Php Xml Job

I need some pages done php /xml . Need this project done within a day or two .

* A login page should be there. it also should have the sign up link also for new users.
* Upon login, user will be presented with several options: He can… Submit new jobs; View the status of already running jobs; View and from there download the results of completed jobs etc.
* If the user clicks to submit new jobs, he is navigated to the job submission page. This page is a form (submitted through ‘post’ method) to take all the necessary info from the user, along with the job source file (.java file). User can submit multiple jobs by calling this page multiple times. Information of each job will be stored in separate xml files (one xml file for one job, name derived from jobid and username. [like JRL_job10_Dibya.xml]I will provide sample if needed ). This page is already developed, though need be changed. [A job is tagged with a single JRL_job**_********.xml file(on the basis of job id)]
* After submission when the user clicks to execute the jobs, the set of submitted jobs starts executing. (A JEM is initiated in background and starts communicating with the other agents in the framework).
* On clicking Show Results link, the user is presented with the results (presently it may safely be assumed as some text files only). The name of the text files should be derived from the name of the user; name of the job and the time of submission of the job (to make it unique).
* Another arrangement is necessary to display a progress bar indicating the progress of a job submitted. Any simple format is ok
* A user can see only those jobs and those results, which were submitted by that user. He should never be able to see those of others.

Php/zen Cart Changes

I am looking for an expert in php and Zen Cart who can quickly go into a operating website that is used for a fundraising company. There are ongoing changes that need to be done and some critical changes that need to done immediately. The site is Currently the changes that need to be done are listed in the attached pdf. The ongoing support price will be determined after the selected programmer has an opportunity to review the system. A major requirement will be ongoing daily communication as to the progress of the work.

Interview With Fantasy Artist Skam Works

Artist Maksimilijan Gecevic, better known as Skam, is a master of producing fantasy artworks. His visuals show vivid events unfolding in practically every illustration he creates. In our interview Skam talks about the benefits of being in a design collective as well as some of his upcoming projects. So let’s get into another interview with a great artist.

Q Welcome to Psdtuts+, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field?

Hello, glad to be here! My name is Maksimilijan Gecevic and I am from Zagreb, Croatia. I went to a School of Applied arts and I’m currently finishing Faculty of graphic arts in Zagreb. Before I started doing digital artworks I was more into traditional techniques as it was mostly what we learned in school; the basics of traditional art.

I got more involved in digital art in college where I started to combine those two techniques but later I found myself creating digital art and graphic design. It all started when I was creating some album covers, posters and logos for fun. But now I rarely sit and draw something traditional. I still draw sketches or doodles for some digital works, and knowing the basics really helps to improve digital artworks later on.

Q All your art has amazing imagery in it, where do you get the inspiration to create scenes like “Evil” and “Dreaming?”

Well, it depends. I get inspiration from everywhere, sometimes ideas just pop into my head. I see a movie or read something that gives me an idea. I like to think of a background story for every piece that I make, so basically, I do as much daydreaming as possible so I can come up with great ideas.

Q You are a member of SlashTHREE a great design collective, in your opinion what are the positives of joining a design collective and submitting your work. Has it benefitted you in any way yet?

I joined SlashTHREE about a year ago, and I have definitely improved since then because the artists there push each other to work on a higher level, giving each other critiques, pointing out things you might not notice, and they don’t let up until you show some progress. But seriously, joining collectives are great for artists to improve and grow. In the end, it gives more exposure to your work. So yeah, I definitely benefitted from it.

Q “Devotion” is a beautiful piece that was featured for SlashTHREE’s latest pack. Please talk about how you made this incredible illustration and what this piece is showing us.

With Devotion, I was inspired by couple of movies I saw with aliens so I wanted to create something with that theme, but in a way to show different kinds of connections, or call it relationship between humans and aliens, in a way I see it if something like that would ever happen.

