Article Writing Content 2

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Transcribe Audio English Pt2


I have some audio recordings that were made during a workshop that I taught in Moscow. I would like to have these recordings transcribed (typed out) in English text. In the recordings the participants are often talking in Russian, while a translator translates their responses for me into English. But, because the translator often talks softly to me, some of the text that participants speak in Russian, will need to be translated from Russian into English.

So for this transcription project I am looking for somebody who speaks both English and Russian. The transcription needs to be fairly correct grammatical English, but it doesn’t need to be perfect, since I will probably rework it anyway. I will probably add some more of these projects later on, but I will offer each audio recording as a separate project.

Title of this project: contract frame
Audio file: see attachment
To be transcribed: from minute 2:00 to minute 9:00

Escrow no problem.
Please state your country of residence.

Best regards

Essential Synthesis Part 1: Synth Noise Effects

If you are reasonably new to synthesis or find yourself relying on presets too often then it’s always a good idea to get some solid synthesis technique nailed down. If you are brand new to the subject you might want to check out my two part video guide to subtractive synthesis in the ‘Basix’ section. You can find them here.

Back when I first got familiar with synthesis I was taught that if you are able to create a group of basic sounds from scratch, then it’s very likely you can create any sound you like. We were often given this sort of test to check we were up to speed and ever since I have passed this technique on to my students.

These basic sounds included one patch from each major group including, a solid synth bass, a string, a pad, a synth lead, a percussive sound of some sort and a noise based synth effect (such as a helicopter or waves). I’ll split these sounds up into separate tutorials and demonstrate how to construct them step by step. At the end of each tutorial load up the initial patch I supply and try to recreate the sound yourself.

Step 1: Noise-Based Effects

A really straight forward way to get familiar with your synthesiser is to make some effects based patches. There are a few ways to produce pitchless effects using subtractive (or virtual analog) synths, we can use self oscillation or noise oscillators. Both approaches can work well but in this case we are going to use a noise generator as our initial sound source.

The effects produced can vary wildly depending on what sound shaping tools we employ and I’ll try to demonstrate a few different variations here. I am using the ES2 synth that is bundled with Logic Pro 9 but the techniques I use here can be used in any subtractive synth with a noise oscillator (and thats most of them!). So let’s get into and start to construct our patch.

White noise can be pretty harsh but is a great foundation for FX patches.

Step 2: A Blank Initialised Patch

If any of you have followed my other synthesis based tutorials on the site (and there is a few!!) you will know that I favour starting with a blank, initialised patch. I have done that here and the blank patch is available in the download pack, so you can all start from the same point when you build your own effects.

The blank patch just consists of a single saw wave, open low pass filter with no resonance. The envelopes are set with full sustain, no attack or release and there are no modulations dialled in. I use this sort of start point regardless of the synth I am using so hopefully you will be familiar with it in future tutorials.

The initial patch in Logic’s ES2.

Download audio file (2.mp3)

The initialised patch.

Step 3: Bring the Noise!

So to get things going we need to start of by instantiating a noise oscillator. Every synth has a different interface and a different way of presenting its parameters, this often means that certain oscillators allow specific waveforms to be loaded. This is certainly true in the case of the ES2 and only the third oscillator slot here supplies a noise generator.

To ensure that we hear the noise generator use the triangular mixer and move it to the lower position. This will essentially isolate the third oscillator. Now select the noise function using the waveform selector. On playback you should now hear a basic noise based waveform.

The ES2’s noise oscillator is activated and mixed.

Download audio file (3.mp3)

The untreated noise oscillator.

Step 4: Initial Envelope Programming

When working with noise based patches you can take things in pretty much any direction you like and as with any patch any decision you make after choosing your raw oscillators will massively effect your final outcome. In this case I’m going to demonstrate a simple effect that resembles the seashore. I’ll then show how, in a few moves, you can transform the sound into something more ‘hi tech’.

To get this wave/seashore like effect the first thing we have to do is emulate its dynamic signature. After picking your oscillators this is always one of the first things you should try and visualise as it will help you develop the patch. In this case we need to use a long attack and release for our wash effect.

The amplitude envelope is set up.

Download audio file (4.mp3)

The wave effect takes shape.

By simply adding these envelope tweaks the single noise oscillator is changed to something that resembles a seashore (a synthetic one at least!). This really is the essence of this exercise and I’m hoping to show you that sounds can be drastically altered and moved from one basic group (lead to pad to effect) to another with only a few tweaks. Once you have these basics down you can quickly switch from patch to another.

Step 5: Adding Filter Settings and Effects

To add an extra touch of realism to the sound lets look at some filter and effects settings. To start with a moving, non resonant low pass filter helps add the feeling of movement. I have used one of the ES2’s filters and mapped it to envelope number 2 using the mod matrix. (For more info on how a mod matrix works you can take a look at my tutorial here.)

A simple low pass filter is used here.

… and then mapped to a second envelope.

This second envelope is pretty much matched with the amplitude envelope but with slightly longer attack and release times. This causes the filter cutoff to fade in and out a little as the sound develops. A final touch was to add some stereo delay, this just brings some space to the patch, reverb can work very well here too.

The filter envelopes settings.

Download audio file (5.mp3)

The new filter setting.

