Shopping Cart Website Install

Shopping Cart Website Install
i need a shopping cart integrated , customized with the website .
i need it to be installed and ready to go. when i say ready to go. the payment method, privacy policy , a few items. and more. i will go in more detail with the programmer

I am quite familiar with ftp but not sure how to install it .

currently i made the site with dream viewer . flash . but am trouble having the site show up on the search engine b/c of it being made in flash ..

I already have a few ideas in my mind.

L 1000s Unique Visitors Wanted

L 1000s Unique Visitors Wanted
My site needs more traffic

Needed 1000s unique visitors.

Have to follow the below principles while accomplishing the project goal

1) Need real traffic; No fake traffic

2) Visitors(must be real people)

3) WE WILL MONITOR THE TRAFFIC THROUGH GOOGLE ANALYTICS” – We will also monitor awstats, weblaizer, stat counter, alexa for supporting stats.

4) Please bid for week only or maybe a month or more depending on how good you do. you Will be paid on weekly basis for every 1000 unique visitors that come to my site.

For every 1,000 unique visitors(i will be monitoring through google analytics) I will pay $5-15 into the employees paypal account plus a bunus for every 10 people that sign up on my site, so $5 or $10.00 more.

you escrow payment will be sent when I recieve my first 1000 unique visitors

–Only white hat techniques and No Black Hat techniques will be allowed

–No link exchange programs or web rings such as,,, etc.

If Im really impressed with your work I may hire you full time and raise the prices higher.

Need 2 Articles Today

Need 2 Articles Today
Need 2 1500-words articles written immediately about weight loss.
This is actually 3 different versions of a 500-word whereas each sentence is written in 3 DIFFERENT variations, and surrounded by curly brackets and separated by vertical bars. The example below is from a sugar daddy dating article but you should be able to get the idea from this – each sentence needs to be sufficiently varied 3 different times:

{Have you ever thought about how easy life would be if you could find a sugar daddy that would look after your financial well-being?|Life would be much easier if you could find a sugar daddy who will take care of you|Without a doubt, if you could find a sugar daddy to spoil and pamper you and help with your bills, your life would be much easier}.

Please be ready to get to work right away. I need both of these articles done today. Also, please include an example of your writing.
Thank you.

Blog And Review Writing

Blog And Review Writing
I am looking for an expert blog writer to write 3-5 blogs about my website as well as some customer reviews.

The blog must be well written in perfect English(no mis-spellings or grammatical errors.)

1) 1 Blog must be about the different ways a child can be tutored
(example: list tutoring one as a great resource
2) 1 Blog must compare us to some of our competitors. Listing how are services are better then the others. List of competitors will be given upon selection)
3) 3 blogs must be written as if they are users of our services. Listing the success of their children from using our service. Both blogs must be from the mothers perspective. 1 Must be from a 7th Grade teachers perspective.
4) 2 reviews that will be posted on yelp google yahoo and other local business services. These reviews will be posted on review sites as well. Parents of a male child perspective & Parents of a female child perspective.

All blogs and reviews will need to have relevant keywords and links back to your site for SEO purposes.

I would like this completed in with in 1 week sooner if possible.

Please be ready so show me a sample of you writings and links to where they are posted.

WordPress Home Page Changes

WordPress Home Page Changes
We are looking to have somebody fix a section of our home page. The website is SWAG411.COM and I need the MUSIC section on the top right section of the page to show at least 6 titles and pictures instead of the 3 that it currently shows. A php file is currently controlling that section of the homepage.

I also want somebody to also change the NEW VIDEOS section on the bottom of the page to show 2 columns of videos instead of the 1 that it currently shows. The pictures can be made smaller to make it look good.

What I really want is to get rid of a lot of the “white space” that I have on the website right now. I want to compress the things more closely together. Please contact me if you are interested in working with us. Thanks

WordPress Clone

WordPress Clone

I found some sites with some WordPress themes that I would like have cloned

I would like these specific theme cloned/copied 100%. You will not need to modify the graphics in any way, I will do that myself when I get the theme from you.


The theme itself that I want cloned are not overly complex, simple in design. When I get the cloned theme from you, the theme must work flawlessly like the original. Plug-in’s matched.
They are:

Full CSS (“table-less”), Widget ready (if required) and must be fully compatible theme with the latest wordpress version and most important browsers (IE6, IE7, Safari3+, Firefox 2+, Opera9+, Netscape9+).