Basically the story itself is up to viewers to imagine, but one of the ideas was actually a love story behind it all. It was created as half manipulation and half illustration because I’m trying to include more painted and illustrated elements to my works so they could be less "cold“ like when they are 100% manipulated, but still on another level when there is some mixed media in it. The ship was mostly painted with some manipulated details, while cityscape was a stock, same for the girl which was exactly what I was looking for in this piece so in the end it turned out like I wanted to. Glad you liked it!

Q All of your fantasy scenes look absolutely seamless with the photo-manipulation techniques. Talk a little about what you put into them when making these illustrations.

I try to include both manipulated and painted elements in my work and blend them together in the end. The key to making these illustrations work is the details. Correct lighting is very important and it’s something that you can’t really learn from a tutorial; you really have to trust your own eye and make those decisions on your own. It is really important to learn, observe, and explore.

Q What plans do you have for the future of your graphic design career? Any upcoming projects you would like to talk about?

Right now my main goal is to finish college and create as many pieces as possible. I would love to make some kind of art book in the near future and I am working on some projects that are still in preproduction for a computer game but it’s still a bit early to make any announcements at this time. A bit further in the future, I hope to have my own design studio and do what I do now but I suppose we shall see how that goes.

Q Are there any specific techniques you use when designing that you would suggest to someone who is starting out in the same field as you?

I can’t say that there are any specific techniques that I use but I think the most important thing that any designer can do is pay attention to details, highlights, as well as depth of field; which can bring a new dimension to a piece. My best advice to a young designer is to experiment and search for tips on their own. When create something, feel free to make things your own way because that is what will become your signature.

Q Thanks again for providing Psdtuts+ with this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?

My pleasure, and thank you for having me! Thanks to everyone for reading this and I hope that I have inspired at least some of the young designers out there. Keep working, don’t rush, don’t give up and maybe we can collaborate on some projects in the future!

Where to find on the Web

Private Project


First can you have a look at this note received from my hosting company and let me know what they are saying and have a look at what need to be done to rectify.


Somebody has managed to send several thousand spam
messages through our server. Unfortunately we were
not able to find the leaking spot yet, though your account activity looked suspicious
because this path
was sending emails too often. However we do not have
jantpag folder at our server, we only have janetpag
folder for your website.
Please be more attentive and ask your webdesigner to
keep everything secured. We have changed your account
Cpanel password justr in case if it was affected,
here is the new one:
We are just working to have everything absolutely
stable and always working for our customers.

Thank you, Staff.
10- add an application date field to the database (doesn’t exist right now) and show it on the applicant info page
– for this section I notice that you place a date field on this however, can you make it a date range for example employer can search for candidates registered between the 1st of March 10 to the 1st of April 2010. on this page can you put the date the candidate register.
Can you also put the date the candidate register on this section
can you allow the administrator to search according to a range that the candidate apply for job.

Here are a list of task, the list is a lot more extensive that planned, so please can you have a look and let me know what it would cost to fix sort out these areas?

On search a job page.. at the bottom this section
Search method: or and

Please can you set it to default and instead of or

Can you give employer and candidate the ability to search more than one options
– Job category
– Career level
– Town and City

Can you change this section to allow the administrator the delete more that one applicant at a time. Possible you can put in a check box with the option to delete.
After delete can you redirect admin back to the result page instead of
All the information about jobseeker with username alfred was deleted successfully.

On this page
there is a question that ask are you legally entitled to work in Thailand, can you change that to entitle to work in the uk.

Can you trace this back and see if this question is asked on the application for please, because candidate seem to answer this question.

