Instructional Designer/writer

Instructional Designer/writer
We need an instructional designer to create several courses and make them interactive so they meet the attached specs and work in moodle.

The courses and length of the course are:

1. 10 hour OSHA Outreach Training for Construction

2. 10 hour OSHA Outreach Training for General Industry

3. 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher

If the work is good, there should be about 3 or 4 more to do and possibly more later on but these are the ones we want for now.

All the content is public domain so we can provide the raw content. We expect you to assemble the content, put in pictures, animations, interactivity as needed to make sure the course meets the requirements in the attachment. You will have to agree to make the necessary changes per the regulator if needed at a later date to make the course compliant. Feel free to just bid on one of the courses if you want.

Some of the guidelines are (see the attachment for the complete list (see the 3rd page which is labeled page 5)):

The online guidelines include the following:

o Testing and reporting test scores for each topic and a final test
o Removal of anyone scoring less than 70% after three tries on any program topic
o Mandatory page views of each content page
o Easy trainer availability built into the system
o Printable online materials for each topic
o The course must be interactive
o Tracking students’ time in the course (including a timing-out mechanism)
o Providing required reports and evaluations

Website Fixes

Website Fixes
I am looking to make some changes to my website. I need everything on the left hand side in the OUR SHOP column in that section needs to be centered in that section. In the Eshop Plazza Message Box I want : Save up to 30% this month on all products! Offer Ends Soon! Big Deals on Sonicview Recievers!!!

Please create a design that corresponds with the website in that Message Box. Include a picture of a Sonicview 360 Elte satellite receiver. Make sure the picture fits nicely in the message box.

Under the user acct/Paypal, make sure users have easy access to their accounts and make sure it is properly functional. Also make sure paypal works with website and is a payment option to users that is functional.

For the pricing of recievers I am selling, I am not charging shipping. I am having a hard time getting that to show on my website. Here are my prices for current products:

Sonicview 360 premier w/iHUB: 129.99
Sonicview 360 Elite w/iHUB: 159.99
Sonicview 8000HD w/iHUB: 254.99
iHUB Dongle: 59.99
Viewsat Ultra Lite: 99.99
Viewsat Ultra: 134.99
Viewsat Pro PVR: 169.99
Viewsat Max HD: 309.99
Viewsat Max 8psk: 94.99
Nfusion Solarius: 164:99
Captive Works 650 89.99
Captive Works 700 99.99
Captive Works 800 129.99
Coolsat 6100: 119.99
Coolsat 7100: 134.99
Pansat 3500 159.99
Pansat 250sm 134.99
Pansat 9200HD: 359.99
Pansat 4500 PVR: 149.99

Dish Pro 500: 74.99
Dual Circ LNB: 29.99
Dish Pro 1000: 84.99

Also include the new iHUB Dongle for 69.99. I have Three ads advertising the sonicview 360 premier, 360 elite, and 8000HD. They each have large prices showing on the recievers. I need redesigned ads but keep the wording that is already there, but with a new design. I also need a new designed logo on the top of my website. Something that is going to represent royalty. It need to to be really good and professional. Aslo with each featured reciever include the iHUB with the Prices given.

I am looking to find someone that is reliable and someone that I can work with for a while. I pay really well so money won’t be a problem. Let me know if you need additional information.

Mds Script 2

Mds Script 2
I have got the million dollar script from
I would like someone who is familiar with the script and knows most of the error issues already to fix them for a reasonable price.

If you have any questions please ask.


Small Online Finance Database

Small Online Finance Database
Hello all,

I have a small finance business where I provide short term loans to customers. I have approx 100 customers and was previously keeping record of everything on excel but would now like to upgrade and have a database online.

I employ 2 agents to help with debt repayment so they would also need log in access.


1. Master login to add payments/cash given out on behalf of agents
2. upload cvs for payments/cash given out
3. Agent reports (forcasted collections against actual collections)
4. Add/Remove/Edit Agents
5. add/remove/edit new customers
6. view customer specific reports with graphs (weekly, monthly, end of year, to date)
7. front page dashboard showing total existing customers, how many debtors over one month old, total cash to bank, total payments,total cash given out)
8. Agent (restricted) login access to add payments/cash given out
9. one click backup of financial year, and refresh database for start of new year
10. report to monitor performance against same time previous year.

