Travel Magazine (Corporate)

This project is perfect for your web advert, site promotion or video campain etc. Just adjust images change text and your set.
Project is in HD. Music and images are not included.

If you don’t have After Effects or just simply don’t know how to put it all together, then email me and I’ll help you out. Price will depend on the project

Anjoy and don’t forget to vote or comment

Download Travel Magazine (Corporate)

Cybertronics (Logos & Titles)

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CYBERTRONICS  is a 0:21 sec trailer reveal that is a great addition to your business portfolio, it has the look and feel of a technological environment.

NOTE : This file has prerendered Optical Flares so you do not need any plugins to open this file. However Cycore FX must be installed. Also take note that the pre-renders does NOT have pre-rendered Trapcode Shine.

Main features:

  • AE CS4 project
  • Native resolution – 1920×1080
  • 3 Different Colors
  • Pre-rendered Projects Available
  • Audio Tutorial AND Text Tutorial included in the project
  • Non-rendered project contains bonus Optical Flares Effects

 Sound FX are not available but send me an email and Ill send them to you if youd like

Download Cybertronics (Logos & Titles)

Flash Logo Reveal Project (Light)

Bright photo flashes flare you to reveal your chosen logo, text or image.

Note: Trapcode Particular and Optical Flares are required for complete customability though pre-rendered elements are provided.

This includes:

– Flash Logo Reveal Adobe After Effects CS4 Project File
– Steady Flash Adobe After Effects CS4 Project file
– Flash PNG Image
– Pre-Rendered Flashes .MOV Quicktime Movie
– Pre-Rendered Bottom Flare .MOV Quicktime Movie
– Steady Flashes .MOV Quicktime Movie
– Readme

This has pre-rendered elements for those of you who do not have Trapcode Particular or Optical Flares.

This also included a Steady Flashes .MOV Quicktime Movie as a bonus which can be looped. With it is the project file which you can use to customise the flashes to your liking, note you will require Trapcode Partiular and Optical Flares.

Easy to change the colour with a simple controler.

Full 1920×1080 HD resolution
25 FPS


Download Flash Logo Reveal Project (Light)

Mini Slide-Show (Corporate)

I present to your attention my new project:
“mini SLIDE -SHOW”. Easy, slightly corporate project which is made in CS4 .
You can change photos, the text, color of basic video.
No plugin! HD (1280×720)
Music included+video tutorial

If you want to buy the full version of a musical track, look my portfolio:



Download Mini Slide-Show (Corporate)

"Notebook" Project CS4 FullHD Intro Opener (3D, Object)

This is After Effects CS4 ProjectFile in FullHD.
Nice proffesional dynamic cameramoves with elegant unisex Notebook/Laptop where you can put in your Video and Logo. Great for Opener, Intro and for Application Adds, PC game Advertisements.

Text, Screencontent and Logo can be easily modified and customized.

For Example:
Use Screenshots of your Website and render out as Flashbanner. Put it on your Website and your Visitors will be impressed

Main features are:

  • No plug ins required
  • Full HD resolution (1080p)
  • Text and Videodisplay Content are customizable.
  • Useful Textfile with Tipps how to edit the template
  • Music is not included, but a link in Readmefile where to buy.
  • The Environment and the Laptops/Notebooks are prerendered.
    They´re built in 3D-Application. No 3D ProjectFile included.
    They are prerendered in highest Quality with H.264 Codec.
  • If you need help customizing the project send me an email.
  • Edited Preview Composition included!!

Rendertime of PreviewVideo (all 9 Placeholder): FullHD on a Xeon Quad 2,66 Win7 64Bit 8GB RAM Quicktime MOV is 1min:53sec.

Website counter

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Download "Notebook" Project CS4 FullHD Intro Opener (3D, Object)

Dream land (Light)

A quick project you can use for advertising your company, yourself or your services. 4 text placeholders, a logo, peaceful but stylish atmosphere and infinite color combination possibilities. Text animations and little flickers premade for you.

No third party plugins used, however Cycore plugins that comes with After Effects must be installed.

Video tutorial included.

Audio is not included but you can get this beautiful piece from AudioJungle

This purchase can save you up to 1 working day that you would otherwise spend making this from scratch. It allows you not only to save time and money, but also to make professionally looking projects that might be above your current knowledge level.

Download Dream land (Light)

BOX Reveal 4 in ONE (Corporate)


A BOX Reveal made in After Effects CS4 in Full HD ( 1920 X 1080 px ).

4 in ONE (in zip File 4 Individual Projects)

BOX Reveal Ink Paper

BOX Reveal Classic in Black

BOX Reveal Old Paper

BOX Reveal Plane Paper

Change the text, change the background color, change whatever you need.

Complete helpful instructions.

No 3rd party plugins required

Project Time is 12 Sec.

Sound is not include but buy at Audio Jungle
download link

If u any Question regarding this project contact me any time I will answer as soon as possible..


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Download BOX Reveal 4 in ONE (Corporate)