Snow – The Winter Banner with Ken Burns (Banner Rotators)

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A hot banner for cold days!
Welcome to our cutting edge new Winter Banner!

Please take a look at the result of one (1) cooperation of two (2) developement teams (boee and Flashhorvath) with three (3) state of the art skins and four (4) work samples included in your download.

The Ken Burns effect and the Snow and all other visual elements are adjustable in the easy2edit XML (please see example later).

Why not use it as embeded Flash Object in your WebPage (Example 4) or use it as a Flash Presentation on your desktop/webpage (Example 1-3)…


Key Features:

  • Great and very exact Ken Burns Effect – Set start and end Align, zoom, offsets
  • Easy Resizeing, always in Center mode, Horizontal and Vertical position offset extrem easy due the XML file
  • Unique and individual appearance
  • Full XML driven
  • Music On/Off & volumes
  • Individuell Frames – 3 Precreated Quality Frame
  • Create your own Frame, examples are all editable
  • Frame’s glas effect can be changed, shine and innershadow via XML
  • Use your own Logo (SWF, PNG ) or just type some text in XML instead of it to put a Message on the Frame
  • Snow Effect
    • Size, amount, speed, color, blend mode can be set via XML
  • Random and Normal sequence
  • Make the Editing even more simple via using the “start with banner” parameter
  • Background image can be pattern, or simple image
  • 4 Great Preview Samples
  • + freebies
    • 3 Background Patterns
    • 3 Different sized Snow Flakes PNG
    • 3+1 Precreated Quality Frames
  • Add Next, Previos, Play / Pause, Thumbnails, Volulme, Music On/Off
  • 2 Font Types embeded – Arial, Verdana complette
  • Real Pause on Banner Items – TimeLine
  • 2 Font Types embeded – Arial, Verdana complette
  • CPU Friendly / Max. Memory usage can be calculated – Monitoring for Testing
  • Captions / Layer Items like
    • Char, word, text based
    • Image, Buttons (PNG, JPG , GIF)
    • Url Links on Buttons, images and Texts
  • Add Shadow, Glow, or many other Tween to the items easy via XML
  • Use 21 Main Transitions, 29 On Stage Transitions
    • – mix them and get unlimited amount of animations
  • Easy XML customizing, Example Code:
<!-- ########################################################### BANNER ITEMS !! ######################################################################## -->
    <start delay="1" color="0x333333" speed="1" />
    <cover delay="1" color="0x333333" speed="1" />
    <background pattern="yes">images/background/pattern.png</background>
    <bannerposition hoffset="0" voffset="0" />
    <frame shine="0.1" src="frames/wood.swf" shadowsinside="1" />
    <shadows alpha="1" />
    <banneritem duration="8.1" id="1">
        <image scale="proportionalOutside" hoffset="0" centeraligned="yes" voffset="12">images/banner1/banner1.jpg</image>
        <mainanimation parameter="Back.easeOut" transition="blur" speed="4" />


            <layeritem typ="line" id="1">
                <format maximalwidth="" size="16" color="0xea5000" letterspacing="0.25" textdecoration="none"></format>

Color can do anything that black & white can.

The music from the preview is not included in the purchased package.
You can buy it here (example 1), here (example 2), here (example 3).

The Great Winter Photos are made by the users from SXC .hu from svenic, Jochem_a and camuna! Thanks a lot for these eyes catcher!

Thank you for your jolly good time!!


Download Snow – The Winter Banner with Ken Burns (Banner Rotators)

Lite Banner Rotator ( with burning effect ) (Banner Rotators)


With Lite Banner Rotator you can easily capture visitors attention. It’s a very small file ( under 13k ) with many options but very easy to configure via an external XML file.

This component can be used in a HTML page or even in a FLASH project.


– XML driven content
– FLASHVARS support ( for the location of the XML file )
– unlimited number of images

– use as many text lines per slide as you want
– you can change background color, alpha value, text color per slide
– 4 modes of displaying text
– hyperlinks support
– position each text field with x and y values

– resizable
– choose to auto slide images ( slideshow ) or manual navigation
– set the delay time for slideshow

– a very fast burn effect
– choose the speed of the burn effect

– choose to use the navigation buttons
– buttons can be customed from XML

– special character support:

Download Lite Banner Rotator ( with burning effect ) (Banner Rotators)

USA America 3D Animated Model (Animated Objects)

Vector animation can be resized without any loss of quality.

In a self contained movie clip, Drop and drag into your project.

Removeable background can easily be set to transparent mode.

You can add effects from your flash program.

Published size 167kb.

No actionscript required.

Can be opened with any version of Flash.

