Need 25 Articles/400words-cc2a

Need 25 Articles/400words-cc2a
I need 25 original and unique articles that are structurally and grammatically correct. I will provide a phrase/keyword that each article should cover.

All of the 25 articles will be about different topics. The articles need to be at least 400 words in length and have at least four paragraphs. You will also need to include a 15 (average) worded short teaser description/intro of the article.

I would expect you to use the internet and all of it’s resources for any research.

The articles MUST be unique. I will not pay for nor accept articles copied from somewhere else. I will confirm this using, and my own software. So if you feel that you can not write grammatically correct articles in English that are original, please do not bid. Poorly written articles will always be rejected and the project cancelled, wasting both of our times. So do not bid if you can only write in broken English.

The project guidelines need to be followed exactly.

In your bids, please place the TOTAL cost that you expect to be paid for the project and the TOTAL time you expect it will take , not the cost per letter or time per article.

Please put a sensible “delivery within” time, as overtly optimistic timescales suggests that you do not understand what is required.

Flyer Text Change

Flyer Text Change
All I want is some text changed on a flyer.

At the bottom where it says, For more information……

Change to:

Kingdom Congress Session
Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 7:30pm

Meet us at Garden Inn & Suites * 8500 Pine Forest Road * Pensacola Florida * 32534

The text in black across the bottom you can change to:

Visit our website at or call 850-717-8521 for more information.

please provide mock-up. Complete this for great printing resolution. 300dpi or above.

Seo For Blog And Social

Seo For Blog And Social
Opportunity for single project or ongoing work. Initial scope is for a Blog about running for SEO. Blog is currently posted on Blogspot and has Google Adwords (and Analytics.) Twitter account and Daily Mile websites are also associated with the blog. Objective is to drive additional traffic to the site. Same company owns a social networking site for travelers. Opportunity exists for follow-up work on that site for similar work for the site itself and associated blog.

For the running blog, work may entail but not limited to;

Keyword Research
Onpage/offpage seo
Traffic Generation
Link Building
Social Bookmarking
Article Submission
Directory Submission
blog/forum postings
Posting Free Ads

Must have a good rating on this site with previous experience.

Cc Gateway In Ruby On Rails

Cc Gateway In Ruby On Rails
I have a simple ruby on rails application which needs a credit card payment gateway integrated into it.

I don’t mind which gateway, but it needs to be based in New Zealand with low fees (about $0.5 per transaction), the likes of eWay, Paystation, ZipZap, Payment Express, Flo2Cash etc.

This job would best suit someone with experience with one of the gateways.

Please provide your thoughts and solution in PM..

Edit Built2go Script For Music

Edit Built2go Script For Music
I sell alot of sites to music artist and producers. I have a script. The script is a basic shopping cart site. But I wanted to edit it to where instead of actual items, the client can add music. So each item would have a flash player.

If at all possible, let me know.

Here is the url for the demo:

I attached a jpeg of where Im wanting the flash player.

Phpfox Social Network Integrat

Phpfox Social Network Integrat
i am looking for an experienced phpfox programmer to integrate youtube, skype, facebook, myspace, and twitter into my phpfox website. i woul like for my users to be able to click on the interface where it would then take them to log in to their othe social network accounts. the youtube interface should take them to featured videos. i want each integrated network to have its owb section on my website. also it should be available within each members profile. where they click on the icon (for example, click on facebook icon) and it will directly take them to facebook!

Zen Cart Remove Paypal Address

Zen Cart Remove Paypal Address
I have a zen cart shopping website.
Everything works nicely.
Just need someone to remove the paypal address altogether.
Because customers already type in their own address in the zen cart
I don’t want it to conflict with paypal stored address.

Need someone who knows zen cart well.
If you are good, other jobs will follow after this too.

Thank you.

Exploit A Html Enabled Phpbb

Exploit A Html Enabled Phpbb
We have a client who has a phpbb forum WITH HTML ENABLED. He has hired us to test the security on this board. This site has been hacked and compromised in the past and we are searching for security hole.

Most likely attacks took place using html/js code injection but client refuses to disable HTML.

We are looking for a security expert, preferably with hacking background, who can test security of current site and possible block certain code from execution.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, please contact me through PMB. I will post link to forum there.

Api Integrate Shopping Cart

Api Integrate Shopping Cart
API shopping cart intergration

Our site is a topup first, customer receives a reference number after payment, and customer provide to us for activation manually.

Now our site require API integration shopping cart with the merchant processor, generate a random reference number/or generated by the merchant and sent with customers input userid/email to us automatically by email after payment is made.

We will provide PHP dev files provided by the merchant and details.
PHP dev files contains 5 important elements

Order number/Merchant Number/MD5 KEY/AMOUNT/RETURN URL

Urgent simple project, qualify programmer onlydon’t bid if you have not feedbacks or delay in replies. Place your bids now.

Twitter Tool

Twitter Tool
Need something that will..

-Update statues for multiple accounts (every 5-20 min would be nice)
-Mix and generate sentences ex. Make money online, join free , after mixed something like; earn online, join free on charge. ( Things like ; . ; 3 5 can be added to .. so If i insert once sentence I would expect to get about 100 that look the same.

Original: Make money online, join free, payal proof

mix 1: Mmake money online, join free, payal proof

mix 2: Make money online, join free, payal proof ..

mix 3: .Make money online, join free, payal proof ..

mix 4: Make money online, join free, payal proof ;

etc …….