Wedding Planning Software

Wedding Planning Software
I am looking to have wedding organizing software made. To understand what I am looking for in software I have added to URL links to the same type of software I am looking for. and

I currently have a wedding website that I want the software to work with and be integrated into. ( The software has to be able to Multi user friendly and accommodate hundreds of brides with their own personal logins from our site.

1. The bride will visit my website
2. A bride login button will need to be made; the bride can click the button to log into her very own personal wedding planning section of our website.
3. The software will include all the functions of the two sample software located at: and
4. View both these sample videos, this is exactly what I am looking for with the same operating features.
5. The new button will need to be able to generate a secure password for the bride.
6. Once the bride has registered she will now have access to the new Wedding Planning software.
7. We are expecting at least 1000 plus brides will use the software all with their own logins.
Please send me your quotes for designing this software.
I beleive the site is done in php code.

Walter Harris

Clone Develop WordPress Site 2

Clone Develop WordPress Site 2
I would like to hire you to clone/develop a small WordPress website that is a cross between and Our site will be smaller = see attached “rough layout.”

All text/content will be provided to you. You will NOT need to create a Blog, or Forum functionality like has.
Besides ‘contact us’ and ‘price quote forms’ (can be same form), we’ll need a ‘make a payment’ form like this one:

Final deliverable will be a website uploaded and functional on our server. All server details will be provided and you can start developing on our server/domain name from the beginning.

This is an easy project for a skilled WordPress Developer. Budget is $100 for QUICK turnaround time! + bonus. Thank you for taking the time to read my project I really appreciate it.

Programming Project 4105370 2

Programming Project 4105370 2
Need a WordPress theme for my fatherhood site- cartoon dad, kids, etc- humorous. Something simple but unique and fun. Something like a cartoon dad that is like a superhero with a girl on each of his arms, or a tired beat down dad with girls stomping on him, or a group of cartoon characters (dads) reading a scary book by a fire

Script To Get Data From Blogs

Script To Get Data From Blogs
I need a script to scrap data from all types of blogs (wordpress, self hosted wordpress, blogspot, livejournal, etc, etc)

I will input a list of blog urls and the script will get me all posts of the blog and store them into a SQL database.

The data extracted will be similar as what I will get from the rss feed of a blog. See below blog feed for an idea of the data i need…

If you have an existing script, please quote me a price.
If you need to develope the script, please briefly descript how your developed script will work.

Emotional Sales Letter Story

Emotional Sales Letter Story
Hello Professional Writers,

We need someone VERY experienced to write our 1 page sales letter that really should be a ‘story’ of the path we can take our prospects from pain to profits. (rags to riches)

This letter needs to be a compelling story that emotionally connects with our prospects to the very core of their problem and how we can help them.

The letter/story must reach into their subconsicous and motivate them to take the next step. It needs to get them excited to purchase our products that offer relief from their pain.

The letter MUST be focused on helping people without BUY! BUY! BUY! blatant sales hype.

The writer we are looking for has a special technique of understanding the emotion driven buyer and the ability to tap into those emotions by offering solutions that provide relief.

If you don’t have at least one sample of an ’emotional sales letter/story’ you have completed in the past, please don’t apply for this project.

Please include a sample of your sales letter or story writing experience.

It doesn’t matter how long the letter is… as long as it meets the guidelines above and converts.

Thanks for bidding!

Back Link Building

Back Link Building
I am looking for a few people who are exp in back link building
I will provide a list of sites with pr4 and up that I want
Profiles with my site url and achor txt used for backlinking.

You must fill out each bio 100% and make it sound real I will not pay for any banned are removed profiles.
It works best if you make the accounts one day and go back aweek later to ad the links and achor but that is up to you.

I want to get at least 1000 back links aweek . only bid if you can handle that kind of volume and dont try to break the bank.
I only want 1 url and 1 achor txt per profile.
I will pay via paypal every 100 profiles finished after 3 days this will give enough time to tell if they have been removed are banned.

Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 Sites
I am looking for a few people for a on going assignment.
I will provide a list of 100 web 2.0 sites example hubpages,squido etc
You will need to write a 600 word article and rewrite it for each site.
It must be written well and even the rewrites should be written well if it sounds like a kid wrote it are doesnt make sence I will not pay until it is fixed.
I want these setup for backlinks to my money sites.
Only bid if you have exp with web 2.0 site posting and can do 100 sites in a week max.
I will pay via paypal once the first 10 are done and approved to show I pay then every 10 you finish ill make another payment,

Logos (125) Needed – Basi ( 3

Logos (125) Needed – Basi ( 3
Hello 🙂

I will need roughly 120 logos done for some affiliate websites we are doing. I was using and it worked great. Feel free to use that or another program.

We do NOT need original designs – just quick logos to go with our themes.

We will provide you the the (1) theme and (2) color of the logo. Just one color.. not multiple colors.

You then need to find the logo that relays what our site is (for example, flower for flower site, etc) and put ‘Your URL here’ next to it.

I have attached a sample that I did using the software at

Easy job, just don’t have the time!



Perfume Website

Perfume Website
A perfume website needs to be built from scratch. It must involve the following: Website design (template may be used on the condition it is safe from bugs, and has never been used before. The template must be edited.) Security from any hacking, Search engine advertising, hundreds of small and large pictures of fragrances to be uploaded with descriptions. Please ask for sample websites. You must show me a website of a similar nature, that you have completed. I already have a website registered.

Cakephp Jquery Optimization

Cakephp Jquery Optimization
I have a CakePHP-based site with a fair amount of jquery used for presentation/ajax. Everything works, but it works too slowly right now.

I need someone who can spend a few hours analyzing the site and offering recommendations for optimization either at the code level (php, javascript) or at the server level (i.e. adjustments to server config files like php.ini).

Right now there are some activities that take up to 30-40 seconds and we’d like to get that down to half that time or better.

Facebook App And Php Functio 2

Facebook App And Php Functio 2
Follow these articles:

Publish facebook page status or wall post automatically

I want a simple facebook app and a php function, on that function I will be able to input text and attachment to appear on wall or pages or users who accept the app permission (extended permission if need).


Very Easy Optin Page Creation

Very Easy Optin Page Creation
This is a very easy project with more to come.
I will give you some text a logo and a wordpress template, and you will put the text in the page ,add in an optin form(I will provide you with the code), and make the page look neat.

Project Deadline: 1 day after I award the winner.

The criteria for the work:

The page should look neat/organized/symmetrical/exactly as I want, after you put in everything.


As soon as you are awarded the project, I will send you the page where you will put the text in, background color specification, the text and the logo that will be put on the page.

I am very prompt with payment, and clear with communication and detailed in what I expect.

I expect this easy project to be completed in at most 2 days(working).

Have you worked with WordPress before?

Future Benefits

We are a success and fun oriented company and we expect to grow rapidly over the next months.

I take this project as the start of a long term relationship.

You will be introduced to an increasing number of fun&challanging projects as our relationship progress, with possible Full Time work on our team.