John Doerr Is Coming To Disrupt. Are You? Here’s The Full Agenda.

We are now less than a week away from TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City, May 24-26. The speaker lineup is complete, the Disrupt Agenda is now posted (see below), and the Battlefield Startups have been selected and are at this very moment preparing for battle. There are still a few tickets left (get them now because the discount rate expires tomorrow).

Kicking off the program, Charlie Rose will interview John Doerr, the fabled Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist who backed Amazon, Netscape, and Google. Now he thinks the iPad is the next big thing (he’s a big believer in clean tech too, but that’s another story). Doerr has made billions of dollars by spotting disruption early on. It’s what all venture capitalists try to do, and part of the culture of Silicon Valley. But what happens when the dynamics of the technology industry begin to pervade the media industry? Whether it’s print, music, TV, games, or advertising, the media industry is taking on the characteristics of the technology industry with its accelerated rate of creative destruction.

Where there is disruption, there is also opportunity, and we’ve organized Disrupt to explore where the puck is going. On Monday, Funny Or Die CEO Dick Glover will tell us how the Web is changing his approach to TV production and distribution. Boxee CEO Avner Ronen and Comcast Interactive executive VP Sam Schwartz will debate what TV Everywhere actually means. Bloomberg’s editorial chief Norm Pearlstine, Huffington Post CEO Eric Hippeau, and New York Times media writer David Carr will discuss whether the iPad will really change the game for print media or whether the bigger ongoing disruption is the Web itself.

On Tuesday, we’ve got Google engineering VP Vic Gundotra, Facebook product VP Chris Cox, and Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley talking about how the mobile Web is a new beast and how to tame it. (Facebook alone has 100 million mobile users, Google is pushing hard to get Android adopted everywhere, and Foursquare has figured out how to get people to voluntarily broadcast their location, which may be the key to local geo advertising). Tim Armstrong will tell us how his transformation of AOL is coming along, and later we will ask AOL founder Steve Case what he thinks of Armstrong’s strategy. Then we are going to put 4Chan founder Christopher Poole, Chatroulette’s Andrey Ternovskiy and Dailybooth CEO Brian Pokorny together on a panel with GE’s global executive director of advertising and branding Judy Hu so that they can try to explain why she should ever entrust her brand to them. Finally, VCs Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz will have an actual debate about whether and under what circumstances itr’s better for startups to go lean versus fat.

On Wednesday, Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey will give us a special demo. We’ll have panels on social commerce (with Gilt Groupe CEO Susan Lynne and Etsy founder Rob Kalin) and advertising technology. Chris Hughes and Scott Heiferman will talk about social change. John Borthwick and Chris Dixon will tackle the challenges and rewards of seed funding in New York City.

All of this agenda is just in the mornings. The afternoons will be jam packed with new startup launches in our Startup Battlefield competition. This is our new format since we are no longer doing TechCrunch 50. It will be about half as many companies, with more feedback from our expert panelists, and elimination rounds until we get a winner, who will receive a $50,000 prize. I’ve seen these companies in rehearsals and all I can say at this point is that they will not disappoint. And if you are an engineer/hacker, join our awesome and free Hack Day the weekend before the event—the best projects get stage time in front of the full conference audience. Watch this video interview I did with Beet.TV for more info.

We also plan to add an audience member to each panel, so you can be a part of the discussion, too.

If you want to attend Disrupt, now is the time to buy your ticket.

Disrupt Agenda

Monday, May 24: “What’s Going On?”
A high-level look at societal changes in how we consume and share information, and why. The following days will focus on how these changes are influencing platform development and business strategy in media, advertising and technology.

9:00am Opening Remarks
Mike Arrington, Editor, TechCrunch
9:15am The Big Picture: Tectonic Shifts in Technology, Special Series with Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose, Host, Charlie Rose Show
John Doerr
, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
9:40am Charlie Rose, Host, Charlie Rose Show
Yuri Milner, CEO & Founding Partner, Digital Sky Technologies
10:05am Real-Time Demo: TweetUp
The real-time stream from Twitter, Facebook, and other sharing platforms is influencing communications, advertising and content. Advertisers see real-time data as key to sending the right message to the right people –and avoiding disaster. What’s now in real-time technology?