On the register me page
there is a question that ask if you need a work permit, but the answer does not come on the view candidate page or does it comes on the candidate details when employer search, can you amend this.
The is a crons jobs scrip that allow to automatic repost jobs every 7 days with a new job reference number, it should also expire the jobs after 7 days….., but it does not seems to be working, can you check this and make sure it working,
Also can you check to see if the 471 jobs that was on the site last week are somewhere in the database and relist them please.
Also can you change the Crons job script to send a notice to the employer when job is relisted.
Can you make it that if the employer has for example 3 jobs relisiting, only one email is sent to them about the three jobs that has been automatically relisted

– Down the left hand side there are three list of options- jobseekers, employers, resources.
– Can you move them to the top
At the top
About us, Privacy policy, Contact us,


Can you amend this to show only the following fields
Job title …………location…….search

Please leave the list of categories below the search facilities

11) remove success story off the home page
12) not that you have moved the options off the left hand page, on the right hand side can we have a list of adds by google ( remember that the website offers free services so the intention is to make revenue from google, so the adds needs to look attractive and well optimise)
please have a look at this layout particularly the adds by google, can you have this layout for

On this page
Can you place 3 adds by google at the top
And then the search facilities then the list of categories and then about 5 adds by google under.

Can you change the adds so that there is one per line instead of the current two.. for example
can you make the same changes here
14) the job search result page
– can you list the job by 10 jobs per page and can you put at the bottom numbers for example
Page 1, 2, 3 also can you put an NEXT, PREVIOUS,

When you click on a job for the search result page, there is two options, send application, can you add another options that said back to search result.
on these page can you place 4 google advert as before one advert per line as before.

14) finally
XML feeds

AS agreed in previous email

Fb Database And Chronjob Setup

Need datafeed file converted to database and chron job to weekly(or more often) populate online store. Would be starting for new website with just a home page and need store setup start to finish. Thousands of products, can provide datafeed and access to tools and modules available on my site. Need to entertain idea of transferring existing osCommerce site to one with more flexability in design, weekly specials, product promotions, etc.

Need good communication, expertise in this type of work. Several programs available to work with. If affordable bids will move forward quickly.

51 After Effects Tutorials From Elsewhere!

    Wow, it really has been a while… What with NAB, and all the other crazyness going on in the After Effects world, I seemed to have forgotten about one of the most popular article subjects on this website… the tuts from elsewhere!

    • Video Copilot – Smoke Trails

      This is one of the first tutorials out showcasing Video Copilots new plugin, Optical Flares. This tutorial shows some cool uses for the plugin mixed up with Trapcode Particular.

      View Tutorial

    • Video Copilot – 3D Ball Dispersion

      Using only built in plugins, and a handy sequencer script, create a cascading, awesome looking effect.

      View Tutorial

    • Video Copilot – Shatterize

      Another tutorial using only the built in effects and the sequencer script, learn how to create a progressive shatter effect.

      View Tutorial

    • Video Copilot – 3D Ledge

      Sam Loya is back on the Video Copilot scene, and now he is contemplating suicide. Well, not really, its just some awesome green screen, tracking, and 3d compositing going on.

      View Tutorial

    • Motionworks – Inglorious Basterds Blood Splatter

      John Dickinson created this tutorial for Digital Juice TV based on the Inglorious Basterds promos seen out there. He manages to recreate the blood splatter effect pretty closely.

      View Tutorial

    • Motionworks – Roto Brush

      John has this cool roto brush tutorial, days after CS5 is announced, showing how it works, and pretty much how amazing it is.

      View Tutorial

    • Motionworks – Adobe Media Encoder

      Adobe Media Encoder has always been kinda… eh, at least for me. But the new CS5 Media Encoder is pretty robust.

      View Tutorial

    • Motionworks – Dynamic Link

      Dynamic Link is back in CS5 and better than ever. John takes a look at using it in the Production Premium CS5 edition.

      View Tutorial

    • Brad Chmielewski – Using Caps Lock When Rendering In After Effects

      Brad decides to put the old “caps lock makes you render faster” AE wive’s tale to rest and runs a sweet little experiment to see just exactly how well it works.

      View Tutorial

    • Artbeats & Steve Holmes – Firestarter

      Using some fire and flame effects from Artbeats, Steve puts together a cool quick tutorial on some simple motion graphics elements.

      View Tutorial

    • Artbeats & Steve Holmes – What’s on the Menu?