There will obviously be a few extra things along the way so if we can agree on a fair price to get started i’m happy to negotiate extras, and will of course be happy to pay for regular database maintenance.

Content Duplication WordPress

Content Duplication WordPress
Hi there I have a relatively simple job for someone to do. All I want is some content duplicated and created in multiple pages for wordpress.

There will be one page which will link to many child pages. Below is the website page that holds the content.

I would like to keep the original layout of the main page (3 columns under each letter heading) so you may have to do up some css code for this – I’m not to sure.

The content I want is just the list of all the stores then the content that follows each of the links as child pages (Replacing the links from the refer to the actual landing page (i.e instead of “refer.php?url=123” change it to the end result, in this example it would be “”)

I would like for you to create the pages and export them so I only have to import them to wordpress.

Clone Html Page Into WordPress

Clone Html Page Into WordPress
I have a url I will provide you for a simple html site
I want the site itself cloned into a wordpress
I will need to be able to change the colors
Will need to be able to make the header none clickable
No logos or designs needed its a very simple page
Also will need the about,contactus,privacy pages also.
The ad on it are google adsence I will needed to be able to edit these to my own

Bid only if you can do this and upload to my site in a working condition

Seo Content Link Building

Seo Content Link Building
Content Writing:
Creation of optimization textual content with proportional keyword density (3 to 7%) on the 25 main pages focusing on 2-3 keyword per page.

Meta Data: Key word opti.of Title, Description, and keyword tags for the main 25 pages of our site.

Headers: Keyword Opt. of H1/H2 tags for the 25 pages.

Images: Keyword Opt. of Alternative text applied to all images on the 25 pages.

XML site map. Index of all site pages and submission to Google cache.

Business Directories-Submissions to 100 online directories per week for 6 weeks., inbound links must be from highly ranked websites,and some must be industry related; Tradeshow and large format printing.
All links must be Do follow. No follow is not allowed.

Social Bookmarking-50 bookmarks created in social media sites per week(eg. 50 inbound links to site over 6 weeks.

Articles. 1 keyword Opt. article about our product/service to be written and submitted 100 article directories per month for 6 months
(eg. inbound links to our site over the 6 months.

You can bid on part of or all of the above.

Kind regards.

Need Some Icons Replaced…

Need Some Icons Replaced…
Minor work –
TO DO List:
1. Need Read and Unread icons changed on the main forum page for an IP Board website using logo elements I already have, but that need to be resized for this purpose.
2. Need regular web icon replaced so that you see in a web tab/shortcut on desktop to one of the logo elements instead of the v looking icon.
3. Need zen cart categories changed – don’t like that screw like looking button.

Dvd/cd Graphic Creation

Dvd/cd Graphic Creation
I need a cd or dvd graphic created. I have attached the format of one that I really like, but it is not necessary to be exact. A lot of cds/dvds 10-12 or so would be good.

Also, Please create a few simple banners based on the same graphic. 2 is fine.

Please base all new created graphics on

Please indicate on your bid response that you have looked at the attached graphic.

Also, I will give FTP info to post new graphic to page.


Fast Bulk Import/export

Fast Bulk Import/export
I need a SCRIPT to import products (FAST AND QUICK) with custom attributes and product images into a magento site. The current import and export feature in the admin area is slow and does not allow you to import products with custom attributes it will import the products but it leaves off that part. I don’t believe the current import feature allows you to include the images.

This is an immediate project. Previous project in this regard is necessary to ensure immediate delivery. I need a seasoned Magento professional.

Please stay within the budget when bidding.

Clipshare Error

Clipshare Error
I use the clipshare video script for a site that has 6000 current members. Very recently a player upgrade and search mod was purchased and soon after my site started exhibiting all kinds of errors which I am unable to fix. I have to believe the conflict is between two search mods that reside on the site and need a programmer that may be familiar with the clipshare software.