As long as I can get the theme to work without any problems, that is what I want. I will then make the necessary changes on my end to avoid copyright issues.

This is the site I want to duplicate.


Custom WordPress Theme Hack

Custom WordPress Theme Hack

I have a custom wordpress theme that is designed to be used with Aweber but not other autoresponders. I want someone to hack the theme so I can use infusion soft forms.

This is a private theme and cannot be shared with anyone else.

I would like to have this done within 3 days. I can supply you with the theme code from IS to set this up.

Website Design From Clone

Website Design From Clone
We are looking to have a band website/blog created. A website that has the same functionality and similar design as “The Foo Fighters” would be ideal.

The site would have 8 pages as follows: News (homepage/blog), Bio, Gigs, Music, Photos, Videos, Store, Links. Some of the pages (ie Music, Video, Photos) would have the “standard” template design with code embedded to allow streaming from external sources, such as our YouTube channel. Other pages (i.e. Bio, Gigs, Links) would be a blank template in which we could insert our content (ie Bio).

Detailed design specifications and website functionality are attached in the file website.doc. We are open to suggestions in terms of how site functionality is created. We would like to have as much of the site as possible customizable (ie background, banners, colors, text, etc). We will be responsible for the content such as the bio, gigs and any embedded code required (e.g. our YouTube channel, flickr gallery, etc).

Thank you.

Script For Surebets

Script For Surebets
I am looking for a sure Bet website very much like o equal to be used in conjunction with approximately 46 different or more bookmakers (some XML feeds provided or perhaps pull data live or one odds feed), with the possibility to add more bookmakers.
The prog should operate on games where there are 2 results i.e. Win or Lose and also games where there are 3 results, i.e. Win, Lose, Draw & handy, under over, lay back, agreed all possible cap arbs.

It will also have the bookmakers odds, stake calculator and currency converter (automatic currency exchange update). And the ability to select other bookmakers for the same arb trade just like

must have insurance, a party that got a bet on a house and dates back not to turn the other, the program will recommend another house with the least loss

The prog should automatically with a click confirm, place all of the required Bets in the bookmakers account or can be done manually (automatic preferred).

The arb should be updated every 30 seconds.
search for multiple sports.
It needs to cover all two team or competitor sports
We need a private section where user can access through our web site by clicking member login in.

Pls PMB me demo link s with your sureBet demo with useranme and pass in order to test it.

Generic messages and messages without demo link will be totally ignored.

I am not interested too much for design but mostly for sureBet scraping mechanism.

Thank you.

WordPress Slideshow

WordPress Slideshow
I am looking for someone who can create a slideshow for my template. It must go on the single.php theme file and be a link that someone can click to start the slideshow.

The new plugin would create a slideshow in wordpress. The owner can add the time delay. It should be able to show photos within a category and loop back to the first available image when it gets to the end. It should only show images within that category when showing the slideshow and it needs to work for whatever category is currently being viewed when the slideshow is activated.

It must be a stand alone plugin so that other can use it on their domains. It must work along with the photoQ plugin that I use to create my wordpress powered photography portfolio. The link must work for whatever category the visitor is currently viewing.

Here is a non-wordpress demo of what I am looking for:

Webinar Optin Script

Webinar Optin Script
I need someone who can get a basic php scriopt to work with Here is the process. The user goes to our optin page and registeres for a webinar. They are added to our infusionsoft system and using the php script are automatically registerd with They are also sent to a custom thank you page. We have all the scripts I just need it connected properly. This should be a piece of cake for a php programmer. According to the makers of the php script it can be done for $5-$10. Please let me know how long it will take you to install. Clone Clone
Im in need of my clone finished, i have all the basic functions of the site, just needs to be completely finished up.

*Features that need fixed up*
detailed statistics page with graphs(daily earnings/monthly/alltime)

fix up the my files page and make it cleaner and add pages
stats show what file earned the conversion.
stats page- show what files where downloaded the most/most conversion/money made for that day/month/alltime, also show the refferal earnings/ total amount with the refferal earnings
refferals page shows refferal username and how much made, also total earned from refferals
stats page show what country the offer converted in
upload page- better upload tool with progress bar

*Report file feature, people can report the file on the download page(must enter name, email, description, captcha)

search users option with edit/delete option
Search file option with delete option
Show paypal email under list members

****mainly what needs to be done is fix up what i have to make it as good as with some extra addons