So there you have it, a basic noise/wave effect in only a few simple moves. In reality the basis of any patch is only this many tweaks away from my initial patch and therefore only a few tweaks away from any other sound. Once you start to look at synthesis in this light it opens up a whole new world of programming possibilities.

Delay is also added for some extra space.

Download audio file (5b.mp3)

The sound with delay.

Step 6: Some Variations

If you are after something a little more complex here are a few sounds I made using just a few extra tweaks.

A synthetic ‘helicopterish’ is made with only a few tweaks of the mod matrix and LFOs.

Download audio file (6.mp3)

The ‘helicopterish’ patch.

This is then transformed into a steam turbine with a few more minor tweaks.

Download audio file (6b.mp3)

The steam effect.

Memories Photography Competition: Voting Round 3

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our recent photography competition. We’ve received some absolutely phenomenal photos, and we’re showcasing the final 50 entries today! Read on to view the images, and find out how to choose the winner.

The Voting Process

We’ve gone through all the submissions received, and picked around 150 that we feel are worthy of putting to a reader vote. If yours wasn’t included, we hope you won’t be discouraged and will try again next time!

Voting will take place in three parts of around 50 images each, with the 10 highest rated photos of these three rounds going into a “final”.

This is the third and final round. Later this week, we’ll be closing the polls and posting up a “final vote”. We’ll showcase the top 10 images from all three voting rounds, and let you choose the one that will win overall!

Spend some time looking over the following photos and, when you’ve decided which you’d like to win, scroll to the bottom of the page to cast your vote! You’ll be able to vote once for each round, and again in the final!

The Competition Finalists – Round 3 of 3

Entry Number: 1

Two boys are playing with toys in their classroom. We have to educate children by showing them animated videos based of their syllabus will easily understand by them.

Entry Number: 2

This image reminds me of all my great visits, in essence it reminds me of travel. Most notably our annual trip to the south of Italy to see family and friends.

Entry Number: 3

The dusted piano of my mother – if she opens it and begins to play she falls back in her younger years and she feels like a teenager (again)… You could call her piano her youth water but it doesn’t wipe out her first wrinkles – no, it’s just “the youth water” for her feelings which getting free with it.

Entry Number: 4

Mother and son – The relationship stronger. Trust, affection, spontaneity. Never forget the mother’s lap, his arms, hugging… And we know that we’ll never be forgotten, we have a person willing to do anything for us. It’s great to have a mother. Really great.

Entry Number: 5

This image shows the bike path from Battery Park to the World Trade Center. What makes this an eerie memory is that at the end of the bike path is what would have been the entrance to the World Trade Center. The only thing you can see now are the clouds that fill the center. What once held two of the most historic buildings at the end of this path is now surrounded by office buildings.

I remember going down this path a lot when I was younger. There were many skaters, strollers, and businesspeople walking down this path to head to the World Trade Center. After the tragic events of 2001, you can see the result. There’s hardly anyone who travels down this path. This is what makes it an eerie memory.

Entry Number: 6

We don’t know to enjoy the time when the easiest things are so difficult for us. Instead, we remember all the difficulties we approached with no thinking.

Entry Number: 7

Everything in my life has been set to music. I can remember the first time I heard songs from Backstreet Boys to Coldplay. And then on another level, I’ve played flute for seven years and piano for eleven years. In high school, I did marching band for a very competitive high school and I can remember the hours we would spend outside in 100 degree weather marching in a parking lot while my director would yell through speakers.

I learned everything I ever needed to learn about perseverance and made the closest friends I ever needed in marching band.

Entry Number: 8

This memory goes beyond my own memories. The subject of this picture is Marilu, my mother’s first porcelain doll. For my mother, this doll represents the perfect scent of her childhood. The memory of her parents, the old happy days are condensated in this porcelain face.

This image is plenty of memories for me too. Suddenly, the remembrance of my grandmother’s old house appears to me. I lived there until my eight years old and I remember the doll as an immanent and mysterious presence. By then, it wasn’t a toy anymore. It was a relic. And it remains the same way nowadays, like a silent witness of the passing days. Now it’s my baby niece who stares the same face.

An image that pass through three generations of memories, and goes on.

Entry Number: 9

Represents my momeries of the university. The light past getting darker in my mind. But some silhouettes will remain forever.

Entry Number: 10

“Old is Gold” – Film has recorded memories for many years now. Many photographers feel a sense of nostalgia just seeing a roll of negatives as it reminds them of their days in the darkroom. I still enjoy using film thanks to my high school B&W photography class. The more I see this picture the more I really appreciate it because it has countless hidden meanings in it.

When taking this photo I didn’t even realize the frame number that is shown (13). You will notice that part of the film was exposed and part hasn’t. Taking the frame number into account this picture reminds me of the endless number of times I’ve been frustrated over a shot not coming out the way I’d like. Though when a shot does come out great, it really is like gold.

Entry Number: 11

On our first trip out of Argentina, we found a spectacular and very unique place. Colonia del Sacramento, in Uruguay was what we where expecting. I love taking photographs, travel, walk around different cities, towns and places. Meet people, talk with them, and try to gees the spirit of each place.

Smell the trees, touch the walls, and hear all the noises around me. I feel like I´m travelling through time, when I left my house. Colonia was for us, very special. A place with magic and colors in every step we took. This picture is from a street called “Calle de los Suspiros” (Sigh St.). It is called like that, because in the past, there was a port at the end of that street. Ships from many countries arrived there and the crew went into to that small town, crossing athis street. Along “Calle de los Suspiros” women offered their services and company. The sailors walked that block sighing for those women.

