Blogdirectorie Entries

Blogdirectorie Entries
Insert a new blog into

– 10 GERMAN Blogdirectories
– 10 international Blogdirectories

The inserts at the german directories must be in GERMAN

Please only bid, if you are sure you could do this.
I only accept bids thats start with the word ‘event’.

With your bid you accept the additional agreement as follows :
– If you deny or don’t respond to my provider selection, you have to pay a fee of 10USD to me.
– If accept the project but can’t deliver the project as required or in time, you have to pay a fee of 30USD to me

I only pay if project is finished as required. No Milestone or part payments. I only pay with SF escrow.

Customize Cre Loaded Templat 2

Customize Cre Loaded Templat 2
I want to customize the default template for my CRE Loaded store. I will provide all the guidelines for the new template design, as I want a simple but clean layout. I also have a sample site whose design can be used as a reference.

Please only bid on this project if you already have experience with CRE Loaded store and template as i have no time for trial-and-error.

Website Copy Writer

Website Copy Writer
Need a copy writer for website. Must know about real estate, i will supply a out line of what i want and you will build on that. Must be optimize for search engines. Must also have knowledge of website design, i need forms installed as well as a video. I have the template already just need the above taking care off. it will be about 5 pages.
So if you can do this job to my satisfaction I AM LOOKING FOR A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP. As i grow you will grow with my company So for this trial i willing to pay $50-75. Remember this is just a trail you will grow with me as i grow so don’t get stuck on the price for this job.

Yahtzee Online

Yahtzee Online
Online Yahtzee

Technical requirements:
– Clean HTML/CSS
– Game play in the same window if able


Yahtzee online will be free for playing. Web site visitors can just click and play and after completion will be prompted to register for the high score list and other activities or just to continue playing. There will be no multiplayer, just single player mode.

I need to have many competitions included. Players can choose for what competition will they play:
1. World Cup
2. National Cup
3. National World Cup
4. Just for high scores

Competitions will be based on seasons, seasons will be divided by weeks. First week will be qualifications, second – 1/8 finals, quarterfinals and so on…

So, players can just play and if they do not choose competition they will be just included in many high scorers lists: for day, week, month, year… But if they choose to play, lets say for national cup, they will have to play maximum 25 games that week and the high scores will make a ranking list and the top players will continue next round. So, you will need to make that every player have a member section to see what games he can play, what is his current ranking or so…

So, the game is not complicated and all that’s count is a high score but statistics and tournaments will be complicated.


All competition will be based on the same structure, I will try to explain:
1. 15.000 players joins competition
2. Every player can play up to 25 games for that round, only the highest score of that 25 games counts
3. Top 3000 players goes to the next round
4. Second round, the same thing, 25 games, the highest counts and 1000 players go next round
5. Same thing, 250 players go next round
6. 50 players go next round… and the winner is the best in the last round

All players should see current ranking list for that round…

This is the way national cups, world cups will be organized.

One thing that will be different is national world cup, let’s see:
1. 15.000 players plays first round, 25 games, highest only counts
2. Calculating results – sum of top 3 results from each country will be counted
3. 30 countries go to the next round
4. All players from that country can play for second round, no matter what they scored before, they just need to be from the country that qualified, 25 games
5. again, sum of the top 3 results will count, 15 countries advance to the next round
6. again, again…

Member sections:
– Simple member registration with mail activation, First name, surname, username, country
– Many statistics for each member, everyone can see that
– Sending automatic mail for players to remind them that some tournament will begin soon or that they advanced to the next round of some tournament and to come to play that round

Web site look:
– Simple look
– Homepage with description, few ranking lists, active national matches, links to the game, tournament announcements…
– Member page: with general information and full of statistics (rank for each month, year, best rank in one day, achievements, top score, country/world statistics, achievements for country tournaments), links to tournament that that member can play…
– Web pages for every tournament

I want to see your web projects and only people/teams that have already done some projects will be considered.

I will pay you some money in advance and some money during the work, rest at the end…

I will be online 24h a day if you want because we will be connected online during development.

Magento Add To Cart Problem 3

Magento Add To Cart Problem 3
I have a magento store with custom code. On a bundle item the problem is when clicking add to cart is it not transfering the selected options from the drop down bundle options so when you click add to cart it arrives in the cart with the standard default items.

This was working perfectly fine but stopped when some programmer was fixing something else.

I need it fixing. thanks

Note it works perfectly fine in IE8. I’ve not tested IE7 or Chrome but I assume its fine in them. It does not work in Mozilla so this is what needs to be fixed.


Need Full-time Web Manager

Need Full-time Web Manager
I’m looking to hire a Full-time Site Manager to manage 3 websites. This will be a long-term position that will grow is my company grows. The applicate must be able to speak and write english fluently. Additional requirements are below:

•Fully Trained & Certified Professional
•Can Manage Up to 3 sites per month
•Works Exclusively for me
•Expert in Mysql Database usage and Optimization
•Expert in Onpage and Offpage Optimization in Html and PHP
•Expert in SEO with Google, Yahoo, MSN
•Regular Articles, Press Release, Directory Submissions
•Daily Reporting & Work Updates
•Works Minimum 40 hr per week

If you do not meet all the above requirements please do NOT apply.

Create/transfer Joomla Modules

Create/transfer Joomla Modules
I would like to have all the showcase positions of the Akiraka template on a Vortex one (RocketTheme Templates).

Depending on price I will like also the bottom module positions as well.

I need this ASAP, so please bid only if you are available to work as soon as I choose you.

-I will not give you the whole template files (only those needed for the module creations).
-It’s better if you are a RT developer member.
-I need you to post JRTD in your bid or PMB or your bid will be ignored.
-Please show me 2-3 examples of SIMILAR projects you have done (I DON’T NEED THE 100’s of websites you have done not related to what I’m asking).

Onsite Seo / Copywriter Requir

Onsite Seo / Copywriter Requir
Please do not respond to this with a standard package response, in partcular, no offsite work is required.

We require someone to undertaken ONSITE SEO work on a range of our websites, initially starting with one.

Initially we would want approximately 10 sub areas of the site (to present 10 different keywords) with approximately 5-10 pages of SEO focused content for each sub area. The main site also needs approximately 15 pages that are already created to be optimized.

On going we would want to continue to expand the content, adding approximately 10 pages per month.

PMB us so we can give you the website address so you can give a quote.



Ten (10) German Blogposts

Ten (10) German Blogposts
Hi !

I need 10 high-quality unique Blog-Posts in GERMAN
for “Gartenmöbel” and especially “Kunststoffgeflecht/Kunstrattan”.
Each post must have a minimum of 500 Words.

I could deliver images and a reference website.

I’m from germany, so i could review your posts. I also could review if the post is only copied.

Please only bid, if you are sure you could do this.
I only accept bids thats start with the word ‘event’.

With your bid you accept the additional agreement as follows :
– If you deny or don’t respond to my provider selection, you have to pay a fee of 20USD to me.
– If accept the project but can’t deliver the project as required or in time, you have to pay a fee of 50USD to me

I only pay if project is finished as required and with a high quality. No Milestone or part payments. I only pay with SF escrow.

Adult Webcam Site Advertising

Adult Webcam Site Advertising
I am looking for professional adult website advertising for a new webcam site. I am looking for all effective advertising venues such as blogs, social network sites, search engine, video, classifieds, forum e.g. I am throwing a big event event and I need the exposure. The winner will be chosen by their reviews, price and the amount of advertising that will be done for the price. If the winner chosen is to my satisfaction, I will use them for all my events.