Bill Gross, CEO idealab, debuts TweetUp
10:15am Hollywood-Flavored Fireside: Funny or Die Gets Disruptive
Made-for-web content doesn’t always stay online. And TV obviously isn’t all about the static squawk box. Professional producers and comedians from the hit Funny or Die discussion how content creation is evolving — and how it’s affecting the talent industry, Hollywood and Beyond.
Dick Glover, CEO, Funny Or Die
Chris Henchy, Comedian & Actor, Co-Head Gary Sanchez Productions
Mark Kvamme, Partner, Sequoia Capital
Andrew Steele, Executive Producer, Funny or Die
10:55am Coffee break
11:10am TV Everywhere: Who Profits from Entertainment On Every Screen, All the Time?
As content like SNL or the NBA becomes available on any screen, any time, the “windowing” techniques on which TV networks and other content owners used to rely for advertising and other business models no longer pertain. What’s the future of multi-channel entertainment? Who’s going to profit?
Moderator: Michael Wolf, Founder & Managing Director, Activate
Avner Ronen, CEO, Boxee
Samuel Schwartz, EVP, Comcast Interactive
Quincy Smith, Founding Partner, CODE Advisors
11:40am Entertainment Content Demo: Tunerfish
Comcast is about to launch a new service, developed as a secret, skunk-works project by some of the Silicon Valley team they obtained in 2008 (via the acquisition of Plaxo). What does the cable, entertainment, and communications giant have up its sleeve?

John McCrea, Founder, Tunerfish & VP Marketing, Plaxo
11:50am Products into Services: Music, Gaming, and Publishing
Entertainment content is evolving from discrete 3D products into streaming digital services with ancillary revenue streams. A book is now more than bound paper; it’s also a digital download with add-ons such as author interviews or footage. Music is no longer a static CD; it’s a chance to interact with a musician a social network or meet others fans online. How will these trends continue to impact the content industries and business models?

Sarah Chubb, President, CondeNet
Fred Davis, Founding Partner, CODE Advisors
John Hagel, Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge, Deloitte
Neil Young, CEO, ngmoco
12:40pm LUNCH
1:55pm Fireside: Social Networks & Online Content: Where’s it Going?
Mike Arrington, Editor, TechCrunch
Jason Hirschhorn, Co-President, MySpace
Mike Jones, Co-President, MySpace
2:15pm Startup Battlefield Begins–Session 1: Disruptive Ideas & Marketplaces
Companies TBA May 24, on special URL
Selected from hundreds of applicants worldwide, these fresh products will show new ways of thinking for mobile, iPad, Hollywood, e-commerce, finance and more.
3:45pm Coffee Break
4:00pm Startup Battlefield Resumes–Session 2: Disruptive Apps & Services
5:30pm Does The IPad Change Everything For News, Or Is It Still All About The Web?
David Carr, Writer, New York Times
Ron Conway, Angel Investor, SV Angel
Eric Hippeau, CEO, Huffington Post
Norm Pearlstine, Chief Content Officer, Bloomberg

Tuesday, May 25: “How are Platforms and Content Evolving?”

9:30am The Mobile Disruption–What’s Next?
Moderator: Mike Arrington, Editor, TechCrunch
Chris Cox, VP, Facebook
Dennis Crowley, CEO, FourSquare
Vic Gundotra, VP, Google
10:00am Social & Local Demo
Howard Lerman, CEO, Yext launches a brand-new product for small biz everywhere
10:10am Fireside: Local Content, Local Ads, and Everything in Between. How is AOL Changing?
Mike Arrington, Editor, TechCrunch
Tim Armstrong, CEO, AOL
10:30am Coffee Break
10:50am The Lean vs Fat Startup Debate
The funders behind Twitter, Skype and other digital greats debate strategy for growing strong companies

Ben Horowitz, Co-founder, Andreessen Horowitz
Fred Wilson, Partner, Union Square Ventures
11:30am Fireside Chat
Mike Arrington, Editor, TechCrunch
Steve Case, CEO, Revolution
11:50am Digital Crowds into Dollars
Traditional print media is experiencing fragmentation while online media are experiencing the opposite; coalescing of audience around addictive digital platforms. How can brands effectively meet audiences where they? And how can technologists amassing these audiences work best with brands?

Judy Hu, Global Executive Director – Advertising & Branding, GE
Brian Pokorny, CEO, dailybooth
Christopher Poole, founder, 4chan
Andrey Ternovskiy, CEO, Chatroulette
12:30pm LUNCH
Optional lunchtime meet & greet with Knight Foundation: News and media startups are invited to lunch and learn about participating in the “Knight News Challenge,” which offers $25M in grant money for news innovation.
2:00pm Exits: The 2010 Outlook
TechCrunch talks with legendary investor and tech banker Frank Quattrone on the liquidity outlook as the recession recedes. Co-presented by SecondMarket.