      Another Steve tutorial, this time a video one! Here he shows you how to take a cool clip and make a sweet looking looping HD DVD menu background.

      View Tutorial

    • Artbeats & Eran Stern – CLEFT

      Eran shows us how to create some 3D text inside of After Effects, and then use stock footage on some sound effects to really sell the effect you are going for.

      View Tutorial

    • CGtuts+ – Create a Cool Smoking Text Effect using Fluid Mapping with Particle Flow and AE

      Learn how to create some simple 3D text, and then using Particle Flow and FumeFX, create some convincing looking smoke, and composite all of that inside of AE.

      View Tutorial

    • CGtuts+ – Achieving Realism and Depth using Render Layers in Maya and AE

      In this two parter, learn how to use the powerful render layers in Maya 2010 to prepare them for compositing, then bring everything into AE to composite them together for a realistic look with a custom depth of field.

      View Part 1 View Part 2

    • CGtuts+ – Quick Tip – Exporting 3d Camera Data from Maya into After Effects

      In this quick tip, learn how to take camera data from Maya and bring it into After Effects.

      View Tutorial

    • CGtuts+ – Create a Logo Dispersion Effect using Particle Flow and After Effects

      Learn how to create a very simple particle dispersion effects using Particle Flow, then composite everything together in After Effects.

      View Tutorial

    • Amateur Media – Landscape in C4D and AE

      Make the barren landscape and text of this tutorial in C4D, and then bring that into After Effects to tweak your depth of field for the perfect effect.

      View Tutorial

    • Comedy Titles in Cinema 4D and AE

      Using some Optical Flares in compositing within AE, use some mograph-created C4D text and create the comedic titles open.

      View Tutorial

    • Natural & Unnatural Lighting with C4D AND AE

      Learn the difference between natural and unnatural lighting while lighting your scene.

      View Tutorial

    • RGTV – Episode 37: Creating a Holographic Interface Effect

      Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how he created some of the effects in the Holomatrix commercial, a new plugin from Red Giant Software.

      View Tutorial

    • RGTV – Episode 38: Creating a Music to Light Effect

      Learn how to use Trapcode Particular 2 to create the sound to light effect seen in Heroes last season.

      View Tutorial

    • RGTV – Episode 39: Creating a 1980’s Retro Video Game Look

      Using PlaneSpace, Particular, and Text Anarchy, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create a vector style arcade game interface.

      View Tutorial

    • RGTV – Episode 40: Creating a Particular Shooters Effects

      In this tutorial, Harry Frank shows you how to create a Shooters effect using Particular, and also uses some Illustrator and C4D for the final touches.

      View Tutorial

    • RGTV – Episode 41: Creating a Stitch Effect with Trapcode Particular

      Michael Park from over at Creative Cow has this very math-intensive tutorial that might lose you, but stick with it, it has one hell of an outcome.

      View Tutorial

    • – ArabicText

      One of the new scripts from AEScripts is ArabicText, which lets you properly enter arabic text, which is a difficult task if you have ever tried to do it.

      View Tutorial

    • – True Comp Duplicator

      This handy script is useful, because not only will it duplicate your comp, but its entire hierarchy as well as subcomps.

      View Tutorial

    • – Layer Marker Batch Editor

      This script allows you to batch edit all the layer marker attributes on all the selected layers.

      View Tutorial

    • – LCDeffect

      This is a pretty straightforward script, what it does is allows you to get the look of and LCD screen in one click.

      View Tutorial

    • – Skydome

      Another very handy script to have in the toolbox, Skydome create a 3D camera aware environment for your AE compositions.

      View Tutorial

    • – Arrange Project Items Into Folders

      With a little pre-planning with naming images, run this script and it will arrange project items into folders based on a matching prefix.

      View Tutorial

    • – ProjectInfoListExporter

      If you have a lot of elements and need a nice list of what your project consists of, run this, and it will export a document listing of your AE project assets.

      View Tutorial

    • – TextReverser

      Very simple. It just reverses text. Pretty plain and simple… oh yeah and handy!