Today is a very romantic and beautiful place. With a mixture of past and present, with colors that represent the passion of the past.

Entry Number: 12

I collect photos of feet from around the world. It’s been so long since i started it that now i can track back to all the places i’ve been just by looking at them. Why feet? because they carrie us around… step by step trough out life.

This particular ones belong to a fisherman in Bangladesh, they not only represent a very beatifull memory of a boat ride, but most importantly they can tell us stories of the sea, memories of a rough life…

Entry Number: 13

There is a belief that we all carry not only the memories of our own experiences but the memories of our past lives and ancestors. My first entry, Sit Still, is meant to invoke the memories of Native Americans and their memories of their first colonizers.

This photos was staged as Native American woman being sat down to have her photo taken. The hand on her shoulder is guiding her and restraining her at the same time. She is wild and anonymous, wearing a mangled men’s warbonnet. Her identity is not shown because like memories, some details are lost or forgotten in the recurrence.

Entry Number: 14

This photo was taken at the end of a magical day of cycling near a little village called Bellagio on Lake Como, Italy. Here I was with two of my best mates by my side about to crest the final climb of our ride that day. And not just any old climb either… the famous Madonna Del Ghisallo church and cycling museum are at the top (you can see the cross on the church at the top left of the photo). It gave me goosebumps at the time and still does when I look at the photo and reflect back on the moment.

A little background: The photo was taken during a 3 week dream holiday to France and Italy last year. None of us had been to this special place before and it was the realisation of a goal that we all shared… to ride the climb and visit the old cycling church with so much history and explore the museum. A treasure trove of memories for all of us.

Entry Number: 15

I found these guys at a mate’s place, discarded in the middle of the sand pit- abandoned by his two sons, presumable at the promise of something more immediately exciting. I started playing around with different shots, manipulating difference figures until I realised that all I was doing was playing out various Comboys & Indians scenarios; essentially what the boys were doing, only I was recording my childish actions for posterity.

This shot still reminds me of that point of realisation, and how we never actually lose that sense of escapism we enjoyed in our childhood, it just needs to be drawn out of us occassionally.

Entry Number: 16

Every time I look at this picture I can’t help but smile. This picture represents spring to me, my favorite season of the year. It seems like every year, no matter what heart-ache I go through or no matter how stressed out with school I am, when spring comes along all, it all seems to melt away.

Entry Number: 17

This is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken. To me it signifies the times where I should of been more focused on the simpler things in life instead of worrying about the huge things right in front of me that I had no control over.

My brother has had many problems throughout his life, and I was always left worrying about his safety and how he would turn out. But I’ve realized that all I can really do is set a good example and pray that God is looking out for him.

Entry Number: 18

Although this is one of the newer photo’s I’ve taken, it will definitely be a memory for me. The day I shot this I was supposed to do a photo-shoot with a bunch of people, but they ended up all bailing on me.

So I decided to just go ahead and go out by myself and I actually had a really great time and got some cool pics. Moral of the story… Sometimes it’s nice to just outside with your camera and let your imagination go wild!

Entry Number: 19

This picture is of one of the battlefields of Gettysburg. I was able to capture this scene while on a break from driving across the country on a Symphonic Band tour that I was a part of through my University. It reminds me not only of the great time I had on that tour and the friendships I made, but also of the soldiers who lost their lives right there in that field, fighting for the freedom and rights of others.

During the tour I was able to get know a young woman who I admired, and eventually became friends with. When I look at this photo, it reminds me of the good times on tour getting to know her. And then I start to think about the battle, visualizing the fighting, and thinking about what it would have been like for the soldiers to leave the young women they loved to go fight in a brutal war.

Having my own pursuit of a woman tied to this scene gave me a new perspective, a better appreciation for what all soldiers sacrifice for causes greater than themselves.

Entry Number: 20

When I’m considering of memories, I always hear the voice of older people who tell me stories when there were young. It’s amazing how detailed these stories are although there are more than 50 years old. The same happens to me when I look at old photographs from my family. It’s amazing how expressive stories they can tell you. Photographs and old people are databases of memories.

But memories can only be perceived when something changes. When we recognize that maybe our appearance or the place where we lived in our childhood change or when we watch old photographs and start to remember our past, memories come into our head. They are like visions, sounds or smells and each person has it´s own.

Entry Number: 21

Memories. The joyful memories of the day my son was born are still vivid, yet the hard work, nerves and pain of that day are already starting to fade. What kind of memories will he cherish? A stroll on the beach, the wind blowing through his hair, his first love, his grandchildren… Will he remember that same moment in time, where time does not exists?

Entry Number: 22

I wish our mind could hold a lot more of childhood memories. They are the most pure and innocent part of our life and we can remember so little of it. Those colorful and most carefree times of our life are lost forever and will always remain as a missing piece of our lives.

Entry Number: 23

The old Nikon FG was my first film camera which I’m still using it until now to do create some black and white effect. It was given by my father in law before he died in 2002. He took a lot of pictures with this camera since he bought it in the early 1980. The picture is represent a memory of my father in law that I’m still taking care of his camera by cleaning it up very often, use it and store it as he did.

