends and will be able to leave messages, browse through the photos and purchase the photos and photo products.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:

I have the exact layout and functionalities determined, including the html of all the pages necessary for the site, as well as a complete list of the requirements with specific examples from other sites. I have a clear understanding of exactly what I need and what needs to be done and am available all day to help move the project forward.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:

There will need to be a few applications which need to be built here as well:

A bulk uploader for the photographer to upload pictures into the specific sites and the specific folders

A gallery viewer with slideshow capabilities A simple flash photo gallery

A watermark function that will appear over the photos uploaded.

Home for Top 10 WordPress Plugins

1. WordPress ‘Branded Admin’ Plugin

Go to download page

If you are a web designer then you must have set up a few WordPress based websites for some of your clients. This plugin enables you to rebrand the /wp-admin pages to follow your own styles. Great if you want to remind your client just who put in all that hard work re-skinning and hacking that theme as they set about trashing your lovely site.

2. ‘Branded Login Screen’ Plugin for WordPress

Go to download page

Completely hides the fact that your site is a WordPress Installation (or at least make it less obvious) with this plugin and the plugin listed previously. Does what it says, allows you to rebrand the login page with your own graphics.

3. GD Star Rating for WordPress

Star rating plugin

Go to download page

Want to put a rating systems on your post content? How about your comments? This nifty plugin allows you to do that and much more. Have statistics generated and displayed in your sidebar by using the GD Star rating widget and have full control over the look and feel of your stars (or whatever graphic you choose!) Looks great too! The author has even put together different star sets for you to upload.

4. Old Post Promoter

Go to download page

Allows you to promote old posts back to the top position on your home page and back into your RSS feed. The Old Post Promoter randomly chooses a post from posts in your blog and updates the timestamp. When the timestamp on the post is updated, the post will appear to be the latest post on your WordPress blog, returning it to the front page of your blog. Ideal if your blog sin’t going to get updated for a while but has planty of content to keep new visitors interested. **IMPORTANT – DO NOT USE IF YOUR PERMALINK STRUCTURE INCLUDES DATESUPDATE YOUR PERMALINK STRUCTURE FIRST!**

5. WordPress Backup

Go to download page

Something we should all do on a regular basis – backup. This handy plugin backs up your upload (images), current theme, and plugin directories. You can specify a regular scheduled backup that can be then sent to an email address of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: You will still need to make sure your database is backed up seperately!

6. Akismet

Bundled with WordPress and for good reason. Without a spam blocker such as this your comment queue would be full of trash in no time at all. Requires a WordPress API key to function. If you haven’t got this plugin activated already, do it now!

7. Google XML Sitemaps

Go to download page

Once set up this plugin will inform Google of any changes or additions made to your site automatically. Generates Sitemap favourable for Google indexing.

8. My Adsense

Go to download page

Manage Google Adsense ads that you wish to display on your wordpress blog posts or sidebars. Easy to use and fully featured.

9. In the Loop

Go to download page

Ever needed to add things to the end of every post or page but had to hack the theme to do it? Well if you don’t want the bother or don’t know how then this plugin may be for you. With this plugin you can add any code you like to your posts and pages without ever having to mess with templates or theme files. The plugin provides an options panel with two input boxes. One is for content you want to appear before your post, the other for after it. Each box comes with a set of options to control whether to show it on Teasers, Single Posts, Pages, The Feed and whether or not to execute PHP. Genius.

10. RSS Includes Pages

Go to download page

And this is STILL at number 10 because I just can’t dispense with this simple plugin. If like me you use WordPress as a CMS to build websites as well as blogs you will no doubt have found that Pages are not included in the RSS feed. Well, with this plugin your problems are over. Simply install, activate and voila, your pages will appear within the feed.

Networking Web Site 2

Networking Web Site 2
I want to create a website in which there are contractors and clients. Both will create a profile for themselves.
The Clients will put up a service they want done. Contractors will be matched up with the clients according to there zip code and surrounding zip codes at a distance chosen.
The contractors will then bid on the service being asked of. In which the client will pick the best option for them.
Every time there is a project posted there will be an email sent to the contractor and every time a bid is put in for the service the client will be sent an email.
The client will have it up for 60 days. in which he must pick a contractor. He can pick a contractor before as well.

Finally Paypal is allowing indian users to withdraw funds to their local bank

After a month full of Doom, all the indian developers should be happy now !!

Paypal Shocked us , stating that indians will not be able to withdraw their money.

Thousands of Customer support mails ,and call must have made them aware , how painful was it .

Meanwhile some avatar came ,People Tried.




and as bad as WU.

But finally its Over, paypal is back to business .

You can withdraw your money safely with the same procedure just select , the purpose while doing a withdraw request and you are done.


Slow-loading Webpage

Slow-loading Webpage

My friend and I built a site meant for our students. Basically the students have a picture in front of them on the screen, then they mouse over “Play Question”, and the audio will come out. Then the same for the answer. And if they’d like to read what’s being said, they can click on the “Read Question” button.

The problem with the site is that it takes about 2-3 minutes to load each page on fairly fast running computers. Obviously not ideal to keep our students’ motivation high, as this is meant to be done as a review exercise of what we did that day.

