Php Script (working Day)

Php Script (working Day)
I need a php script(function) which receive 2 argument(date and day) and return a date. example:

function calculate(“2009-12-31 14:09:23”,40) {

this function should add 40 business(working) days to this date and calculate new date. The days are only working days and should not calculate weekend(Saturday and Sunday). it should return like: “2010-04-19 14:09:23”.

Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate Tracking

I got a website where users can gather points by doing different things.

Now i want to make it possible for my users to gather points by doing leads and sales offers from affiliatenetworks.

This is the description from the affiliatenetwork on how it can be done:

All traffic will be validated via EuroAds’s tracking system. Should you have partners in your own tracking system, and you wish to be able to register the traffic in this as well, you can do this via EuroAds’s feature named PNI.

The PNI-value must be added to the EuroAds adurl as follows: ”&pni=xxx”.


Iframe banners:
iframe src=”” width=422 height=390 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 ALLOWTRANSPARENCY=”true” frameborder=0 scrolling=no bordercolor=”#000000″ hspace=0 vspace=0><iframe

Textlinks and other banners:

Your PNI-value can consist of either numbers or letters that you manually distribute amongst your partners or partner values from your own tracking system. In this manner we are able to include your values and these will be saved with the sales/leads that are made.

EuroAds can send you the PNI-value instantly in a backtrack URL. For this we need an URL from you, which the EuroAds system will call once a sale/lead is generated via one of your PNI-values. In the URL sent to you by EuroAds the PNI-value will be included, and your own system can register the sale/lead.
EuroAds can also send you the PNI-value if the lead/sale is not approved by the advertieser this is called Backtrack url not approved as seen below. You can set the two backtrack urls up at the link “Edit info”

Example of backtrack url:

Example of backtrack url not approved:

You can have other information as well put into to our backtrackurl besides the %pni%. Here is the list:
%adid% (Banner/advert id)
%cpid% (Campaignid)
%plda% (Pool advert id)
%value% (All other values which are put on our trackingurl)
%customerid% (Customerid from advertiser))
%orderid% (Orderid from advertiser)
%orderamount% (Orderamount from advertiser)
%eatrackid% (ID for the media where the user comes from)

You just use it the same way as with %pni%.
Example of use with backtrackulr:

Site Clone

Site Clone
I wont to clone this site the same include the design and all functions.

I wont this to be develop with php and adjax tec and not ASP *as it now).

the site concept is:
moveing companies can register on the site and they are adding to the DB automaticly by the info they provided like zip code and state
and there is the client / movers side.

when they can ask for a qutes from the movers by selecting were they moveing from and to which new location.

after submiting this info the system automaticly sending only 6 massages (randomaly) to the most closests moveing companies
and an email to the client which letting him know which companies will contact him soon the admin of the siite sould have to option to log in to the syste, and remove unwonted moving companies and edit content.

I dont have the PSD so the programmer will have to take the images from the this site and generate what ever he needs.

This project need to be done no longer than 2 weeks so if you cant provide it please DON’T bid on this project, we had bad expirience already and we will not tolarate such service.

Thank you.

Dining Information

Dining Information
Hello. I have created a first draft of Web site using the services. I have also created a table using the PHPmyadmin tool within greengeeks cpanel. However I need someone to help in having my Web site querying the database data through a search box (for keywords) and through clicking various images on the site (each depicting a specific category).

That is, when a user clicks on a specific image, I need specific data from my database to be returned. I also need specific data to be returned based on specific keyword searches entered by the users.

More information can be provided through further communication.

Thanks in advance.

Magento Onepage Checkout

Magento Onepage Checkout

I need someone reliable to change my current magento one page checkout with 5 steps to a REAL on page checkout like these ones:

I would prefer this layout:

My webstore is working, it’s not in english, but the project can be created in english, I will translate all files by myself later.

Music Themed Social Network

Music Themed Social Network
Music themed social network with the functionality of the ‘myspace music’ section of myspace. Think Myspace meets itunes.

Features-member login, create custom profiles,need a unique music player for site, add friends, message friends, instant message, stream music, stream videos, purchase mp3’s, need to be able to monitor site activity

Must be in the US****Firm

WordPress Javascript Flash

WordPress Javascript Flash
Please go to for reference.

I am looking to widen the template by 260px. The Highlights and Latest Article sections should widen to fill this new space in the lower area.

The javascript slideshow in the top area just below the navigation stays the same.

Remove the Top Articles section from the site. This space and the extra space from widening the template is to be filled with a Flash Video player or perhaps it needs to be javascript, I don’t know. If possible, please advise after reading further.

I am researching players now and will provide the necessary info, but hopefully you’ve done something like this before and have a solution in mind.

Need to be able to add any ad tag from any ad network to this player so commercials ads can be displayed in the beginning of each video.

The javascript slideshow on the left will slide as it does now, but when a user clicks on one of the slides, instead of going to the individual post page, it will load and automatically play a corresponding video for that story. Slide show should stop sliding so user won’t be distracted watching the video. To select another video the user will click on one of the thumbs in the slideshow, then like last time, click on the big slide and that video begins to play.

Lastly, need simple admin within wordpress, uploading videos and assigning them to the corresponding Featured Artist slides.

Hopefully this makes sense. Hopefully this is an area of your expertise. If this works out, I have more work for you when this is completed.


Erotica Women Writers

Erotica Women Writers
I have a requirement for several women writers who have experience at writibg EROTICA sexual stories these stories should be between only 750 – 1500 words

I need a lot of details in emotion, color and smell. Description and details of the room , the clothes, body parts. You will need to be aware and write like some of the following writer ( if you never read those writers don’t apply ): Anais Nin ( Delta of Venus ) , Jean Genet,( journal du voleur) Jin Ping Mei , Henry Miller ( tropic ) , D. H. Lawrence Lady ( Chatterley’s Lover )
Only if you have experience in erotica story

you will be required to supply a minimum of 2 stories per week –

You will need to be reliable , available.

You will get a theme’s for each story.

First story required within 24hrs of being accepted for the project. Payment will be by escrow. Or PayPal
I give great reviews and I have been here many years

I Need 10000 Sign Up.

I Need 10000 Sign Up.
I need 10000 ( Ten thousand ) sign up for my website, I will give $1 per sign up. for getting this work you have to sign up from below link, and also click the confermation link , that will be provided you to e-mail address after clicking confermation link you will get a task and if you completed that in well manner. And submited it you will get the job.

Portfolio Company Website 2

Portfolio Company Website 2
Please see this

Looking for something like this design anybody can show me nicer designs than this will get the job and also of cos the cheapest. My budget is LOW but i have many projects at hand so if you can do a very good company website more projects will come your way 🙂 long term relationship. I have 5 other projects at my hand now and more to come.

I need a backend system to post up websites that have been done before like the sample site and also description fields like the 1 above.I would like to integrate a blog as well into the site and contact page and about me page….these pages should be able to be created in admin section…