Entry Number: 24

This photo reminds me of my Dad, (who passed away a few years ago). He use to take me fishing early in the morning in this area before the wind ‘got up’, when I was young. I remember mornings like this when the water was like a mirror. I think this is when I started to develop my passion for landscape photography, it was so calm, quiet and serene. This photo holds special memories for me.

Entry Number: 25

This is a picture from my recent trip to Ghana, West Africa. It is also in the northern part of Ghana. This is in what is known as a witches camp. It is sort of like a refugee camp for women who have been accused of witchcraft.

When I took this picture, we were asking the group of women about their life stories. This woman was reflecting on the question and thinking about her life, along with what she wanted to tell us about it. Along with this trip being an incredible memory for me, this photograph captures the woman thinking about her life and what has transpired over the years.

Entry Number: 26

This is a photograph from a trip to Ghana, West Africa that I was a part of this past fall. My group was visiting a Shea Butter Women’s empowerment micro-finance operation. I turned around and saw this girl staring at us. She watched us for a while as we asked questions about the process of making Shea Butter lotion.

This took place in northern Ghana, and from my understanding is that they do not necessarily see a lot of white people (my group was almost all white). Most places we went the kids would be extremely excited to see us and almost immediately come running over. I was struck by the reserved nature of this girl. She almost seemed indifferent to us being there. Overall the trip was incredible and will be a memory for me for the rest of my life.

Entry Number: 27

I took these images in a shopping mall when I left my son alone and hid somewhere to capture these precious expressions of being lost and left alone. I never wanted him to pose for camera; I needed very natural expressions on his face, that’s why I played this trick and it worked luckily. He was very scared and cried a lot at the end when he found me. This is one of unforgettable memories in my life.

Entry Number: 28

This photo represents the simplicity of being a child. Blowing bubbles as a grown up brings back the same memories and care-freeness that you feel when not having to worry about a mortgage or paying taxes. I think the fact that bubbles are so light and float with the wind makes us wishful that we could be the same way, and to just escape our world and troubles.

But the hurdles we encounter keep us grounded and develop us into intricate creatures. The community center I volunteer at held an Easter fun day and the kids went on an egg hunt and played bean bag toss for prizes. I hope that I never forget what it’s like to be a child – to trust others no matter what, to love unconditionally and to not be afraid to get dirty.

Entry Number: 29

The Dudes, as I like to call this photo. It’s taken in the summer of 2009 when I was in France with friends. We traveled around the west coast of France for surfspots and enjoying the holidays.
As I saw my friends walking next to each other I just had to make a shot. So I run away in front and tried to shoot them. It really reminds me off the great trip we had. So for me it is a memory to treasure.

Entry Number: 30

A balloon in the sky, always brings back childhood memories of joy, whenever we saw a balloon up in the air we thought of how great it was to fly and admire the view from above. This also, is taken at Disneyland Paris, so for anyone who’s been there it could bring back memories of happy moments.

Entry Number: 31

Sometimes the limit between memories, dreams and reality is particularly small. No post production, just a big puddle which mirrored the image of my friend.

Entry Number: 32

Memories are not always clear. We do not remeber everything, just the most important thing. Big piece of cardboard cut and some play with silhouette.

Entry Number: 33

Sometimes it’s difficult to separate good memories from bad memories. Unfortunately sometimes they win the day, so you would just turn off the volume and remember good things.

Entry Number: 34

When I was little I really, really wanted to fly up in the sky. Not only did I want to fly but I really wanted to be an astronaut. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with anything sci-fi or space related, only because it helped me imagine a world beyond our own. This picture of my girlfriend reaching for the moon signifies what remember feeling as a child.

Obviously, I am not an astronaut and probably never will be. That hasn’t kept me from looking up at the sky though. Now as a photographer, I find myself looking at the clouds and sky more often than most would, while remembering how my passion for the skies all started.

Entry Number: 35

I find that as humans, our memory is not as good as it should be sometimes. I forget things all the time and have realized that memories are best kept when written down. Hence the ever-so-humble pen in this photograph. Pens stand by and are always ready to be used and abused. Everything we use them for aids our memory.

The pen takes a huge load off of our shoulders. Sadly, I feel that the pen itself will soon be a memory. As technology advances and pens become obsolete, I urge you to never forget how to write that handwritten letter that has the potential to send a stronger message than a typed one ever could.

Entry Number: 36

“My Inner Child?”

Entry Number: 37

Summer. Freedom. Driving. Uninhibited. Friends. Hitching. Camping. Cooking. Music. Love. Singing. All those unplanned moments. Late night campfires. Drumcircles on the beach. This picture is a memory of my road trip summer, colorful, dreamy, warm, lonely at times, but never dull.

Entry Number: 38

I created this image as in homage to the childhood adventures that I had in the woods in the summer. The neighborhood children would gather and slowly creep into the woods, our feet sinking down into the mud and cracking small branches and twigs. There was always such a feeling of mystery surrounding the woods. Our parents never came with us; it was a place that became our Neverland. This image is about visiting past memories, trying to recall and re-experience times long past.

Entry Number: 39

My parents have been travelling by airplane since I can remember. So some of my early memories are from spending time in a lot of airports. The people moving, the smells, the feeling that you are going to some place different or even returning home. I took this photo in the Paris airport, and the girl playing with some strange young man through the window reminded me of those times of early travelling with my parents.