So what we’re looking for is …

a) a facelift in terms of the design (we have a picture – attached), and…

b) the program to load quickly and run smoothly (Ideally the audio and pictures should load in the background while the first picture and audio are being studied, meaning the students don’t have to wait for EVERY pic and audio to load before they can start (if that makes sense), and it should all seem as if there is next to no loading time – basically the quicker the better, and then when students are ready for the next picture, they can just click the next button -to the right of the picture – and the next pic and audio should already be loaded and ready to go)

And the final thing we’ll need is to be shown exactly where to input information (audio and picture files) so that we can use this page as a template, and then upload our own info at later dates (as we currently have probably 30-40 pages that need to be done, plus more that we’ll need to do in the future, and we’d like to be able to do this ourselves.

Here is the site we currently have. Please note that this is NOT the page I want built. This is the page we use to get into the page I want built. Please go to this page and click on “part A” and you will see what I mean.



Xoom.com Not accepting Paypal Payments from India March 2010

Due to paypal denial of india funds transfers ;recently Xoom.com also denied to withdraw paypal funds to indian bank .

Due to paypal denial of india funds transfers ;recently Xoom.com also denied to withdraw paypal funds to indian bank .

I recently called up their support and mail them about this issue.

This is what i got in reply.

Response (Shiva Prasad) – 03/09/2010 03:14 PM
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Xoom Customer Service.

Please be informed that currently we are not allowing intra India transactions through Pay pal due to current regulatory restrictions. We would request you to get back to us after 15 days to know more details about Pay pal transactions.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

So we need to wait more to use services of xoom in india for paypal.

Meanwhile on March 3 Paypal Resumed the Bank withdraws to indian banks, just mention the purpose for which you get this money.

I have made a withdraw request , paypal is giving 44.06 rs for a $.
I will update the blog about the situation soon.


Joomla Site Php Fixes

Joomla Site Php Fixes
I’m willing to pay $100-150 for this work. It should done in less then a week.

The site is here www.rev(remove_this)eral.com

(1) reference request issue Should be: (request, register, fill in, (user taken to profile pg), reference pending, approve, reference visible (via email) — as noted

(2 Search: some registered users do not come up… I went through JOOMLA Users — the register data for those who do not are no different than all the names that do come up. It’s 1 in 5 that’s not coming up.

(3 on Chrome — profile page, input info into “What do you do” , upon clicking Save.. people from the request email who can write on Profile are getting the error… this may not happen to you —

(4 new button. Top nav. Right of Profile “Add References” .. Links to the contacter page.

(5 Please push down the image on the register page (from the email request).. its cutting into the heading.


i think this bug might go away, but when u click a ref request link from the email and register, it now takes you to the profile pg (i know its supposed to go to the reference pg), anyway on the profile pg. its unwritable, but if u click “add client” it scrolls down with the following error:

Warning: require_once(/home/rev(REMOVE_THIS)eral1/public_html/jobsite//includes/defines.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/rev(REMOVE_THIS)eral1/public_html/components/com_rev(REMOVE_THIS)eral/htm/addclient.php on line 7

remember — i only get that bug, when i register coming in from a reference request link…which i’m supposed to jump over the profile pg into the “fill in the reference” page.

I don’t get the bug registering from the splash page.


Whn clicking the link “request a reference” I got a page with this

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/re(REMOVE_THIS)veral1/public_html/components/com_octazeninviter/octazeninviter.php on line 148

8. The email can go to the person who requested a reference, following the person submitting the form they filled out (its origin from a reference request).

The email states:


User name filled out a reference request for you

send that invitation accept email too — but a reference request is just that.

Also the last piece of this puzzle is to remove the reference form below the Octazen (once the email box opens up), since I cant write one reference for the 500 I’m requesting here.

NOow puts me into my own writable page — which is offafter they’re directed into the form.


so we have a lot of people hitting the site and am getting hit with errors on all directions.. we can figure out some type of payment arrangement, but the sites reference system and profile page are unstable

— if ur not seeing what the newbies are seeing — have ur friends try it out.

— u definitely need an account to have a reference go through the system.. just replying to an email (request) and writing a reference won’t go through — I won’t see it in “Pending requests”

– profile page — saving “What do you do” in Chrome gives you an error “There was a problem with your request” when I hit “Save”

10. Saving items on a a profile are an error upon save “what do you do”

11. Portfolio: Add Documents (in addition to images) — it can be a second up loader

. – user needs to be able to mark portfolio as public/private

12. Search: Add “Company” field — to be able to search for companies

13. Meetings and Chats: If I set up a chat or meeting, a number appears in my sidebar, but the chat or meeting does not. It does however appear (which is ok) on the person I set the chat/meet with. I need to be able to see it as well.

14. – Users need to be able delete chat or meets. Currently I have 70 of them for an account.

Instal A Simple Script

Instal A Simple Script
i have a job installing a very simple script normally i van do this but i am rust and would appreciate you writing down exactly what you had to do most scripts will build there bown db this one need one build i believe . i have a cpanel so it should not take you longer than 20 mins if that. i will pay you $15, get back asap or i will have to find some one else this is a very easy job. thanks Nick

Finance Contents Required

Finance Contents Required

I need a 50 contents on American finance related topics.
All the contents should be grammatically and logically perfect. The contents should match ezine standard as these contents will be finally posted to ezine.

Attach sample of writings if any.
Word count:- 400 words
pay: $1-2 per content

Good work may reward future work too.