Download USA America 3D Animated Model (Animated Objects)

Book v3 (Other)


  • professional design
  • reverse flip book for the eastern countries (right to left)
  • two systems of loading pages. The first (old) system loads all the pages. The new system loads only 4 pages to the front and back 4 pages. This is useful when there is a lot of pages and amount of RAM . It also increases the liquidity. More in the “help / book.pdf” and the title “Two Methods of loading pages.”
  • you can disable the redirection of the logo
  • improved ZOOM (with double click), now see the point in which press
  • double-clicking the zoomIn Or zoomOut
  • changing single click on the corner of the page (now you can perform a drag sheet)
  • enabled/disabled the keyboard in a xml file
  • now you can set an individual thumb for each pages (in list pages)
  • you can make a redirect for a page in the xml file
  • you can add sound to the sheet (optional xml file)
  • in the browser title bar shows the number page
  • single-clicking on the corner to rotate the page (optional in xml file)
  • you can enabled glow for a book (optional in xml file)
  • selection screen before loading the book (normal screen / full screen) – optional
  • you can disable / enable deep linking (swfAddress) in a xml file
  • you can choose to default the first page (when turned off deep linking)
  • corrected bug events onStartAnimationSheet and events onStopAnimationSheet in swf file
  • double-clicking on the page show next page
  • you can change the speed of sheet in xml file
  • lightbox (photos + video)
  • you can disable dragging the sheet with the mouse
  • fast loading ( first loads the current page )
  • deep linking
  • you can load the any background (swf file,jpg ,png,flv …. etc – change in xml file )
  • smoothing for background
  • you can change page book size in xml file
  • you can add big photographs of two pages (no need to crop)
  • you can add unlimited pages in xml file
  • player mp3
  • you can mute mp3 player for the page
  • you can add unlimited mp3
  • nice animation icons,
  • you can disable / enable the numbers pages of globally or locally
  • smoothing for pages ( locally or globally)
  • you can load jpg,png and swf file
  • auto scale to the size of the browser
  • contact form with PHP
  • view all pages ( automatic generate thumbs)
  • download zip
  • printing pages
  • zoom book ( zoom in, zoom out, zoom 1:1 ,zoom optimal)
  • logo and logo redirect
  • full screen button
  • you can turn off the shadows of the middle for big image
  • four corners enabled
  • keyboard support ( next and prev page )
  • nice shadows
  • you can easily load for your project (atachment example – “load_book.fla” )

:: Site Template ::

44676 44676 44676 44676 44676 44676 44676 44676 44676 44676 44676

:: Book ::

43691 43691 43691

:: Gallery ::

17747 19017 27119 19339 25898 30418 38962 38962 38962 38962 38962 38962

:: Banner for website ::

42732 42808 43945 45518 45518

:: PlayerMovie ::

27353 27352 43719

:: PlayerSound ::

:: Calendar ::


:: Menu ::

38409 38410 40643 40643 40643

:: Flash Utilities ::

19250 30628 27616 40883 19206 40641 40641 4064140641 40641 38962 38962

:: Flash News ::

29673 29673

Download Book v3 (Other)

Alumina Components – Set 3 (Skins & Themes)

This Flex 4 set allows you to re-skin some of the default Spark components.

This set includes skin classes for the following components:

  • ButtonBar
  • TabBar
  • ComboBox
  • DropDownList

The purchased package also includes:

  • Adobe Illustrator files: including the components design and color palette
  • Flash Catalyst project: with the starting graphics for the skin classes
  • Flex library project: with all the source codes for changing the skin classes

Download Alumina Components – Set 3 (Skins & Themes)

Random Quote or Testimonial Rotator 01 AS3 (Other)

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This is an awesome easy to use tool for your website or flash project. This rotator can display quotes, client testimonials or any text you think would be relevant to your visitors.

You can enable/disable the display of the arrows, author or quote number fields, set up the autoplay speed, first quote and many many more, it’s a complete solution that’s resizable and easily customizable to fit any design and available space.

It supports all the most common special characters and the help file includes instructions on how to embed other languages as well as how to optimize (lower) the file size of the swf by removing the ones you don’t need.