Entry Number: 40

In San Pedro de Atacama, in the Chilean northern desert, clean running water and reliable food supplies are something that was unheard of just a few years ago. Now tourists enjoy all the luxuries they are accustomed to, while memories of what was a real danger not so long ago fade away, together with the street signs that reminded you what to do to avoid trouble.

Entry Number: 41

Memories are made of Paper and Music. The photo represent a “cinematic like” point of view of what memories can be, such as a music album or a photo-album, and how they can evoke other memories only looking this objects.

Entry Number: 42

This last weekend I went backpacking. We went to an old ranch in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. The ranch house was built in 1912. Pictured is the front door. To me, this picture brings back the memory of the brave men and women that settled the American west.

Entry Number: 43

This image reminds me of when I was young without a care in the world,unaware of the hate, lies, and dilemmas that surround us. Every waking day was an adventure waiting to begin, whether real or constructed in my mind. Love was in abundance, love was simply pure….but as I grew realities came into play.

Every time I take a look at this picture it reminds me that sometimes we can still close our eyes, dig a little deep and bring out that young kid in our hearts, as we know somewhere within, these things still do exit. The inner child in me still plays a big role in my life.

Entry Number: 44

This is how I want to remember my wife, my muse. In thirty, forty, fifty years when we are both older and hardened by the years, we’ll have this reminder of youthful beauty and romanticism. The flower is pretty too. Taken inside the Princeton university campus in early Spring of 2010.

Entry Number: 45

On 9 November 2009 we celebrated 20 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Bornholmer Strasse was the first checkpoint that opened that night in 1989. My family and I were living just a stone-throw away, in fact I was looking at that checkpoint every day from our living room window.

Going back to the place where history was written 20 years ago was a very emotional moment for my father, myself and thousands of people with us that were listening to the words of German chancellor Angela Merkel, former Russian president Michael Gorbatschow and former Polish president Lech Walesa.

Entry Number: 46

There is a very real innocence with children. The way children reach out for our help, our guidance, is something that is so special, no parent could ever forget. As children glow older, they reach out to us less and less, and our memories of when they did become that much more sacred.

This photo represents every time a child has reached out to an adult, and that adult took their hand in turn and led them. Every memory in every parent’s mind that can never be taken away.

Entry Number: 47

When I first took this picture, I had a specific scenario in mind. It is of me and one of my dearest friends meeting for the last time before we move away to college, and as we leave, we both reminisce of the day we met each other at the same location. This picture was posed but was meant evoke the feeling of sadness that is always associated with the parting of close friends.

In a memory, you don’t always remember every single aspect of what actually happened; you only remember the parts that mattered to you. That is why I implemented this idea within the photo by making only the significant subjects clear and the rest blurred. Our former selves are also translucent symbolizing the fact that they aren’t truly present at that moment and that this memory, which we once held so dear, is now destined to fade.

Entry Number: 48

Growing up, my dad worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, in a busted up factory on the corner of my street. During the summer, my mom and I would take him a cold Pepsi during his lunch break and sit out on a rotted, old picnic table just beside the smoke stacks.

I’ll never forget how dark and swelteringly hot those buildings were or how happy he was to see us pull up every day. Whenever I pass by a factory, I always think back to those summer lunches.

Entry Number: 49

We never forget – we simply move from remembering the split second event to remembering the years in witch we shined, and we sigh at the mental picture of our ineffable treasure.

Entry Number: 50

Thousands of photos are being made today, thousands of moments are fading out in digitals. Creative abilities have no border today, like the butterfly flies the way of its dream. But its hard through all this thousand of choices chose the real one, the moment full of life and emotions, the moment of your real dream.

The new generation won’t know about film, won’t appreciate each printed photo and won’t try to penetrate its depths. And when I look through the photo, which was made my father’s “Zenit”, the memories in my heart alive, the brightest memories of my childhood and youth. And it does not matter how far the progress will lead, the only what matters, is the way you chose to go to your dream.

I am very grateful “Zenit” gave me the chance to chose my way, where the memory of my family forever alive.

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Build Your Own ActionScript YouTube Player

During this tut we’ll take a look at using the YouTube API to build a custom YouTube player with ActionScript 3.0.

Final Result Preview

Let’s take a look at the final result we will be working towards:

Step 1: File Setup

Here’s how this is going to work:

  • We’ll create a YouTube player wrapper that will receive the video’s ID
  • We’ll create a document class to instantiate the player and set its controls
  • We’ll build the player’s UI with the design tools in Flash IDE and reference them in the document class

For this we’ll need the following files:

Step 2: Stage Setup

Open up Main.fla and edit the stage to make it 500×440 with 30 frames per second. Set the document class to “Main.”

Step 3: Layers Setup

We only need two layers for this tutorial: the player holder, which will be populated by our YouTube player and the controls layer, which will have all the buttons used to control the player. In this case we’ll have a “play/pause” a “mute/unmute” a progress bar(represents amount loaded) and a fullness bar (represents the playhead time).

I’ve added a bunch of other frames just for graphical appearance, you don’t really need those.

Step 4: Controls

These are simple movieclip symbols with the instance names “play_mc” and “mute_mc”, “progress_mc” and “fullness_mc.”

Step 5: Player Holder

The player is also a simple black shape converted to a movieclip with the instance name “holder_mc.”

