SEO for Small Business (Workbook) (Marketing)

You can spend the rest of your professional career tweaking Web pages to try and beat search engines and get ranked #1, or you can follow this simple 24-page guide on how search engines work and merely beat your competitors at attracting highly qualified buyers. This guide does not have any secret voodoo, trick Google into ranking you higher. It has solid advice on creating Web sites that will attract, and convert, relevant buyers using white hat search engine marketing techniques.

– worksheets to help you create keyword-rich pages that search engines love
– seven techniques you can immediately put to use on your own site to improve how your site is perceived by search engines
– 18 analytics software packages, services and widgets that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of SEO improvements
– how to turn your Web site stats into money-finding tools by tracking only the eight most important elements needed to increase sales

This package includes two bonus workbooks that cover search engines and five simple tips that will ensure you get even more traffic to your site.

Download SEO for Small Business (Workbook) (Marketing)

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