XML Settings (60+):

– set the size of the rotator (width and height, in pixels)
– enable or disable slideshow (auto-play)
– set the time spent on each item in slideshow mode
– enable or disable randomisation (similar to shuffle in a music player)
– set up the css styles you want to use on the text fields
– set up the background, you can use a transparent bg, solid color or an image with multiple image resizing options (no resize, fit, fill, stretch, fitForced)
– enable or disable arrows for navigation, set up the arrow direction (horizontal/vertical), enable/disable auto play pausing when the mouse is over the arrows
– set the alignment of the arrows (top/middle/bottom for horizontal style, left/center/right for vertical style)
– set the X and Y axis offset of the arrows in regards to the actual quote
– set the arrow color, alpha and scale for both the normal and mouse-over states independently
– set the main quote width (it will resize vertically depending on text length) and set up the starting quote (ex. start with quote #5)
– set the main quote text alignment as well as the main quote block horizontal and vertical
– set the main quote text color, alpha, X and Y axis offsets, transition animation time and type.
– set up the transition intermediary effects : alpha, color (tint), scale X, scale Y, blur X, blur Y and blur quality. You can obtain very cool & interesting animations by tinkering with these, just like our first demo.
– enable/disable the display of the author text field as well as it’s text alignment, y offset compared to the main quote, text size, color and alpha.
– enable/disable the display of the quote symbols as well as their y offset, color, alpha and scale.
– enable/disable the display of the quote number as well as it’s text alignment, y offset compared to the main quote, text size, color and alpha.
– for each content element (quote/testimonial) you can enter HTML /CSS Formatted text for both the quote text and author text

You can easily change the font within the provided fla file and we also included the Photoshop psd design as a bonus.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release from Oxylus Flash.

Support only on the Random Quote or Testimonial Rotator 01 AS3 Support Forum.

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Galleries / Portfolios

Multimedia Zoom Gallery with Youtube Support AS3
3D Tilt Image and Video Gallery with Albums AS3
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Papervision 3D Wall Carousel Media Gallery AS3
Advanced Photo Links Module with Categories AS3
Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery AS3
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Amazing Fullscreen Panning Photo Gallery AS3
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Resizable Portfolio Gallery w/Albums
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Multilevel Image Gallery
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3D Carousels, Text Menus, Image Menus

Flash Drop Down Menu with Two Skins AS2
Unlimited Levels Accordion Menu AS3
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Team Members Slider 01 AS3
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Horizontal Zoom Image Scroller AS3 01
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Vertical Zoom Image Scroller AS3 01
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Drop Down Select Menu 02
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Horizontal Dynamic Neon Menu
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Advanced 3d Carousel
Dynamic Horizontal Menu 01
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Dynamic Horizontal Menu 04
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Dock Menu v.2
2 Levels Accordion Menu
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Sliding List
Dock Menu v1
Fading Slider
Dark -Image Folio v.2
Light - Image Folio v.2
Cool Image Folio Menu
Vertical Scrolling Menu
Image Vertical Menu
Horizontal Scroller
2 Levels XML Menu Green
2 Levels XML Menu Purple
Vertical Multilevel Drop Down Menu
Vertical Scroller
XML Multilevel Sliding Menu

Video Players, Audio Players, News Readers, RSS

Youtube Video Player with Playlist AS3
Universal Expanding MP3 Player AS2
Advanced Flash Popup News Reader AS2
News Reader with Categories and Scroll AS3
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MP3 Player with Playlist and Album Art 06 AS3
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Album Audio Player AS3
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Minix MP3 Player AS3
Expanding Sound Controller AS3
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Advanced Slick Video Player with Watermark AS3
Simple Spectrum Sound Controller AS3
Easy Fullscreen Video Background 01 AS3
Video Player with Playlist 02 AS2
News Reader with Autoplay and Scroll 01
MP3 Player with Playlist 01
Sliding News Reader Module
Minimal MP3 Music Player 04
Clean AS3 News Ticker 01 with RSS
Fullscreen Video Player 03 AS2
Resizable MP3 Player 03 AS2
Fullscreen News Reader 03
Resizable MP3 Player 02 AS3
Clean AS3 Video Player with Fullscreen
XML Banner Rotator 03 AS3
XML Banner Rotator 02 AS3
EZ Player FLV / H264 / RTMP playback
MP3 Player 04
Advanced News Reader 02
Tooltip MP3 Player 03
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MP3 Player Button 02
Simple mp3 Player 01
XML News Ticker 04
News Box
XML News Scroller 3
News Module Dark Skin
News Module Light Skin
XML News Ticker v3
Motion Blur Banner Rotator v.1.0
XML Banner Rotator
FLV Player with playlist
Stylish XML News Reader
White XML News Reader
2.0 Style Date/Time Widget
XML News Ticker Black
XML News Ticker White
RSS Feed Reader
FLV Player Light

Utilities, Tooltips, Preloaders, Banner Rotators, PHP Forms, Games etc.

