Mysql Table Ajax Driven ( Jque


I don’t know Ajax , and I spend many hours to read a lot of posts, programming resources sites, but I didn’t found exactly what I need.
Time is money 🙂 So I stop and ask here for the piece of code that follow my needs.

Because the code I need will probably sounds as “generic” for some programmers here and perhaps partially already done , I will give the preference to a bider who can show me works made around a mysql table display using Ajax.

Please the read attached Doc for project detail.

Game Graphics

Please read all requirements before bidding, or you may send a private message to clarify anything.

I require a talented person to design graphics that will be used for a Facebook Game. Further specifications will be given to the winning bidder, or in private message.
The game genre is fantasy/space/off-world, so an imagination is a must!

a top of page banner
a background tile
several small icons (that indicate game stats, eg. health, energy, cash etc)
10 ‘boss’ aliens or mechanical warriors (300x400px)
12 futuristic weapons (progress from simple to advanced) (200x200px)
12 properties or cities (players buy) (200x200px)
12 futuristic transports or space ships (progress from simple to advanced) (200x200px)

Further work will also be available after this project based on performance. Graphics are to be original and exclusive to this project.

I prefer to make progress payments for each section of work, view sketches prior to starting etc.

Please provide a RELEVANT example of your work, or a quick mock up based on the above.


Article Writer by Taeenter

I am looking for an article writer who is fluent in English and has very good grammar skills. I would prefer someone from the Philippines but welcome other applicants that can show their ability to write highly creative articles that are sales oriented, but are written for people not search engines… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Article Rewriting, Articles, Product Descriptions)

Costumer Reviews

Looking for someone to post positive costumer reviews for my business on few different websites I will detail.
One review every 2-5 days, about 150 reviews total.
All reviews must have different content and style like it was written by different people.
I will want to view, edit and approve all the reviews b4 submission.
Some of the websites will require a registration and a unique IP for each review.

Script 68 Classifieds Search Issue

On the page there’s functionality that displays multiple checkbox options based on a the value selected for the field “In Metro Area”.

To understand this project you must see how it’s currently working. To do that following these simple steps.

1. Go to
2. Select “Brooklyn” for the value of “In Metro Area”
3. Click the search button.

2 results will be displayed.

4. Now go back to
5. Select “Brooklyn” for the value of “In Metro Area”
6. Select “Bay Ridge” and “Bed-Stuy” for the checkbox options.
7. Click the search button.

0 results are displayed.

The program should return 2 values and my guess is that the sql should be tweaked to use an OR condition or an IN condition.

This project is to tweak the sql in the code so multiple checkbox values show all listings meeting either criteria.

You must be familiar with 68 Classifieds and fluent in reading PHP to do this.

Facebook Twitter Updates

I am looking for a programmer to link the users activity on into their facebook/twitter pages.

The users content/ activity needs to show up automatically and be visible on their twitter and facebook pages for all their friends to see.

The activity/content consists of music downloads,comments,music rates etc.

I attached a document on what I am kind of looking for.

I want this project implemented on

The knowledge of smarty, css,php,and xhtml is a must.
Serious inquiries only!!