20 High Rez Metal Texture Sets – CG Premium Content Pack

Today, for the first time ever on CGTuts+, we have a set of 20 incredible high resolution metal texture sets available exclusively to Premium members. Hand crafted from original photos by CGTuts+ author Clinton Jones, each of the 20 texture packs contains 4 high resolution metal textures. If ever you expect to use realistic metal textures in your CG art, then this content pack is perfect for you! Learn more at the jump!

New Realistic High-Rez Metal Textures

This new CG Premium content pack, available exclusively to Premium members, includes 20 realistic high-rez metal texture sets, complete with diffuse, specular, bump, and reflection maps, and ranging from 2000 to 3000 pixels each. Members can Login and Download, otherwise Join Now!.

This new CG Premium content pack was created by Clinton Jones and is available for CG Premium members to download today. Clinton Jones is a regular author at CGTuts+, and creates loads of professional quality photo sourced textures on a regular basis. We are very excited to partner up with him on this release!

Terms of Use

  • You may use these textures in the creation of any commercial or non-commercial work.
  • You may not redistribute these textures in any way, shape, or form.
  • You may not resell these textures.

  • CG Premium Membership

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