      View Tutorial

    • – Motion Graphic Design

      This is a very broad tutorial on just some basics of composition, graphic design and whatnot inside of After Effects.

      View Tutorial

    • Creative Cow – Lens Flare in AE and Premultiplication Explained

      Learn how to give a lens flare an alpha channel in After Effects.

      View Tutorial

    • Creative Cow – Subtract and Divide Blending Modes in AE

      Learn how to subtract and divide blending modes in AE. This is able to be done in CS5 natively, but not CS4 and below, so you need this workaround.

      View Tutorial

    • Creative Cow – After Effects CS5: Rotobrush

      Yet another look at one of the all star features in After Effects CS4 from Richard Harrington.

      View Tutorial

    • Greyscale Gorilla – How to Make the Discovery Channel Rebrand Cube Transition Effect with C4D and AE

      Nick Campbell goes into some in depth coverage on how to create Royale’s awesome transition effects seen on the Discovery Channel’s promo pieces.

      View Part 1 View Part 2

    • Greyscale Gorilla – Reflective and Refractive Glass Block in C4D and AE

      Learn all about reflection and refraction of glass materials for inside of C4D, and then bring that into AE for some final compositing.

      View Part 1 View Part 2

    • Greyscale Gorilla – Fun With Precomping in After Effects

      This is a cool tutorial that uses like, one little set of keyframes and a TON of precomping to make a really cool looking animation.

      View Tutorial

    • Greyscale Gorilla – How to Make a Simple Spin Logo Animation with C4D and AE

      Learn how to create this interesting spin animation in C4D, and then finish up in AE with some glow, curves, blurs and level adjustments to get a desired look.

      View Part 1 View Part 2

    • Greyscale Gorilla – How to Make the 2010 Winter Olympics Ice Cube Event Bumpers

      If you saw the Ice Cube bumpers at the Winter Olympics, Nick recreates that in C4D and composites the scene together in After Effects.

      View Part 1 View Part 2

    • Greyscale Gorilla – How to Make a Cascading Text Animation

      Learn how to create this cool looking effect where different colors and textures cascade up and down an object. Like always, composite it all together in After Effects at the end.

      View Part 1 View Part 2

    • Justin Young – Better Particle Control

      Check out Justin’s tutorial with some handy little tips on having some better control over your particle emissions.

      View Tutorial

    • Justin Young – Collect and Reduce in AE

      Learn some organizational techniques to apply to your projects inside of After Effects to work more efficiently.

      View Tutorial

    • Brad Zimmerman – Vintage Film Grain

      Brad from Church Media Design has this quick tutorial on how to create some vintage film grain on your videos.

      View Tutorial

    • CG Swot – Canyon Dusk Matte Painting in AE

      Dave Scotland walks us through the steps to create this great scene such as distributing layers in 3D Space and adding color correction and lighting effects to make everything work together correctly.

      View Tutorial

    • CG Swot – Cloudy Moonlit Night in AE

      Learn how to make this scene from scratch inside of After Effects using Particular, and some other effects.

      View Tutorial

    • CG Swot – Designing and Compositing a HUD

      With Iron Man releasing today, of course there was something with HUD in it. Learn how to create this effect with Dave Scotland in this five part tutorial.

      View Tutorial

    • CG Swot – Day-Night Earth Globe

      Learn how to build this scene with a little help from 3ds Max to create a falloff material, and otherwise build everything in AE.

      View Part 1 View Part 2

    • CG Swot – Composition is Everything

      Learn the basics of composition for when it comes to laying stuff out, or compositing large scenes inside of 3D and After Effects.

      View Part 1 View Part 2

    • Eran Stern – Look Ma, No Wires

      Learn how to create the look of flying people without having to rig up expensive wires and cranes and just do it on green screen.