Step 6: YoutubePlayer Class

Open and build a skeleton base class that extends a MovieClip class


	public class  YoutubePlayer extends MovieClip

		public function YoutubePlayer() {


Step 7: Imports

We need to import the following classes:

	import flash.display.MovieClip;
	import flash.display.Loader;
	import flash.system.Security;

Step 8: Variables

..and then setup the following variables (all the code in the coming steps is commented):

		var player:Object; //the object which will have the player loaded to
		var loader:Loader; //the loader which will load the player
		var id:String; //the video's id
		var playerStatus:String; //returns the players current playing status
		var progressRatio:Number; //returns the ratio difference between the bytes loaded and the bytes total, from 0 to 1, (useful for the progress bar)
		var fullnessRatio:Number; //returns the ratio difference between the playhead and the total seconds, from 0 to 1, (useful for the fullness bar)
		var ismuted:Boolean; // returns true if player is muted

Step 9: YoutubePlayer()

When instantiated we need the video’s id passed to the YoutubePlayer() function:

		public function YoutubePlayer($id:String) {
			Security.allowDomain(""); //allow access from youtube
			id = $id //sets the id
			loader = new Loader(); //instantiates the loader
			loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, onLoaderInit); //After loading, calls onLoaderInit
			loader.load(new URLRequest("")); //starts loading process

Step 10: onLoaderInit()

Here’s the onLoaderInit() function, called after the loader is instantiated (see previous code block).

		private function onLoaderInit(event:Event):void {
			addChild(loader); //adds the loader to stage
			loader.content.addEventListener("onReady", onPlayerReady); //called when the player is ready
			loader.content.addEventListener("onError", onPlayerError); //called when the player has errors
			loader.content.addEventListener("onStateChange", onPlayerStateChange); //called when the playing state is changed

Step 11: onPlayerReady()

If everything’s gone OK so far, the onPlayerReady() function is called:

		private function onPlayerReady(event:Event):void {
			player = loader.content; //sets the player
			player.setSize(400, 225); //sets the display size
			player.loadVideoById(id) //loads the video by the id
			addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, updatePlayer); //updates the player

Step 12: Other Useful Events()

These traces come in handy for debugging:

		private function onPlayerError(event:Event):void {
			trace("player error:", Object(event).data);
		//I could have used this to update the playerStatus variable but I wanted to show you another method
		private function onPlayerStateChange(event:Event):void {
			trace("player state:", Object(event).data);

Step 13: Wrappers

These are the wrappers for external controlling:

		public function playVideo() {

		public function pauseVideo() {

		public function stopVideo() {

		public function muteVideo() {

		public function unmuteVideo() {

Step 14: updatePlayer()

Just one last function and the class is done:

	public function updatePlayer(e) {

		ismuted = player.isMuted() //returns true if muted

		//sets the progress ratio
		progressRatio = player.getVideoBytesLoaded() / player.getVideoBytesTotal()

		//sets the fullness ratio
		fullnessRatio = player.getCurrentTime()/player.getDuration()

		//sets the playerStatus for outside use
		switch(player.getPlayerState()) {
			case -1:
				playerStatus = "unstarted"
			case 0:
				playerStatus = "ended"
			case 1:
				playerStatus = "playing"
			case 2:
				playerStatus = "paused"

Step 15: Imports

Hopefully you already know how to build a basic document class (though if not, check out this quick introduction). Inside, import these classes:

	import flash.display.MovieClip;

	import YoutubePlayer;

Step 17: Main()

Here’s our Main() function.

	public function Main() {
			addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init); //prevents calls to stage before it's ready

Step 16: Init()

One question you might be asking is, “How do I know the video’s id?”

It’s very simple: take the url of the film you’re after “”, for instance; the video id is the 11 digit number carried by the v var – in this case “fJGLAo_7F_I”.

	private function init(e) {
			removeEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init); //removes the previous listener
			youtubeplayer = new YoutubePlayer("txqiwrbYGrs"); //instantiates the player with this video id

			//sets up the buttons
			play_mc.buttonMode = mute_mc.buttonMode = true;
			play_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playPausePlayer);
			mute_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, muteUnmutePlayer);

			holder_mc.addChild(youtubeplayer) //adds the player to the player holder

			//resets the fullness and progress
			fullness_mc.width = 1
			progress_mc.width = 1

			//updates the fullness and progress
			addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop);

Step 17: playPausePlayer()

Here’s the function for our simple button that uses “playerStatus” to toggle between playing and paused:

	private function playPausePlayer(e) {
		if (youtubeplayer.playerStatus == "playing") {
		}else {

Step 18: muteUnmutePlayer()

Similarly, here’s the function for our button that uses “ismuted” to toggle between mute and unmute:

	private function muteUnmutePlayer(e) {
		if (youtubeplayer.ismuted) {
		}else {

Step 19: loop()

Let’s figure out how the film’s progress is doing..

		//multiplying the ratio by the total width of the bars will give us the desired length since the ratio goes from 0 to 1
		private function loop(e) {
			fullness_mc.width = youtubeplayer.fullnessRatio * 350
			progress_mc.width = youtubeplayer.progressRatio * 350


As you can see, it’s fairly simple to create a basic youtube player in AS3, be sure to check out the Player API reference for a list of functions and parameters you can use to extend this one.

I hope you liked this tutorial, thanks for reading!