Ken Burns Effect Slideshow Banner Rotator AS3
Flash Form Generator AS3
Social Bookmark Share Widget 02 AS3
Universal Expanding Share Bookmark Widget AS2
Advanced Flash Quiz XML AS3
Clean Flash PHP Contact Form AS3
Flash Preloader 19 AS3
Clean Content Scroller with Categories AS3
Flash Preloader 11 AS3
Send to Friend Form 01 AS3
Flash Preloader 10 AS3
Easy Before and After Photo Mask AS3
Clocks Count Down Timer AS3
Flash Virtual Keyboard AS3
Flash Analog Clock 03 AS3
Analog Preloader 01 AS3
Flash Memory Matching Game AS3
3D Tilt Coming Soon with Countdown Timer AS3
BMI Body Mass Calculator AS3
Flash Calculator AS3
IP Display Widget AS3
Quick Help Resizable Window with Drop Down AS3
Advanced Resizable Event Calendar AS3
Loan Payment Calculator AS3
Resizable Slideshow Image Rotator AS3
Flash PHP Contact Form 03 AS3
Team Members 02 AS3
Advanced Object Panning AS3
Simple File Uploader AS3
Flash Digital Clock 02 AS3
Flash Analogue Clock 02 AS3
Flash LED Vertical Text Marquee AS3
Digital Visitor Hit Counter 01 AS3
Flash Analogue Square Clock 01 AS3
Flash LED Horizontal Text Marquee AS3
Digital Countdown Timer 01 AS3
Age Verification Widget 01 AS3
Horizontal Resizable Graph with Bars AS3
Square Draggable Magnifying Glass AS3
Flash Digital Clock 01 AS3
Simple Date and Time Display 01 AS3
XML Banner Rotator with Thumbnails AS3
Advanced Fullscreen Panning Tool AS3
Multiple Image Rotator 01 AS3
OXYTweet Twitter Widget 01 AS3
Infinite Banner Rotator with Thumbnails AS3
XML Banner Rotator with Scrolling Menu AS3
Panning Tool with Mini Browser AS3
Easy Magnifying Glass 01 AS3
AS3 Date Picker
Advanced PHP Contact Form with Upload 01
AS3 Events Calendar
Sliding Tooltip 01
Advanced Banner Rotator with Dock Menu Thumbnails
Resizable HTML Content Scroller 02 AS3
Resizable HTML CSS Content Scroller 01
Advanced Preloader Display 01
Advanced XML Banner Rotator 05 AS3
Advanced XML Banner Rotator 04
Ultimate Image and SWF Panning Controls
PHP Advanced Contact Form 01
Ultimate Advanced Tooltip 03
Image Panning v.2
Tooltip v2
Easy Animated Buttons
Clasic Tooltip
Image Panning

Download Random Quote or Testimonial Rotator 01 AS3 (Other)

Connect – Facebook Template (Site Templates)

Facebook Template Global Features:

– Youtube support.
– 3D display/movement.
– Full XML driven.
– Easily change website sections order just by changing XML order.
– Easily add or remove sections (you can add multiple sections of the same type as simple as adding a new XML tag).There are 5 types of sections (photogallery/projects, videogallery, htmltext, externallink and contact).
– Easy to install – just copy deploy folder content on your server.
– Small filesize resulting in a fast loading time.
– Each section could have a background image (if it’s specified inside XML ).
– Website settings like sound, video intro, social media are also editable from XML .
– You can add an unlimited number of products (the template won’t crash or run slow – see pagination).

Videos used for preview are not included, you can purchase and edit videos from Dorde (Thank you!).
Images used for preview are not included, you can download images from Photos8

Download Connect – Facebook Template (Site Templates)

3D Clean Showcase (Image Viewers)

3D Clean Showcase is an image viewer useful for categories and showcase their products.
It’s ideal for presentations.
– Image Smoothing
– Dynamic Description HTML -CSS (HTML text in XML file, CSS Styles external)
– 3D Box Preloader (action script)
– Easy XML Menu (possiblity to insert links in the menu)
– Lightbox for big product’s image
– External logo
– Liquid Interface

Download 3D Clean Showcase (Image Viewers)

Premium Memory Puzzle Game XML/AS3 (Puzzles & Educational)

This is a premium memory matching puzzle game. The card flip animation is real 3d taking advantage of the Flash player 10 native 3d capabilities. It supports furthermore real-time shading and motion blur. The memory game can be of any size with as many cards as you like. The cards themselves can have any size. The grid for placing the cards can be freely chosen.

