Joomla Features Needed

Joomla Features Needed
I need a user submit article page which only allows them to put in the article title, category , section , and text.
I would also like to be able to approve this before it goes on my site. I need a shopping cart that sells downloadable goods set up through my paypal account. this site gives free guitar lessons on hit songs, I would like a page where the user can make a request for a song and be able to donate money to speed up the process.

would it be possible to set it up where a user can offer money for a guitar lesson and then another user makes the video and I am third party escrow. Just like this site has ?

Food Delivery Website

Food Delivery Website
Skills required:
1. Forms validation
2. PHP
3. MySQL
4. CSS


** Homepage **
– Basic Login Screen – with forgot username and password recovery ability
– Sign up option on homepage for Service Providers {SP}
– Link to start searching for a {SP}

** Sign Up Page **
A signup form which would include
– Name
– Email
– PayPal info
– Telephone number
– Address with zipcode
– Choice to pick Display Name
– Services being provided Details
This would be a few more fields, which will have some restrictions based on rules

All submissions to go to mysql database.
All forms must use form verification and protect against sql injection.

** Search for Service Provider Page ** {Linked from homepage}
Page where one can look for {SP} in zipcode / address.
Search table returns restricted details of {SP} with ability to “connect” to a given {SP}.
– before a “connection” is established, request current user to sign up {provide lesser details than a {SP}}
– option to sort search results alphabetically or by rating

A Service Provider would have:
. ratings – only given by someone who uses the service
. available connections – a counter

** Work Flow **
A {SP} is to be allowed a limited number of connections a month – say 5.
When a user connects to an {SP}, the {SP} needs to accept the invitation, upon which the number of available connections for that month will reduce.
Available Connections counter to reset next month to 5.

Layout of pages, to include simple header, footer and highlight sections / boxes in the middle
I mentioned CSS as a requirement because we want that these pages be built with style sheets so that colors can be changed as need be.

I like the clean lines of – or versus clutter of

Re: Payment – Membership Site

Re: Payment – Membership Site
I need someone to independently review the logic of my payment function (via paypal) and make sure that it makes sense under the different scenarios. The programmer is to analyze the current situation of this section and come up with the best solution to improve or simplify. Programmer should have significant experience working with paypal and subscription membership sites. The website is an apartment rental website and the payment function and page design has been completed, but I don’t think the payment section works under every scenario and I think the logic and functionality needs to be reviewed and fixed. The current subscription upgrading should also be assessed. The website is PHP and the programmer should have experience in setting up various payment methods through paypal. I need a creative, independent problem solver with great communication skills and that also pays attention to the small details. The project must be completed quickly so please provide an estimate of your available time, and an estimated cost range based on supplied info. Hopefully, this will lead to additional work on the project in the future. First step: Determine a Detailed Approach and Discuss Second Step: Update Website Third Step: Testing

Vbullein4 Login Problem

Vbullein4 Login Problem
I imported the user table manually from my existing website’s db to vbulletin4. ‘salt’ column was also created using 3 random characters.

It shows the user accounts in AdminCP, but doesn’t show the userID with the “Edit” links (userID is defined in the table though). And, users are not even able to login.

What I need you to do:
Fix the issue while keeping the same userIDs.

Please Note: You must have experience with vbulletin and its database.

Blog Script Debugging

Blog Script Debugging
I have a Blog which has some minor issues.
Cpanel admin I get an error ordering to install script.
Loading new Video and Wav not working properly.
New Articles to be on top page older at the Buttom.

Main site is in Flash -email submission needs to fix the encodings as emails are coming in Gybrish text.
Also need to add new Photo of manager with text.

I also need to add 2 more html pages for another HTML site and fix the email submitter.

more work will be given from my end, you must be availble on skype and send me updates.

Bids Above 25$ shall be Ignored.

Add Features – Easyrealtorpro

Add Features – Easyrealtorpro
– Replace current search feature with the same search feature as seen on

– Copy the “Agent details” and “Email This Agent” features from a listing on The current contact seller details are limited. One real estate company can have many real estate agents with different contact details. The current system only allows one contact details for each seller. Agents should be able to assign different contact details for each listing. This will involve adding admin features, database fields, php and template editing. It is a tough fix.

– In admin allow the “asking price” field to accept additional values such as From $300000, $425,000 – $445,000, For Auction and so on. Currently the program only accepts numerical data. The search by price feature should not be effect by these changes.

The current website is live and fully functional without errors. Only apply for this project if you are an expert in php and mysql. I will give you the details of current website on the message board. You will only get paid if all the required changes are fully functional and without errors. Thanks for your time.

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress Theme Customization
Hello I’m looking for someone to customize or rather downsize a wordpress theme. I’m wanting it stripped down to the basics so removing all the features and etc to have it just looking like the screenshot I have provided. This theme has a lot of admin options and configuration which I don’t need so you are to remove that. You could just use the source files to create a new theme as well if you think that would be easier – it’s very simple the new layout.

The original theme is attached along with the screenshot of what I want to change it to.

This is a rather simple job if you know your way around wordpress and php.

p.s you will need to set the color options to orange for: Heading Text Color, Colored Bar and Footer Color within the themes functions to be able to use the same look as my screenshot.

A Logo Design For Wp Site

A Logo Design For Wp Site
I need a logo for my wordpress site. I attached my site theme and psd file. I also attached a picture I like to use. I, however, do not mean I want to use the same picture. I like that kind of image with my site title which is pro internet marketing tools.
please do not use some dollars are coming out of a laptop.
I ‘d like to give an impression to people that how happy or delighted
if they have an advantage of using nice tools for their purpose to use. my site is

Artist Community Website

Artist Community Website

I am looking for designer/developer to make a website which will be similar to Design needs to be changed a little bit. There will be no paid subscriptions/memberships. All users will have some limitations (like basic subscription on modelmayhem). Some content will be modified a bit (extended profile type). I will need something like a backend system to manage users.
If the project works well, in the future i will be looking forward for further development of the website with the person who created it, so don’t miss out… It is a long term relationship.
Very important thing is that the final version of the website must be in a different language. I will take care of translation, but a website you make must be not very hard to translate (I have basic web design skills, so it will not be a big issue).