Mantis Php Pc Service Mang A 3

pls see attached info …

this is a php/mysql web app to manage warranty jobs and parts

it links to two other mysql/php apps (IDS & REG) for data retrieval and data updating. ON SAME (WIN) SERVER.

please go to our project management app, MANTIS, for more information

and login with saps/test

you should be able to see screens and Visio & PDF docs (also attached here)

see also sample screens from this service app that look something like our app could look …

these screens give you some IDEA of how we think app should look/work

rather than reinvent the wheel, we think we coudl use teh open source PHP app, Mantis, that we already use as a base for this as Mantis already has 1/2 or more functionality we need

but if you thinak faster/easier/cheaper to do from scratch then you can


you need to be very good at app & form design – because all forms and data used need to work and link and display really well … but by all means borrow from other well designed service sites/forms

let me kmow any initial questions


don card

Java And Volusion Work

Project Frozen
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I need some volusion work done. Really just integrating apps and making a java function to put into volusion. Only respond if you work weekends. I’m going to pick someone fast to do this work.

It’s not going to be hard work so I’m paying $75 more then I normally would because I need it done in less then 7 days. It should be done in the order listed (Step 1, 2, 3).

Right now I need the following:

1) I have integrated a flex app from a third party company called EZ Builder. This allows my client to create custom photo products.
It has a java “Add to Cart” button. The button right now just validates that the custom product has been completed correctly. We need to build a java function to
place that order into my clients Volusion based shopping cart.

That’s the first task. I’ll pay $50 for that.

I have two thoughts on this:
a) In our inventory list I can create one generic product called – custom photo product – this is the product we load in the cart and then pass the description items from the ez builder.
b) I can load every single product into my inventory (about 450) and make sure the product code in my inventory matches the SKU code from the custom builder. With this we can pull in the right product from our inventory. We would only need to pass some custom information at that point.

This is from the integration docs:
Just register a JavaScript function using the built in addToCartCallback parameter as described under createTemplateApp. When a user clicks the built in Add to Cart button we will call the provided JavaScript function. This function that you write should add the product to your shopping cart.

2) Either in parallel or after – we have to pass these orders to the EZ Print server for fulfillment. Volusion has an export module via the API where we can pass the xml information.

EZ print has the specific schema for doing this.
http://ezp(remove_this) this section gives sample code for posting the orders to EZ.

addToCartCallback: Function
The Builder will call this JavaScript function that you define when the internal application “Add to Cart” button is pressed. The parameters passed to this function when it is called are the project id as a string, the SKU of the product that was personalized and the thumb preview URL as a string if a thumbnail was requested. The advantage of using this button is that it validates that the product has been correctly created before proceeding with saving the project.

I’ll pay $50 for that

3) Once we have the first two pieces working, I want to add in the EZ Print code that lets clients upload their own photos or connect to their private photo albums on our servers.

Here are the integration documents from EZ Print:

Here is the demo on our site:,30541,30549,30550,30551,30553,30559,30580,30581,30589,30590,30595,43207,43210,

This is a demo with Greeting Card category loaded with SKUS that go in this category.

I’ll pay $50 for that

Site Re-design & Optimization


I need someone to redesign a site of mine and make it look much better and much easier to use, it has hundreds of pages but 8 or 9 main template files. Need a new logo and everything, just make it look great, you can look at the current site and give me some options for a new design. There is also a lot of unnecessary code that isn’t being used and I need you to go through it and get rid of everything that is unnecessary. Also I need some professional advice, if you see something in the code that isn’t done the best it could be, and the site could run faster or more efficiently I want you to tell me. You can let me know what these things are and I will pay extra for you to fix them and implement them.


Site Fix


I just posted a similar project to this but now I only need two things done. Site address –

Your job:

1.Fix the white box at the bottom of this page –

2. Discover why the Today’s Top and Top 100 pages don’t list torrents anymore. (Search still works)

Thats all, don’t hesitate to ask any questions.


WordPress Style.css Help

I created a simple page template for my wp blog that has no sidebar so the front page is just one column. Although the sidebar does not appear on the page, there is still a gray area where the sidebar use to be and I can’t get rid of this. I’m pretty sure I need to alter the style.css theme but I’m not sure how or what to do. I want to make sure that the content area is the whole page and that’s it’s not being cut off where this “gray sidebar area’ is. So you can see what I mean the site is at