Union wins civil service pay case

Staff from the Royal Courts of Justice on strike (8 March 2010)

A union has won its High Court bid to halt government cost-cutting measures which threatened to reduce the level of redundancy pay for civil servants.

Lawyers for the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) argued changes made to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme without agreement were unlawful.

Mr Justice Sales ruled the union’s application for judicial review should succeed and the changes be quashed.

It follows a series of strikes across the UK, including one on Budget Day.

Tens of thousands of workers took part in the industrial action, which hit job centres and benefit offices, courts, ports, driving tests and Whitehall departments.

‘Gone too far’

The union claimed the changes – which came into play on 1 April and removed or reduced payments based upon age and length of service – threatened to "rob" existing staff of up to a third of their redundancy entitlements – worth tens of thousands of pounds.

PCS general secretary

After the ruling in London, PCS solicitor Richard Arthur said: "If the government wants to alter rights which have been agreed for civil servants then it has to get the agreement of the unions.

"That is what the law says, and that is what the judge has ruled today."

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said the ruling was a "huge tribute" to union members who had faced some "disgraceful criticism from their employer and ministers" but "refused to sit back and watch their terms and conditions ripped up in front of their eyes".

"We have always accepted that changes are necessary but all we ever asked is that they were fair and protected those who have given loyal service.

"We will now be knocking on the door of the next government to remind ministers they are legally obliged to reach an agreement with us. If they do not meet their obligations, the union will have to consider further industrial and legal action," he said.

‘Legitimate expectation’

At a recent hearing at the High Court, Nigel Giffin QC, appearing for the PCS, said the union’s position was that changes had gone "too far in terms of their impact on existing staff".

Mr Giffin told Mr Justice Sales it was important not to lose sight of the fact the compensation scheme was "a significant part of the overall terms and conditions of employment of a civil servant".

He said the compensation scheme had been introduced by Parliament – under the 1972 Superannuation Act – to give statutory protection to civil servants who had already provided loyal service.

The legislation had given rise to a "legitimate expectation" that relevant terms of the scheme would not be altered without the consent of staff and their trade unions.

The changes introduced in April brought some transitional protection for those in post, but was limited in scope and duration and had not had union consent, he said.

The government had defended the legality of the amendments and pointed out it had reached agreement with other trade unions over the changes.

This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Zimbabwe court acquits PM’s ally

Roy Bennett (file image)

A Zimbabwean court has acquitted a leading politician, Roy Bennett, on charges of plotting to overthrow President Robert Mugabe.

Mr Bennett is a senior member of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party.

The judge ruled that the prosecution failed to prove that its alleged link of Mr Bennett to a convicted arms dealer was genuine.

The case had threatened to split the country’s unity government of long-term rivals Mr Mugabe and Mr Tsvangirai.

Mr Bennett was already free on bail.

‘Good triumphs’

Speaking outside the court in Harare, he told the BBC he was happy to be acquitted and now had the time and strength to move on.

"Good has triumphed over evil," he said.

The white farmer is a leading member of Mr Tsvangirai’s MDC (Movement for Democratic Change).

He was to have taken a position as deputy minister for agriculture in the government when he was arrested in February 2009.

"Having carefully considered the facts, I come to the conclusion that the state has failed to prove a prima facie case," said Judge Chinembiri Bhunu.

"The accused is accordingly found not guilty."

He said that the prosecutors’ key evidence – an alleged confession from arms dealer Peter Hitschmann – was inadmissible.

In earlier testimony to the court, Mr Hitschmann had said evidence he gave allegedly showing links to Mr Bennett had been extracted under torture.

Judge Bhunu also said prosecutors had not proved that e-mails allegedly linking Mr Bennett to Mr Hitschmann were genuine.

Mr Bennett’s supporters, including the prime minister, had said the charges were politically motivated and aimed at undermining the coalition government.

A spokesman for the MDC has said the party will push for Mr Bennett to take up his ministerial position immediately.

This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

‘Bear with us’ urges Nick Clegg

Conservative leader David Cameron

Senior Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are due to resume talks on forming a government.

On Sunday negotiating teams spent six hours in "very positive and productive" talks and the party leaders had a 45-minute face-to-face discussion.

The Tories said they and the Lib Dems were "discussing specific proposals" and both sides said economic stability would be key to any agreement.

It emerged Mr Clegg had also met Gordon Brown to discuss a potential deal.

Mr Brown has offered the Lib Dems talks if no agreement is reached with the Conservatives.

The prime minister and Mr Clegg met at the Foreign Office, after Mr Brown arrived back at Downing Street on Sunday afternoon from his home in Scotland.

A Downing Street spokesman told the BBC it had been an "amicable discussion".

Mr Cameron was aware of the meeting.

The Conservative negotiating team consists of Shadow foreign secretary William Hague, shadow chancellor George Osborne, policy chief Oliver Letwin and chief of staff Ed Llewellyn.

Their Lib Dem counterparts are MPs Chris Huhne – Lib Dem home affairs spokesman – Andrew Stunell, David Laws and chief of staff Danny Alexander.

They will resume talks on Monday, and Conservative MPs are due to meet later in the day.

The Tories won the most votes and MPs in Thursday’s election, but are short of a majority and are seeking support from the Lib Dems to form a government.

