Dandelion Admin – Responsive Admin Template (Admin Templates)

Dandelion Admin is a responsive, full featured admin template build exclusively for sale at ThemeForest.
This template focuses on having a simple, clear design, while providing the most commonly used elements on web apps.

Main Features

Full Responsive Design


This template is designed to be responsive, so it will adapt to any screen size. Any element in this template will resize or reposition itself to look at its best. Whether it’s a desktop computer, an iPad, or a mobile Phone, everything will look just great!

Try resizing your browser and see for yourself…

Custom Animated Statistic Widget

An animated, statistic circular plugin that can be used to display percentage data makes it easy to display data on your admin interface in a clear, beautiful way.


Custom Wizard Plugin

This template includes a wizard plugin with animated progress meter. This easy to setup plugin makes it easy to divide a long form into smaller steps in a clear and intuitive way.


Scrollable Content Widgets

One of the most common problem for small screen devices are content that expands horizontally overflowing its parent container. This template provides a solution by making content blocks scrollable horizontally with a scrollbar by just setting a css class.

Scrollable Content

Beautifully Styled jQuery-UI Widgets

This template includes the full jQuery-UI library, along with two additional add-ons, all styled to match this template’s look and feel.


More than 2000 icons included


Complete Feature List

  • Full responsive design
  • Two layout modes: fluid and fixed
  • Optimized images using punyPNG
  • Header dropdown menu for user tasks
  • Header dropdown menu for messages and notifications
  • Collapsible navigation
  • Two statistic widgets
    • Circular statistic
    • Summary statistic
  • Three custom plugins
    • Animated circular statistic widget
    • Wizard plugin with animated progress indicator
    • Picklist, a dual select jquery plugin
  • Charts API using the Google Charts Tools (GWT)
  • 15 Plugins included and styled
    • jQuery Chosen Plugin
    • jQuery colorpicker Plugin
    • jQuery DataTables Plugin
    • jQuery Elastic Plugin
    • elFinder
    • elRTE
    • Fullcalendar
    • jGrowl
    • Photoswipe
    • placeholder plugin, a fallback for placeholders on non HTML5 browsers
    • PLUpload
    • prettyPphoto
    • SyntaxHighligter
    • jQuery Tipsy
    • jQuery validate
  • Fully styled jquery ui widget
    • Progressbar (four colors included, animated using CSS3 )
    • Sliders (four colors included)
    • Datepicker with timepicker addon
    • Dialogs
    • Buttonsets
    • Tabs
    • Accordions
    • Spinner
  • Two table styles
    • Usual table style
    • Detail view table for displaying single data attributes
  • Content area
    • Plain content area
    • Panel content area (can be collapsible)
    • Horizontally scrollable panels (automatically set by setting a class name)
  • Panel toolbar with unlimited levels dropdown menu
  • Form layouts and sizes
    • Inline form layout
    • Block form layout
    • Column form layout
    • Fieldset
    • Three form sizes
      • small
      • default
      • large
    • Form error message
      • On top of the form as a summary
      • Below the form input
    • Form notes, a small note that can be displayed on top of the input
  • CSS3 animated error page
  • CSS3 styled image gallery
  • CSS3 styled buttons (6 colors)
  • 2000+ icons included in several colors and sizes



Gallery Images


  • Error page hanger design from PixEden

Plugins and JavaScript Files


I’ll do my best providing support for everyone. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me and I will get back at you as fast as possible.


Version 1.0 (5/22/2012)

  • Initial Release

Download Dandelion Admin – Responsive Admin Template (Admin Templates)

Quiven – Creative PSD Template (Creative)

What is Quiven?

Quiven is an easy to customize creative PSD template which can be used for blogs, portfolios and other categories of websites. If you need something fresh and organized then Quiven will be a great option for you. It will help you build a website with minimal efforts. PSD strucutre allows to change the look of Quiven template in few minutes.


  • unique and fresh design
  • 960 grid system based
  • help file included
  • all icons are created by BestWebSoft, and they are free for commercial use
  • organized and layered PSD templates
  • 100% background width
  • Google fonts used


  • home
  • about
  • services
  • portfolio
  • blog
  • post
  • faq
  • contacts


  • Arial
  • Cuprum (not included into the template)
  • Steelfish (not included into the template)
  • Androgyne (not included into the template)


  1. Images from Themeforest assets library were used.
  2. Icons created by BestWebSoft. If you would like to create a new icon set which can be used with Quiven template, you can hire our designers. Feel free to contact us for more information: [email protected].


We hope that you like our theme. Thank you very much for this purchase. You are always welcome to contact us with your comments or questions related to our theme.

Download Quiven – Creative PSD Template (Creative)

Sans – A Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme (Portfolio)

Creative peeps worldwide, say “Hello” to your new website.

Sans is a responsive WordPress portfolio theme designed and developed for today’s savvy creative. Complete with audio and video support, this theme gives you the tools to easily manage and publish your work so you can concentrate on what you are best at… being creative.

Update v1.0.1 May 22, 2012

  • Updated styling from form select element to be more consistent with other form elements.