      View Tutorial

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Model, UV, and Texture a Mac-10 Submachine Gun, Day 2- CG Premium Tutorial

In the second part of this monstrous, 10 hour CG Premium tutorial series, available exclusively to Premium members, freelance CG artist, Ben Tate, will cover the UV mapping of his detailed Mac-10 submachine gun, using the innovative Headus UV layout and 3ds Max. This series is a must see for any artist that wants to level up their skills in high quality CG weapon creation! Can’t wait to get started, Become a Premium member, or learn more at the jump!

Learn the Secret to High-End CG Weapon Creation

Follow freelance CG artist, Ben Tate, as he demonstrates how to use a combination of 3ds Max traditional UVW Unwrap modifier, and Headus UV Layout’s innovative and intuitive UV tools, to quickly slice up his model, and lay each piece down with minimal distortion and in record time! Don’t have UV Layout or 3ds Max, not a problem. Throughout the entire process, the emphasis will be kept firmly on universally transferable UV mapping approaches and techniques, that can be easily be achieved using any 3d application that is capable of UV mapping.

CG Tuts textured machine gun

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The Tuts+ network runs a membership service called Premium. For $9 per month, you gain access to exclusive high quality screencast tutorials, downloadable content packs, and freebies at CGtuts+, Psdtuts+, Vectortuts+, Audiotuts+, Nettuts+ and Aetuts+! For less than the price of a movie, you’ll learn from some of the best minds in the business all month long!!. Become a Premium member today!

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Seo For Joomla Website

SEO professional or a team with deep knowledge in optimizing Joomla website. Our website was already optimized long time ago, and now needs further optmization.

Our requirements
• Optimize our website for 10 keywords
• Optimize our website for all london post codes and area names
• Optimize our website for All the most important cities in UK

Please, provide:
Proposal and inform what exactly is included in your price
How long it would take for you to perform the SEO
Other SEO Packages you offer

We are willing to carry on with this project on a yearlly base, if we see good results.

It is important to have skype account for our communication.


Page Editor & Admin2

OK re posting project / coder vanishes after doing nothing somewhere in India.

But it is a NEW day and client still wants work done, so;

Client is adding a very simple feature to his website. He currently has two pages (news & specials) that he is always adding to. He likes the format of listing a thumbnail, title and small description in row view linked to its own page for further expanded details.

An admin control is needed to add/edit/delete or paginate the row view of thumbnails, titles and descriptions for both the new page and the specials page.


Within that admin offer a HTML editor so any person he chooses to update his site can easily “drag and drop” , change fonts, add photos, preview before publishing and/or just be creative to edit the area of the page that will contain the expanded new or special.

Each expanded page will be generated from the script and will have editable meta tags and hot links.

All controls including pagination, tags and content need to be in one easy admin area.

here is what is needed:
one Admin control
2 pages (news and specials) adminable creating the row view as described above.
Generated pages for each title linked from the row view page.

This is simply a drag and drop or cut and paste page editor with an admin.

The Design of the project is complete and the css will remain the same, we only need the script for php installed to update the row view of news page, update specials page and have independent pages generated for each news / special for the purpose of SEO.

((( Bidding criteria / Winning Bidder / Deadline: )))

This project has a 30 day deadline.

Auto Bids or bids with statement such as “Can be done” will be banned forever.

Please look at the attachments carefully before bidding.

Must be available M-F business hours U.S. east coast time.

Must be available during business hours (see above) for daily on MSN during the project (((NO EXCEPTIONS)))

All work will be done on our server – no exceptions

Do not cut and past ANY previous example of links that do not relate to this type of project.

Payment – No exceptions

1/3 at 50% point and balance upon completion

½ of initial payment will be escrowed immediately.

Please read our reviews, We don’t play games and we pay very well. However payment are our on our terms and will NOT Alter.

Most important – Please read Carefully:
This project has a 30 day deadline if this is not something you can focus on and WORK ON PERSONALLY then do not place a bid.

5 Ways You Can Go Wrong with Social Media at Work

Social media is the greatest thing for the working class since the water cooler.

