Tracking System 4paypal Donate

Tracking System 4paypal Donate
Please see attached word .doc document for full details.

Project bid is around $125 anything over $150 will not be accepted.
Any bidders with 0 feedback will not be accepted.
We would like this done within 3-4 days maximum.

We will look for a future relationship with the winning developer as we have many projects we provide to our already chosen developers (found through Scriptlance, you may be the next one!)
Good Luck!!

**Tracking System for PayPal Donate for Sponsored Walkers**

We require a developer with good knowledge of PHP, AJAX, Java and Joomla. We have installed the below component onto a clean install of Joomla 1.5 (with nothing else installed).

**Overview of project.**

There are Walkers (people that walk for Charities) that need to be sponsored by a Customer, the Customer makes a donation via PayPal button to a Walker of his choice from the drop down (the admin can easily add more Walkers through Joomla admin component already)
Please see “image 1”.

We do not need to know who has sponsored who…. just the amount £ that each walker has earned automatically updated in a bar graph format (Ajax / Java perhaps) on the home page. Please see image 2.
And the grand total raised so far on home page.. which the red thermometer should do on home page (may be this can be changed to ajax / java so it also auto updates when customers make a donation)

The component does about 80% of what we are looking to achieve.

Please see:
(admin / admin)

To view component:

.Module Manager
.Sponsor a walker

To see installed component, Under “Parameters” all fields are editable HTML is enabled in the important fields) this will make the job easier.

Mysql Audio Database Appl

Mysql Audio Database Appl
I need a MySql application that allows a user to select from the following fields in a database:
Speaker From
Location of Speech Group
Location Town
Date of Speech
The result of this search is to locate an individual record in the database and be able to play an audio tape corresponding to that record.
This should interface to our files
Provide an ability to create records in this database and upload a new audio tape and a picture/avatar.
This application is similar to this location:

this is the first step in this application. We want to interface this application to JReview and our JomSocial profiles.


Need a template to create a magazine. The template need to be that I can drop in pictures and words and set up for print. I want a wesite to assign passwords to agents and businesses to go in and request an ad for theri services or products. similar to The Real Estate Book, but a print version that will go out monthly and an online version to promote the print version, along with additional clients.

Address Problem Magento 2 2

Address Problem Magento 2 2
I have a magento store with some custom code written which marks addresses as veritifed or unverified. The customer can then verify the shipping addresses using a pin number generated in the admin panel and the checkout uses a post code lookup module to complete the addresses on the checkout.

If you place an order and type all the addresses in rather than using the postcode lookup script it works fine.

Whats not working and I need fixing ASAP…

1) if you use the postcode lookup script to place the order the order arrives in the database without the addresses, they are blank. (yet they show on checkout side bar but get lost when submitting the order). So this needs fixing.

2) If you manually type the address in the bill to name and ship to name which you see in admin under the order list screen are blank. This may get fixed when number 1 is fixed.

Need A Bug Fixed

Need A Bug Fixed
I operate a local delivery business where orders are placed through my website at

I have recently encountered a bug that disrupts all operations. I am no longer able to add items to the shopping cart, or log into my administrator page.

If you go to the website, you will see the error code at the very bottom of the page. I need this fixed ASAP because my business runs from 7 PM – 5 AM EST every night and has been disrupting business the last two nights.

I am sure it is just a minor glitch, but something I can not figure out.

Thanks for looking.

Php/mysql Form W/admin Backend

Php/mysql Form W/admin Backend

I need someone to write an advanced form with an admin backend. It’s for a sports festival. Based on the users age, we will give them a list of sports, they select, and then pay via Protx (simple HTTP post).

I need the form and a basic backend by Tuesday and then we can discuss adding features to the backend over the next few weeks. Very urgent project.