The component is freely resizable and XML driven. A puzzle can be easily defined in a XML file. This puzzle XML file allows you to set

  • a cover picture
  • You can freely define a memory grid/distribution for the cards (5×3 or 6×2 e.g.)
  • as many memory images to be discovered as you like. If you specify more images than fit in the grid the relevant ones will be chosen randomly.
  • Whether solved cards should disappear or stay on the stage.
  • a time limit for solving the puzzle(s) if desired
  • once you finished a puzzle it is presented to you a results screen with some key statistics and a score
  • if the player’s results should be stored in your database (it is saved to the database: player’s email, date of play, score, time, percentage completed, id of the puzzle played)
  • you can set the importance the time should have in the score
  • if the game should be in “exam” or “regular” mode (in exam mode the “hint” functionality is disabled)

There is a PHP / MySQL back-end included to store the player’s results in a database. FlashVars are supported to set the puzzle XML file location in the HTML file.

Everything is well documented, email support is included. Please rate this component. Enjoy!

Download Premium Memory Puzzle Game XML/AS3 (Puzzles & Educational)

AS3 XML Image stack gallery (Image Viewers)

Simple XML powered image gallery with a title and description on the reverse of the photo. Two xml files are used for configuration:

Items.xml for the images/cards
Image path, title, description

Settings.xml for general file config
shadows on/off, border colors and thickness, text colors and sizes.

Web Templates and Galleries

Download AS3 XML Image stack gallery (Image Viewers)

Flash Shared Object (or ‘Flash cookie’) tool (Utilities)

This file lets you store any variable into a shared object (also called a ‘flash cookie’) which is saved on the computer on which the file is opened. When the browser is refreshed, the shared object will remember it’s data again.

To store a value in the shared object, type something in the textfield and press ‘Write Shared Object’.
Now refresh the page and click ‘Read Shared Object’; the stored data is shown.
To erase the shared object click ‘Clear Shared Object’.

Possible uses:
– an email-form remembers certain parameters (like address, city etc.) when a user returns to your site later on.
– remember a user when he returns to your website.

Code for multiple variables is included in the enclosed readme file.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Download Flash Shared Object (or ‘Flash cookie’) tool (Utilities)

Advanced XML 3D Gallery (Site Templates)

Advanced XML 3D Gallery


– folders support
– configurable via XML
– very nice 3D animation(Papervision3D)
– unlimited number of folders and photos supported
– dynamically resizeable
– good documentation

CMS application FOR FREE !
– uploading files
– resizing images for proper size
– creating folders directly on server
IMPORTANT : application requires PHP

Best Regards!

Download Advanced XML 3D Gallery (Site Templates)

Valentine’s Day I Love You 3D Greeting Card (Holiday & e-Cards)

Simple and clean St. Valentines day greeting card is based on lovely typography + 3D flash effect. For corporate usage you can choose We Love You text option, that is already made. Also it could be used as Valentines Day party, wedding invitation, or simple to show your feeling and emotion to somebody you really LOVE .

Background options:
• Background with slideshow of your own photos!
• Preloader for all kind of backgrounds
• Ability to upload your own image to the background.
• Video on the background.
• SWF on the background.

Background hearts options:
• Ability to upload your own image inspire of heart. It could be logo, smile, etc.
• 2 different styles of hearts animation (gently falling and 3D)

• 100% editable text messages in the back of the card.
• Sound control panel.
• Fullscreen option.
• You can add a link into your message from XML .
• You can add a link to your Twitter or Facebook(or remove them if you don’t want to add links.
• You can add or replace existing social networks icons/links
• You can add or remove Heart animation.
• Fits to any background

Thanks to Komodomedia for Twitter and Facebook icons!

Thanks to MusicMediaTracks for great sound track! You can buy it here

Pictures, used in our greeting are from Licensed under Free License.

Download Valentine’s Day I Love You 3D Greeting Card (Holiday & e-Cards)

Battleship! (Puzzles & Educational)

Hey and welcome to yet another one of my games!

You’re probably familiar with this game, but then on paper. During my AI courses, it was discussed that the Battleship game lent itself quite well to build an AI for, so I figured; why not? And voila, the result.

When I let a few of my friends test the game, they asked if the computer knew the exact coordinates of their ships and just shot miss to make it look legit. I can assure you, the computer player uses no knowledge about the position of your ships. He’s just heck-a smart!

The game is easily customizable, especially graphically. You can change the looks of any element without breaking any of the coding, and it’s all really easily accessible via the stage or library! This also goes for resizing the stage and the objects on it, of course!

The code is also easy to edit, as it’s commented extensively. It’s all logically structured and very easy to maintain, even with none or very limited Actionscript knowledge.


If you are trying to customize something, but you’re not quite succeeding, or you just want me to make a few changes for you, you can always contact me!

Joost’s latest file:

Other files by Joost:

Download Battleship! (Puzzles & Educational)