Web Design Tutorial Writer

Web Design Tutorial Writer
I am looking for a writer of 40 originally written web design tutorials.

Content will be on the following topics

10 articles on Photoshop
10 articles on CSS
10 articles on SEO
10 articles on general web design business principles.

The actual topics can be decided by the writer but will be approved by me.

You will be required to provide screenshots wherever necessary.

All articles will be checked for duplicate content (through our software) as I want only original articles.

Please provide example of your work when you PM me.


Flash Programmer Needed

Flash Programmer Needed
This project has 2 parts:
1 – to create a code that displays 3 tabs on the screen which user can chose to watch one of the three videos. Similar to tabs that are at the end of videos displayed on YouTube. ALL IS DESCRIBED IN THE ATTACHMENT. We should be able to rename the tabs & change the image. Position of the tabs should be like IN THE ATTACHMENT.

2 – to create scrolling images w titles (tabnails); a website visitor can click on any of the tabnails and the selected video will show in the player. Similar to the left scroll bar in THE ATTACHMENT. Another example is at: www.BobParsons.me (see on the right)

thank you!

Move Domain Godaddy-blackwire

Move Domain Godaddy-blackwire
I have a domain registered & hosted with GoDaddy which I need hosting transferred over to Blackwire Hosting. I need someone to look after the setting up on Blackwire of the add-on domain, and change over the details on GoDaddy to repoint the DNS servers.

I will look after the FTP when it’s all set up.

Should be a very easy job for anyone who’s done it before.

I will provide passwords / access information as required

Links 2.0 Directory Redesign

Links 2.0 Directory Redesign

We have a gossamer threads links script and we would like to redesign the layout of the website. I need a professional colorful web2.0 layout. You need to design the layout and implement it on our links directory. Access will be provided when required.

We will pay once we are satisfied with the layout. Please Bid serious web2.0 designers only.

Need quality work at reasonable price.

Site Turned In Flash

Site Turned In Flash
I’m willing to pay $100-150 for this work. It must be done in less then 16 days.

Flash navigation and portfolio walls (or other display method) needed for content site.
Seller will take my html, Dreamweaver, or layout done in Fireworks pages, and provide “fly-in” style Nav bars, design thumbs which then can be expanded into “Gallery-Style” flash walls while moused-over, to approximately 7-8 main pages which then will have more of the same on the “child” pages, based on wireframe or flow chart I provide.

Seller also potentially will need to allow roll over on content that is b & w, and have it turn to color. Seller would agree to work collaboratively with Buyer to complete look of all Web Pages completed to the point that they are fully navigable and quick loading. Also Seller agrees that they will use “Best Practices” and are creating custom Flash Action Script, etc., to achieve a satisfactory result (or customized script previously created if fitting overall project)

Seller will also include meta tags provided from Buyer’s keywords on pages requested.

I will provide specs, content, Visio flow chart, sound for roll-overs and will get back navigable pages, .swf, and .fla files. Seller agrees to also integrate a CMS build so that content may be updated as needed by Buyer. I also wish a separate bid for a simple splash page incorporating my design elements.

You will need to modify the site anyway the client wants and install in the end.

Seo Job For 5 Domain Names

Seo Job For 5 Domain Names
I’m looking for a top Search Engine Expert who will can help promote my domains with the top search engines.
Please note that all my domains already been added to Yahoo or Dmoz.
You can uploade your content with your keywords on my or your server and make SEO pages for each domain name.
Funds will be put into the account at the beginning and released at the end after we’ve received detailed reports on your job.
Please write exactly what you can do for us and what results we can expect.

Website Desing

Website Desing
I am looking for an incredibly high skill level and fast turnaround time. Please PMB a link to your portfolio

I also need a very nice logo to go with the new image of the company something really strong and catchy that will stand the test of time… ( this is a Adult Agency)

Payment is immediate on completion so please do not expect otherwise thanks and God bless,

Website consist in 6 pages (3 in English and 3 in Spanish ) plus two contact forms (1 in English and 1 in Spanish), also I need the site to be installed in the server.

One-user Interface

One-user Interface
Need a UI developed that will allow a user to enter data.
I have attached a copy of the UI.

The form needs to be able to accept parameters being passed to it ( for example http://tldview.mysite.net/AddNewBrandTLD.php?brandId=2122 )

The UI has 4 sections each secton needs the ability to fold up (a javascript call to accordion.init) to make each section disappear from the users view

All the fields are will the link to a database table. Linking to the database table is not required in this project- however – it should be coded as if you are planning to connect.

Calendar on date fields
Load all drop down box with dummy data
The update button should be coded to call a external webservice

Please no sloppy coding. Lightweight coding techniques.
This UI needs to be done within 1 day of you accepting the project.

Need A Script / Website Clone

Need A Script / Website Clone
i want a clone of a modeling agency : www.talenthunter.com
the script must function and have at least 90% of the functions the original website has: for example: membership level ( free, and paid)
shout box , contest… and so on.
if you have a script that has good functions please send a demo.
if you can clone the exact script talenthunter has – even better.
no escrow. full pay upon completion – based on past experience. thanks

Auction Site

Auction Site
Hello Dear Programmers:

The solution for this project must be a “Ready to Run” LAMP Script & Graphic Design to create a heavy traffic/transactional auction web site (from 1 to 2000 user at the same time) with the following characteristics:

– All the required to functionality to clone www.swoopo.com, www.play2bid.com & www.junglecents.com.
– Able to integrate or combine several auction types in the same site (at least: penny auctions, seat auctions, lowest & unique auctions, traditional auctions & reverse auctions.
– Graphic design for the new brand to be used in the new web site.
– How it woks video. Similar to Swoopo or Scriptlance tutorial.
– Customizable design templates. Including templates to clone www.swoopo.com, www.play2bid.com & www.junglecents.com.
– Accounting module. Review accountancy. Interface with professional accounting software.
– 100% Open Source.
– Installation included.
– Detailed Functionality. Attached you will find a MS-Word File as my best attempt to clarify the scope.


– Certified programmer is a plus.
– Spanish spoken is a plus.
– Affordable hosting and administration plans are a plus.
– Wide portfolio is a plus.
– Auction sites within portfolio is a must.
– Long term support and service is a must.
– Please mention the development cost ($/hour) for new requirements.

Database For Classes

Database For Classes
I need to a “sample” database that allows users to view class schedule, price and other key factors seamlessly integrated into a webpage. The admin must be able to add and delete and set preferences.
*This not the final product its just used as a test model project.

sample layout-

1. 6 column/ 3 rows
2. 1st row is orange/2nd blue/ 3rd grey
3. columns types are – class type|start date|day(s)| course| time|price|register or request


-1 st row -By default “start date” displays “flexible” or “Any” and “course length” displays “Varies” or “3 days”
-2nd row show give user options for “start date” and “days”
-3rd row gives administrator options to show “start date” or “Call For dates” and for Day(s) it allow admin to display “day(s) or “TBD” –

other rules

– allows user to input price, time of course, course length, days of course, start date and class type

-for all the final columns ” register/request” by default the first two columns will display “register”. The last row will display “register” or “request” based on the Admins preference.

When it displays “Call for dates” and “TBD” it displays “Request” if “Start date and “Days” appear it displays “Register”

All rows doest have to display all at once. it can drop down to all three