Casino Software Error

Casino Software Error
error in pay for play section of casino. the games played for fun are working fine, but when you pay and then go to play the games for money, the games begin to load in a new pop-up window as they should, but suudenly re-direct you to the “login.php” page of the casino. Was working perfectly for a year.

I have other casinos which have pretty much the exact same games and files and they are working perfectly, it’s just this script.

When I block/comment out the flash file itself, it works.. as in it shows the page.. when you add the flash, it redirects.

I believe there is an issue with the flash file, the way it was coded might not be compatible with the current flash versions possibly. The redirect only happens on the flash, so I don’t know if the flash file itself is not correct, or something is not passing correctly to the flash

Need help from experienced programmer

Fix Youtube Grabber Script/s 2

Fix Youtube Grabber Script/s 2
I purchased a website which worked fine for weeks and now has just stopped working. When you insert and youtube video url it just comes up not recognised ?? It should open up into another page, show some still clips of the chosen vid and offer a download button…it was doing this fine until a few weeks ago ..can anyone fix….if not offer a better script ?

Scraping Business Categories

Scraping Business Categories
We need the business categories and it’s related business categories scraped off

Into a mysql database like:

<catergory a..z> : <related category>,…, <related category>
<catergory a..z> : <related category>,…, <related category>
<catergory a..z> : <related category>,…, <related category>

They are listed in the footer as A-Z links!

For example the Architectural Consultants Category here

you can see on the page on the left it has: Similar Categories

architectural services
Drafting Service
housing construction
building construction
self catering apartments

so here you’d have

id1, ARCHITECT :with: Architects , Drafting Service, architecture , housing construction , builder , building construction ,Accommodation , architectural , self catering apartments

This should be a relatively straight forward scaper project
and ideal for programmers who want to start off at scriptlance
and get a review quickly.

It’s even possible to use various online scraper/mashup services
to complete this task.

We’d prefer if it was done in python with a scraper frameworklike as this makes it easier to write
and to extend and maintain code.

– But you can use PHP or whatever you are comfortable with.

Budget $50

Ecommerce Urban Design 2

Ecommerce Urban Design 2
I would like to use oscommerce or magento. I realyy like some of the designs in my attachment.

I need someone who is experience in these ecommerce scripts and create a hiphop clothing ecommerce site with the same look and feel as the attachment. If you have the design already and can tweak it to my loook and feel that would be great. I have no preference between magento and oscommerce as long as it works and is bug free.

Torrent Search Like Torrentz

Torrent Search Like Torrentz

I am looking for a torrent search engine just like: is similar but we don’t want to host any torrent
files themselves or track them, just link to other websites that
do like

But it only needs to crawl MUSIC/rss feeds from music trackers only. It’s not generic in every category like the above only MUSIC.

Please keep your price reasonable as there is free code out there,
and this should be based on those.

For example torrentz uses open source for search,
and code from open source trackers to crawl rss feeds.

budget $50


Script Manga Online

Script Manga Online
Hi i don’t speak english very well but I would like something like the project that is mentioned here, also would like to be able to register and be allowed up their mangas.

I need a script like the ones on these websites.

What is required:

To turn the page, should be set to when you click on the page it changes AND the right arrow key to go to the next page and the left arrow key to go to the previous page.

An online admin section to add manga frontpages and upload manga chapters.

After the last page of the chapter it moves onto the next chapter as you turn the page. If there is no next chapter it will go back to the frontpage of the manga.

While reading it has that chapter/page boxes where you can switch between pages and chapters.Additional Info (Added 2/11/2010 at 0:47 EST)…

Also need a scanlators section.

Shows onto project page like here under scanlators on each chapter.

and linked to a scanlators page like here.

Should also be easy to add in admin section.

I would like a latest updates section on the index page I can do this i just need the script like one thats on here:

Rather Simple Url Typo Program

Rather Simple Url Typo Program
I need a web based program that will allow the following.

I will be able to type in domain names (one per line).

I will then click on a “Submit” button and it will provide me with typos of the domains I submitted.
These typos will be of the following criteria:

(1) Switched letters/numbers. Each letter/number next to eachother will be switched with the one beside it.

Example: is the input. It would provide me with the following:

(2) Duplicate letters/numbers. Each letter/number will be duplicated.

(3) Missing letters/numbers. Each letter/number will be missing.

(4) Add the letter “s” to the end.

(5) Replace the letter “i” with the letter “e”.

(6) Replace the letter “e” with the letter “i”.

(7) Replace the letter “o” with the letter “u”.
(8) Replace the letter “u” with the letter “o”.
(9) Replace the letter “o” with the letter “a”.
(10) Replace the letter “a” with the letter “o”.
(11) Replace the letter “a” with the letter “e”.
(12) Replace the letter “e” with the letter “a”.
(13) Replace the letter “z” with the letter “a”.
(14) Replace the letter “z” with the letter “x”.
(15) Replace the letter “x” with the letter “c”.
(16) Replace the letter “x” with the letter “z”.
(17) Replace the letter “b” with the letter “v”.

These are all done when a .com domain name is entered. Each of the 15 steps will be done to make a list for each

domain (the results should leave “.com” on the typo. “.com” should never be altered, just the words before it.

If a .net, .org, or .anything other than .com is entered, the only change it makes will be converting it to a

.com. No other typos will be generated for it.

For example.

If is entered, it will output just “” as the only typo.

I need this project complete as soon as possible. I want to be able to enter multiple domainnames at 1 time and

get all of the output in a single list (one result per line).

Menue Logo

Menue Logo
Need for a restaurant menue on the cover site a logo.

Name of Restaurant:
Don Quijote

under title: Tapas y mas

Attachment with picture to use in logo All togehter has to be about 5 to 6 inch high

And name of Hotel with city has to be in same letters for back site of menue

Psd To Css/xhtml Coder Needed

Psd To Css/xhtml Coder Needed
Hello Freelancers,

We are in need of a “PSD” to CSS/XHTML conversion coding done to a high quality and professionally.

Source files are in Xara Xtreme Pro/jpg.

We already have an earlier version which was done to a high professional level by
So there is already a clear cross browser based CSS you can use to help you get
started quickly.

We have a core homepage design, which some additional 2 page variations which are the capture forms.

So only one main “PSD” with two variations of it, so overall 3 “PSD” need to be converted!

We need it to converted in proper XHTML quickly and professionally!

Converted XHTML should use the original css source and should be cross
browser compatibility to W3C Standards!

The original version by should give you a solid basis for this.

We need this done quickly, but not at the expense of quality. Time frames can be discussed.

The budget is around $40-$50.

Please submit your proposals and your work plan how and when it will be completed on time!


Simple Squeeze Page Needed

Simple Squeeze Page Needed
I need a very simple squeeze page put together immediately.

This easy project will also include my “thank you page” after the visitor puts their email in my aweber opt-in form that you will place of the page. You will also make a “download page” where my pdf file can be downloaded.

I have all of the content I need placed on the page.

I can supply you with a sample URL so that you can know exactly what I want my squeeze to look like.

This would be quick easy money for someone that can do it quickly.