Investor Website 2

Investor Website 2
We are currently seeking for professionals who have enough knowledge in working and designing unique websites for investors. Website must look something like Obviously we do not want any clone, it must be something unique. Live Chat icon will be placed (I will give you the HTML code later). In order for people to get their login credentials, they must either send in a Sign Up request in which the request will be approved or denied in the admin area, or the person can go to live chat and speak with our staff then I (Admin) can create his own Customer ID. He can later edit his profile. The important stuff to be included are:

– Accessible & Unique Control Panel.
– Member area (Must have profits paid daily, compounding rate 25, 50, 75 or 100, Available Balance, Comissions from referrals, etc..)
– Website design and content should be in Framework, Javascript & Ajax
– We do not want .PHP extension to show up, it must be either hidden by Html in order to avoid hack possibilities.
– Investors may invest ONLY after sign up is approved via the following methods: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money & Alertpay (Available to people who contact me via support only)


Recognised users
• online Customers (Clients)
• Kitchen Staff (Order Receiver)
• Administrator

Unrecognised users – no direct input
• Delivery personnel
• Kitchen Staff (Non Order Receivers)

• Create Login/ Login
• View menu
• View Previous Orders
• View Special Offers, Discounts
• Place New Order (including composite order e.g. toppings base etc)
* Check if Takeaway operating
* Check if delivery address within deliverable range (Helsinki Postcodes( i give you later, format check)
* Check payment method (online/ on delivery).
* Receive order conformation/email, estimated time of delivery.
• View Pending order
• Logout

• Add/Delete/Modify product details
• Add/Delete/Modify client details
• Add/Delete/Modify Previous Orders
order page can be updatet every minute and sound when order comes
• View Current Orders
• Input special offers, discounts (Generic/customer based)
• Logout

Order Receiver
• Select Order – print chef receipt
• Send order for delivery – input time sent, print client and Delivery person receipt.
• Confirm order delivery – input time of delivery, additional notes, cash received (if applicable).
• View Complete orders
• View Menu
• Cancel order
• Logout
also openings hours , after that customer cannot make order if shop is closed.
I need it to be mulltilinguan (or english and finnish)
i need to see demos provide me demo
if possible pizza dominos type

Table Columns Show/hide Switch

Table Columns Show/hide Switch
I have a web page with a table generated from a database consisting of 6 columns, all holding values from a given recordset.

One of the columns should, however, be structured as a “multi-column”, being able to hold 9 different values, but only one of these should be visible at a time.(The values are different statistics applying to each recordset: today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, this year, last year, overall)

The content of this “multi-column” is controlled by the user, who will be able to toggle between these 9 sets of data from a dropdown (select) on top of the page. When selecting a new value in the dropdown, the content of the multi-column should change accordingly, with all other columns unchanged.

Please notice that the number of rows is unknown (varying from user to user) and that the script should be able to handle 200+ rows without making scripting too heavy.

We imagine that all multicolumn data is preloaded upon page load, and thus can be called immediately from the dropdown, which is preferred to ie. ajax calls to the database upon each change of the dropdown.

We imagine that the solution make use of javascript or jquery, and will be as lightweight in both scripting and html as possible, ie. that each cell is not supposed to be defined in the javascript and that the entire table is not loaded 9 times upon pageload.

A Modified Chatrulette Clone

A Modified Chatrulette Clone
We are looking for clone with modifications.

We need a slightly modified design. At first when the user opens the site he can talk to strangers without login creation. The webcam option of the new user is initially not enabled. To enable the webcam option he has to create login and earn recommendations from other users. The user rating will be displayed to the stranger with whom the user is speaking with. If someone is doing obscene actions in front of webcam , people should be able to report “abuse.” If that IP address gets 5 abuse reports in a hour that IP should be ban 2 days.

Online Ticketing Script

Online Ticketing Script
Austrian Application Developer looking for online ticket purchase scripts with functionality similar to If you have already developed a similar script, we may be interested in purchasing full rights to the code. If you have experience developing ticketing applications, please reply with a description of the project(s). If qualified, we will provide project specifications under secure communications. We don’t need the script immediately, you have lots of time.

Osc Custom Greeting Cards

Osc Custom Greeting Cards

We need a custom greeting card application installed on our website ( The application must allow users to add a greeting card to their order and customize it with their own text, picture, and logos.

Solution 1 would be to integrate this application into the desserts2you website.

Solution 2 would be to build an application that works on top of desserts2you.

We’re short on time to get this complete. The use must be able to choose a greeting card from a predesigned list of card and then upload their own image and text on the inside of the card.

We would also like the option to design your own card cover as well.

Thank you

Joining Together

Joining Together
Well i am a website designer and i need somone to join with me to code in the templates the coder must be in UK, US or speak full english. I am willing to work with the coder in a pro way that means that they will get a fair cut in the designs i do. They dont have to be on the computer loads at all. Must see you work before i pay you.

Sports Site Redevelopment

Sports Site Redevelopment
I need an existing HTML sports website redesigned with Joomla as the backend, including migration of some content (text and photos) from existing to new site. The new site will include an online shop, the abilty to post videos (youtube) as well as a number of different types of news and fixtures pages. If you require more details before you bid, send me a scriptlance mail.

Really Simple Linux Questions

Really Simple Linux Questions
1 – • Write a script that takes a file of a list of words as input and orders them alphabetically.
• Amend your script so that it removes duplicate words.
• Extend your script so that it takes two files as input and merges them into
one ordered file of unique entries.
2 – Read about the ln command. Try the following:
• Use an editor to create a file with some arbitrary content. • Create a hard link to the file.
• Create a soft link to the file.
• Explain what happens when you cat the hard and soft links before, and
after, deleting the original file.
• Now replace the original file with a new file. What happens when you cat
the link files now?
3 – grep and awk, describe the use of these commands.
4 – Type in the following command: ps aux | grep “[p]s” | awk ‘{print $1}’
Describe what is happening and why.
5 – Achieve the following using awk and/or grep and xargs:
• Write a script to output the process ID of every instance of a named process you are running. You should be able to give the process name as input to the script. Make sure that only the processes named are listed, and not the script you are running.
• Now modify the script so that it kills each process in the list. You should use xargs to do this
• Create the directory tree /x/y/z using a single command.
• Create the directory /dumpGround, giving the directory read/write
permissions (only) to all when you do it. This should be done via a single
• With the aid of the tar command, copy the directory structure /x/y/z to the
new location of /usr/local.
• Describe a type of file that may not be deleted by the rm command.
• Compare two directories (you should do this using the tar command and
compare the tar files).