Responsive Horizontal and Vertical Bootstrap Mega Menu (Navigation)

Responsive Sidebar Menu
Scoop Navigation Menu Consist of both Horizontal and Vertical navigation with lot of option and themes. Its lightweight and compatible with almost all major browsers and devices. Through this plugin we can make more then 40 plus navigation view. It supports four levels sub menu with shrink, Overlay and push effect.

Multi purpose Responsive Bootstrap Sidebar Navigation / Vertical navigation supports multi navigation style like: – Expanded, Compact, Collapsed,offcanvas, fullPage Menu , Full MegaMenu, Half MegaMenu and Search bar on navigation. Three new navigation style introduce in this plugin like ex-popover, Sub-Expanded and fulldrop Menu

Scoop Menu fully responsive on any device like phone, tablet and desktop. User can set default or change any navigation on window load and toggle. Scoop Navigation is Designed and developed to support any device using bootstrap framework. and Flexible to use in Web Mobile Apps.

Scoop Navigation Features

  • Design & Developed to supports any device using latest Bootstrap framework and non Bootstrap framework.
  • Horizontal and vertical Navigation along multi option
  • Multiple levels subMenu
  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Vertical Navigation with Left and Right Sidebar Support
  • Horiozontal Navigation with Top and Bottom
  • ScrollBar Support for manage long vertical Navigation
  • Vertical layout Option wide, box and widebox
  • Vertical navigation different view on different Menu Trigger
  • Vertical Menu Type – Expended, collapse, offcanvas,compact, fullpage, ex-popover, sub-expanded
  • Configurable Vertical navigation according device type.
  • Configurable Vertical sidebar by default and on sidebar toggle click
  • Configurable Scoop Menu trigger on different sub menu lable
  • Vertical Navigation Effect – Shrink, push, Overlay
  • Vertical Navigation with Collapseble or Non Collapse left header
  • 9 Navigation themes with different color
  • 9 Header themes with different color
  • 9 Left Header themes with different color
  • Sticky Horizontal navigation
  • Centered Horizontal Menu
  • Different type of dropdown indicator and sub menu icons


  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • FontAwesome
  • simple line icons

Download Responsive Horizontal and Vertical Bootstrap Mega Menu (Navigation)

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