Mike Arrington, Editor, TechCrunch
Frank Quattrone, Founder, Qatalyst
2:30pm Startup Battlefield–Session Three: Disruptive Streams
Inspired entrepreneurs serve up a third round of amazing product launches
Coffee Break
4:15pm Startup Battlefield–Session Four: Disruptive Entertainment
6:15pm VC / Startup Speed Meeting & Reception
Presented by Zoosk in the Networking Lounge and in Startup Alley. Cocktail reception is open to all attendees; speed meeting for pre-registered startups.
Hosted by MailChimp at Tribeca Rooftop

Wednesday, May 26: “How do You Find Your Audience –and Make Money?
Content creation and distribution change, so must business models. How can artists, brands, advertisers and other merchants reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time?

9:00am Success Strategies for Musicians in the Digital Era
Troy Carter, Founder & CEO, Coalition Media Group, worldwide Manager to Lady Gaga
9:20am Mobile & Commerce Demo
Jack Dorsey, Founder & CEO, Square
9:40am The Future of the Market is Social. How Do You Find Your People?
Finding customers in 2010 is not as simple as mailing out the Sears Catalog was in 1910. A fragmented consumer base with varied tastes combined with unlimited Web competition make e-commerce easy to initiate but challenging to excel within. These executives have successfully identified their marketplaces and created services with social functions that adapt to different mini-niches therein. What’s their strategy? How can other companies learn to “monetize” the old-fashioned way — by selling products that people want, to the people who want them?

John Caplan, CEO, OpenSky
Rob Kalin, CEO, Etsy
Susan Lyne, CEO, Gilt Groupe
Dan Porter, CEO, OMGPOP
10:25am Social Advertising Demo
David Kidder, CEO, Clickable
10:35am Fireside Chat: Online Advertising
Mike Arrington, Editor, TechCrunch
Nikesh Arora, President, Global Sales Operations and Business Development, Google
10:55am Coffee Break
11:10am Social Networking & Social Change
How can online connections create offline change? As digital tools create communities, how will they meet society and the larger world?

Scott Heiferman, CEO, Meetup
Chris Hughes, Executive Director, Jumo
Reshma Saujani, Congressional Candidate, New York
11:40am The Big Brand Story
How to Make Experiences that Matter for Online & Social Audiences

Frank Cooper, SVP and Chief Consumer Engagement Officer, Pepsi
12:00pm How Will AdTech Deliver the Audience?
In an era of media fragmentation, how can ad-tech experts help brands reach fans on new platforms, such as mobile devices and the iPad? especially now that brand budgets are moving more money to online, what’s now in real-time and social-graph strategy? This line-up of top brains discusses where it’s all going—and who stands to make $$.

Samir Arora, Founder, Glam Media
Zaw Thet, CEO, 4INFO
Eric Wheeler, CEO, 33Across
12:30pm LUNCH
2:00pm Getting it Built
John Biggs, Editor, CrunchGear
Adam Hocherman, Founder & President, American Innovative
Bre Pettis, Founder, Makerbot
Liam Casey, CEO, PCH International
2:30pm Getting Funded
A How-To Workshop
3:00pm The Facebook Effect
David Kirkpatrick, Senior Editor, Technology & Internet, Fortune
Sean Parker>, Managing Partner, Founders Fund
3:20pm Measurement Demo
Eric Bosco, Chief Product Officer, ComScore 
3:30pm What’s Behind the NYC Seed-Funding Hotspot?
The city has the population density –and proudly local, niche communities — that drive growth of social, mobile and e-commerce startups. The instant laboratory creates a network effect that then helps services grow in value. How will these startups scale beyond the five boroughs and how can upcoming teams take advantage of NY’s unique environment?

John Borthwick, CEO, betaworks
Chris Dixon, CEO, Hunch & Angel Investor
4:00pm Hack Day Finalists Present
4:15pm Startup Battlefield Finale
Four Amazing Finalists Face Off in a Final Round
5:30pm Disrupt Cocktail Reception
Hosted by Zecco
7:00pm Winners Announced
with contributions from:
David Sacks, CEO, Yammer, former honoree
Custom Award from Yahoo and Lowenstein Sandler
9:00pm After-party
Hosted by Media Temple (mt) at element

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