Exit Splash For WordPress

Exit Splash For WordPress
Please have a look at this site: time management course dot tv (no spaces) for my client.

I have used exit splash but in Internet Explorer it is causing an issue – it skews the page when you try to exit. We are using wordpress and the developer of ExitSplash also talks about the problem


looking for an experienced developer who can fix this or put in a similar plugin that will have the same function.


Rebuild Website

Rebuild Website
I have a business website that is currently built in WordPress 2.9 with an administrative backend. I have been trying to get it completed now for two months and I can seem to find a programmer who can make it work correctly. I need a truly experienced wordpress programmer who can guarantee quick results in cleaning up this site. It is a very simple site and is currently launched at this point but we cant point customers to it due to the problems I am having getting it finished. One of the main problems is optimization of the site across different browsers and screen resolutions. If you are highly experienced in WordPress or feel that you can take my current site and rebuild it quickly and inexpensively then feel free to bid. Information on the site will only be provided by PMB

Payment Processor Integration

Payment Processor Integration
I need a the ccbill payment procesing module integrated with my (adult) dating site. The dating script is the OS dating script from tufat.com

I already have a ccbill account, so i require integration so that members will pay through ccbill to join the site.

you should have knowledge of how to integrate the ccbill payment option with the tufat dating script

Membership Listing Script 2

Membership Listing Script 2
I don’t have much money, all I want is a simple site, similar to wedj.com where photographers can go and place an add, see wedj.com for example, I would need a home page built, I can add graphics myself, with adspace on top bottom and sides. I want members to be able to have a free listing and a few paid options as well, the more they pay monthly the higher up their add is, they can sign up on monthly or annual billing with paypal integrated in the script. I think this is a pretty simple script, if you can make this, or already have one you can change up a bit to meet me needs, please place a bid.

Clone Of Site Functionality

Clone Of Site Functionality
I am looking to get a clone of the following site – http://www.lottomaxpool.com

The site layout itself is terrible but I am looking for the functionality. That is a user signs up and is added to the list automatically in the same format as shown on that site.

The more that can be automated the better.

Any questions please do not hesitate to use the PMB.

Looking forward to working with you.

Oh and to stop auto replies please put the word ‘lotto’ in the first line of your response.

Any replies not following that format will be ignored.

User Customized Theme

User Customized Theme
I have multiple domains pointed to one website. Each domain currently derives minor text customization from its referrer which is compared against a table, mre_domains (please see attached graphic.)

I am looking for a programmer who would increase this customization by adding and connecting 2 more tables, mre_high_school and mre_themes, to my website. My graphic shows 2 possible ways to connect. I am using Joomla RT Chromatophore template which allows multiple themes based on the config file.

The first time a user would visit my site, a pop-up box will appear and ask user to select an option (from mre_domains). After selecting, user will be asked to select another option from mre_high school. The theme will use this selection in the templates config file. The selection will also determine the header and mascot.

The user’s selection will be stored in a cookie so the user’s next visit will automatically show the selection. User will, however, be able to select a new theme and/or header to override the cookie.

Php/mysql – Modifications Cms

Php/mysql – Modifications Cms
Hello everyone,

we have a cms system (based on smarty templates) which needs some modifications/small additions, it is probably very easy for skilled php experts. We just need some small modifications, everything is working (for example paypal integration,signup and so on..) but we have a few requirements that need to be added.

– edit two pages of the login area: some small changes (easy template and php modifications – also includes mysql db connection so mysql knowledge is needed)

– The cms uses php sessionid and one php script is creating a pdf file when clicking on a link. But the sessionid is not used in this one. –> it would be a security problem because anyone could see the pdf of another user just by using the url in his browser. I am sure this is fixed easily by checking the other pages/sessionid creating.(they are okay)

– modify payment gateway (php) interface to support moneybookers also(paypal is already included and working).

we are looking for a fast working php coder only, who really knows what he is doing, we need someone with access to msn or gtalk to allow better and faster communication.

Please only bid if you can deliver professional code and if you can provide example work of php/portal sites you have worked on before.
If you can deliver good work many projects will follow.


Tshirt Flash App Mods

Tshirt Flash App Mods
I’m willing to pay $100-150 for this. It must be done in less then 10 days (though you’ll have more time when the client wants mods).

I have a flash app made. It needs some tweaking. Basically the categories it has need to just be hidden. They will no longer be applicable to the project.

Their need to be function to allow images to save on each side of the shirt. They don’t work right now.

XML needs to be added for easy use to add new products to be called to the application.

Here is how it will work and what you will need to do:

1) Visitor goes to http://project(REMOVE_THIS)server1.info/shorepromotions.com/

2) They can browse categories, subcategories, find the product they need.

3) They choose price, size, quantity, etc. all in the product page which is here: http://project(REMOVE_THIS)server1.info/shorepromotions.com/…

4) Product can be added to “Cart” and user is then shown the shopping cart page. User can update cart for each item or click on “Custom Design” for each product.

5) If they do click on custom design, then the appropriate black outline for that category is automatically shown and user can start to design the shirt. If they upload a picture in word or pdf, then message is shown and file is uploaded.

6) After design is done, user is then shown the cart again but it says “Designed. Click to Edit” for that product only. If they click on that button, then it will allow them to continue the design from where they last left it.

7) User can checkout and purchase.

8. The save function needs to work

9. The image of the shirt and what was uploaded (2 seperate files) must be saved for creating the shirt purposes.

So the client whose application this will be for will add the product’s image, title, etc to the xml file. It will then be called to the application. then we just need your designer to save the designed work and give it a unique ID.

Other small work will need to be done. Anyone who accepts this bid will agree to that.

Phpodp Hide Categories

Phpodp Hide Categories
I am using phpODP (http://www.bybjorn.com/phpodp/) to insert some DMOZ data on my site. The script allows for an adult filter for searches, but I need a filter for categories. I would like to enter a list of category path names, and those categories will not show. Also, the links of those categories will not show.

I would also like to clean up the css for this script so that the output looks more like the rest of my site: different fonts, link colors etc.

I Need Copy Editor Asap

I Need Copy Editor Asap
I need a copy editor who can edit my e-book (50 pages in 2 modules). This ebook has a lot of screenshots about adsense so the editing part is just around 60%….

A native English speaker is preferred but if you have an excellent grammar, it will do as well… I know how to check but because I am too busy, I can’t do it.. besides, you know you cannot see your own mistake… I need it asap…

This includes a simple sales page….

Custom Seal / Design

Custom Seal / Design

I need 3 “Trust seal” similar to :


Or similar to the one on: http://www.trust-guard.com

This need to look very professional.

If you can add a date that will change every day I’ll give you a bonus!

I will give you the “french” text that will go on it.

If you have questions please contact me