Gordon Brown remains prime minister, and government business continues, with Chancellor Alistair Darling attending a meeting of finance ministers in Brussels.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said of the Tory-Lib Dem negotiations: "They are not merely going through the motions. There are real and substantial talks."

He said it was "make your mind up time for Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems", adding that they "have to do it pretty soon".

Gordon and Sarah Brown leave church in North Queensferry

On Sunday, emerging from the Cabinet Office after a day of talks, Mr Hague said: "The issues that we have covered have included political reform, economic issues and reduction of the deficit, banking reform, civil liberties, environmental issues."

He added that both sides "agreed that a central part of any agreement that we make will be economic stability and the reduction of the budget deficit".

Minutes later, Mr Alexander also made a brief statement, describing the talks as wide-ranging and "good", and also emphasising that deficit reduction was important.

Speaking on Sunday before the talks Nick Clegg said: "I’m very keen the Liberal Democrats should play a constructive role at a time of great economic uncertainty to provide a good government that this country deserves.

"Throughout that we will continue to be guided by the big changes we want."

The Lib Dem leader has said the Conservatives, as the biggest party, have the right to seek to form a government first.

They have met the Tory team three times, assisted by civil servants as agreed in the arrangements for a hung parliament.

Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg first met for face-to-face talks over a possible coalition on Saturday and discussed it again by phone a day later.

Former Lib Dem leader Lord Ashdown said it was important that the party talked to the Conservatives at the same time as "listening to Labour".

"The central proposition is: what combination serves the nation’s interests in providing stable, long-term stability in order to tackle the crisis?" he said.

Also on Sunday Mr Brown met Business Secretary Peter Mandelson, advisor Alastair Campbell, energy secretary Ed Miliband and deputy leader Harriet Harman in Downing Street.

And in an e-mail to Labour activists the prime minister thanked them for their work throughout the election."The past few days have seen us enter a political landscape not considered possible a few short weeks ago – with the outcome of the election leading to no single party able to form a majority government," he wrote.

"My duty as prime minister has been to seek to resolve this situation."

Several Labour backbenchers have called for Mr Brown to step down.

BBC political correspondent Iain Watson said: "Privately the assessment of senior labour sources is that the Liberal Democrats are most likely to reach a deal with the Conservatives which falls short of a formal coalition and which would allow David Cameron to govern without a majority.

"However they are encouraged that some very senior Liberal Democrats are highly sceptical about reaching any accommodation with the Conservatives and feel the space has opened up for the possibility of an alternative deal with Labour."

Scotland’s First Minister, SNP leader Alex Salmond, has called on the Lib Dems to join a "progressive alliance" involving Labour, the SNP and Plaid Cymru.

The Tories secured 306 of the 649 constituencies contested on 6 May. It leaves the party short of the 326 MPs needed for an outright majority.

The Thirsk and Malton seat – where the election was postponed after the death of a candidate – is still to vote.

Labour finished with 258 MPs, down 91, the Lib Dems 57, down five, and other parties 28.

If Labour and the Lib Dems joined forces, they would still not be the largest grouping. With the support of the Northern Irish SDLP, one Alliance MP, and nationalists from Scotland and Wales they would reach 330, rising to 338 if the DUP, the independent unionist and the new Green MP joined them.

What’s your reaction to a possible coalition? Send us your comments.

This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

‘Dictator’ Obiang prize condemned

President Obiang Nguema

A coalition of human rights groups has condemned a UN agency for planning to award a prize sponsored by Equatorial Guinea President Teodor Obiang Nguema.

The 28 groups say Unesco should end its association with "one of the world’s most infamous dictators".

Mr Obiang, who has led the oil-rich country for 30 years, has been accused of rigging elections and corruption. He has previously denied such charges.

The first $3m (£2m) Unesco-Obiang science prize is to be awarded in June.

A Unesco spokesperson told the BBC the agency had no comment to make because the decision had been approved by the organisation’s board in April.

Mr Obiang seized power from his uncle in 1979. He was re-elected last year with 95% of the vote.

Last year, a French court threw out a lawsuit against Mr Obiang and two other African leaders, accusing them of using public funds to buy luxury homes.

The court said foreign heads of state could not be sued.

The human rights coalition has written to Unesco, asking it to identify the source of the funds used to sponsor the prize.

"The prize’s $3m endowment should be used for the education and welfare of the people of Equatorial Guinea, rather than the glorification of their president," said Tutu Alicante of the human rights organization EG Justice.

Equatorial Guinea’s vast earnings from oil and gas should give its population of 600,000 people a theoretical income of $37,000 a year each.

But most Equatorial Guineans live in poverty after 15 years of plentiful oil production.

Human Rights Watch describes Equatorial Guinea’s government as one of the most abusive and corrupt in the world.

"The grim irony of awarding a prize recognizing ‘scientific achievements that improve the quality of human life,’ while naming it for a president whose 30-year rule has been marked by the brutal poverty and fear of his people and a global reputation for governmental corruption, would bring shame on Unesco," reads the letter.

Normally a secretive state, Equatorial Guinea made headlines in October with the pardoning of a group South African and British mercenaries headed by Simon Mann who had been jailed for attempting a coup.

In 2004, a US Senate investigation discovered that Mr Obiang, and members of his family, were the signatories to accounts at Riggs Bank in the US which had received millions of dollars in revenues from the central African country’s oil wells.

This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.