In a 10-minute break we can update our Facebook status, comment on our cousin’s photos and share links to new Muppet videos. But there are professional uses too. You can research solutions to problems, make new connections in your field and keep up with industry developments. There is a case to be made for using social media at work.

Hopefully you won’t have to make such a case at work. It’s tempting for management to restrict and prohibit you from accessing social networking sites. They don’t want you wasting time. But Brad Lawwill, general counsel of Pierce Promotions in Portland, Maine, advocates reasonable social media policies that don’t interfere with employees’ lives.

For example, don’t dictate that you can’t ever talk about your job or check your networks from the office. Lawwill says management is going to create more work for itself than it’s worth. Instead, managers should apply existing policies to social media use.

You probably already have a policy covering breaks and using company resources such as e-mail and the phone for personal use. Those can be applied nicely to your time spent on Facebook or Twitter.

If your boss says social media is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with work, you’re in luck. Enjoy the freedom and the Mafia Wars. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in trouble. This is a minefield you can navigate safely but be aware of a few mines you don’t want to trigger.

NSFW – Not Safe For Work

Do I really need to explain why you can’t use the work computers to collect porn? It’s a hostile workplace lawsuit waiting to happen. So you’re not going to watch porn at work.

But what about dirty jokes and sexy pictures? It’s not exactly porn. And it’s shared between consenting adults. But you don’t know who in the office is going to object. Just like telling off-color jokes in a meeting, something a little spicy could be enough reason for someone to file a complaint.

This is where your friends can get you into trouble. Even if you swear off surfing for bikini-model photo collections, you may be connected to someone who wants to share the art form with you. Make sure you avoid those kinds of updates at work.

Your Real Boss is Not a Foreman in Farmville

Even if your updates are totally safe for work, you can’t spend too much time on Twitter or Facebook. This probably is your manager’s biggest concern. Every supervisor looks for the time sucks that can waste productivity. And Facebook is built to distract you from getting any work done.

This is easy for management to track and see how you spend your time. Track your time before your boss does, and cut yourself off.

Discretion is Appreciated

Not everything you do at work is safe to share with your networks. There may be confidentiality expectations – especially when clients are involved. They may not appreciate your updates about what they’re doing when they expect discretion. And your employer may expect the same.

Be careful when talking about your job. Don’t share client’s names unless it already is acknowledged by your company publicly. Make sure you’re not about to share trade secrets. And it’s not a bad idea to become familiar with the contracts with clients. They often are specific about publicity.

Don’t Out Your Boss as a Jerk

In addition to being perfect for providing distractions, social media is built for distributing snarkiness. Your feeds and lists are full of friends rushing to prove how clever they are one snarky and sarcastic phrase at a time. So you’re forgiven if you fire off a zinger or two.

Just don’t make it about work. You don’t want to keep apologizing and explaining yourself to your coworkers and your boss. I know making fun of your boss is a national past time. So do it at happy hour or in a break room when you know he is out of earshot. Don’t write it on a wall that everyone and their human resource department can read.

Not only does it fail to impress current management, but it won’t look good to hiring managers when you re-enter the job market. Clients won’t be impressed either when they see employees trashing the company they’re expected to pay.

Speaking of clients, you don’t want to say anything negative about them either. I don’t care if you do it at home on your personal account. They can’t restrict your freedom of speech but they don’t have to pay someone who is going to criticize them publicly. Would you?

Don’t Make Yourself Look Like a Jerk Either

Did you read Mark Garrison’s column on getting promoted? It’s good advice that can get you far. But all that effort can be erased by the pictures of you from reggae night at your favorite bar. What you do in your personal time should be kept personal. Hard to argue that when unprofessional photos are published on social networks.

And it doesn’t take a photo to make you look like a knucklehead. Off-color remarks or stories about the weekend partying can create negative impressions also.

Some of this really isn’t new. The standards of decorum and manners still apply. Don’t write something on a wall that you wouldn’t say to your boss or a local reporter. It’s easy these days to become an unofficial spokesperson for your employer. Maybe it’s not fair but it’s what is happening.