Theme Features

Sans was built, from the ground up, to include many of the sought after features in a premium WordPress theme including:

  • Fully responsive and device agnostic
  • Compatible with WordPress 3+. WordPress 3.3 is recommended.
  • Fully optional home page settings
  • One Custom Post Type named “Portfolio”
  • Optional filtering functionality on the portfolio
  • Responsive jQuery slideshow
  • oEmbed video support with video preview in the WordPress editor
  • Custom designed, developed and responsive HTML5 Audio player
  • Fully localized with .po and .mo file included
  • Built in lightbox effects on linked gallery images using Fancybox 2.
  • Well written and easy to understand online and PDF User Guide
  • 2 color variations
  • 4 widget ready sidebars
  • 3 custom widgets: Twitter Feed, Flickr Feed and Contact
  • Intuitive, unbranded and easy to understand Theme Options, powered by the Theme Options Framework
  • Nested comments
  • Built in pagination. No plugin required.
  • Using Tiny MCE Styles drop down for applying custom styles to your content. No shortcodes to remember!
  • Editor Styles for portfolio items, posts and pages

Portfolio Credits

Our demo would not be possible without the gracious permission of the creatives who allowed us to display their work.

Theme Assets

The following open source assets are used throughout the theme.

Need Support?

If you are a verified customer, and require support, please register for a free account with our official support forum.

Download Sans – A Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme (Portfolio)

IMGRo Mobile Retina | HTML5 & CSS3 And iWebApp (Mobile)

Kaius is a new style of mobile template, that includes full retina high definition icons, and some awesome fast moving elements! Try it out!

If you purchased this file before the 24th of May, redownload it to get the PHP files from the contact form!

You’re probably thinking this template is nice, but darn, there are mobiles there that don’t support dragging, only clicking, right? Well, you don’t have to worry no more. The icons are set to be draggable, or clickable! So if your mobile user uses a HTC Touch Diamond for example that doesn’t use the capacitive drag display that the iPhone or Androids have, then he can simply tap the icon, as shows on the menu! Super awesome, huh?

HTML CSS3 Features

  • iPhone Web App with iPhone Homescreen icon and startup screen!
  • Pure CSS3 Buttons that enlarge to suit your text and never break.
  • Pure CSS3 Notification Boxes, they enlarge to screen size
  • 19 Retina Ready List Icons. Just add your list icon, it will automatically become retina if needed.
  • Google Font API Replacement for slick quality.

jQuery Features

  • jQuery Unique User Interface.
  • jQuery Menu, Instant Menu Change.
  • jQuery Homepage Slider with Swipe feature!
  • jQuery Photogallery with slideshow and Swipfe feature!
  • jQuery Animated Notification boxes!
  • jQuery CheckBoxes
  • jQuery Toggles
  • jQuery Inside Page Navigation
  • jQuery Back To Top Feature
  • AJAX PHP Contact form with Phone, Text, And Mail from default mobile client included!

The template comes with 4 and 6 icon homescreens. If you wish to add more, jQuery Intermediate Skills are required. Simply use the same process I used in custom.js. If you need more/less icons, and don’t know how to code them, drop me a message through my profile page!

Download IMGRo Mobile Retina | HTML5 & CSS3 And iWebApp (Mobile)

AGENCY X – Premium WordPress Theme (Creative)

Welcome to the WordPress version of AGENCY X – Modern, sleek, and clean design that will capture your viewing audience with it’s straight lines, subtle shadows, bold color and modern appeal, all while providing great sections to showcase your products, portfolio items or services, it’s perfectly balanced for a portfolio site just as much as a service related business.

Based on ‘Swiss Style’ – Great use of white space to accomodate sections for images and text – here’s a quote from Wikipedia with regards to an full explanation:

The International Typographic Style, also known as the Swiss Style, is a graphic design style developed in Switzerland in the 1950s that emphasizes cleanliness, readability and objectivity. Hallmarks of the style are asymmetric layouts, use of a grid, sans-serif typefaces like Akzidenz Grotesk, and flush left, ragged right text. The style is also associated with a preference for photography in place of illustrations or drawings. Many of the early International Typographic Style works featured typography as a primary design element in addition to its use in text, and it is for this that the style is named.

Theme Features

  • Large Impact Home Page with Slider
  • Alternative Home Page with No Slider
  • Multiple Portfolio Pages (2 and 3 Column)
  • Portfolio Detail Pages With Slider and Lightbox Gallery
  • Multi-Category Portfolio Pages
  • Single Category Portfolio Pages
  • Lightbox video support
  • Choose Per Page / Per Post From Available Templates
  • Full Suite Of Pages
    • Right Sidebar
    • Left Sidebar
    • Full Width
    • Search Page
    • 404 Error Page
    • Site Map
    • Contact Page
    • Home Page With Slider
    • Home Page No Slider
    • 2 Column Portfolio Page
    • 3 Column Portfolio Page
    • Full Width Portfolio Page
    • + All the usual single,index etc
  • Fully Styled Pricing Table (CSS)
  • Tabs / Accordions / Alert Boxes / Buttons / Columns etc
  • Contact Page with Working / Validating Contact form and Google Map
  • CSS3 Effects Throughout with fallbacks
  • Full layered PSD Files
  • Huge amount of ShortCodes
  • Supplied XML Import Data File
  • Fully Detailed Documentation with ScreenShots

Looking For Support?

Yes that’s right, support – we are a responsible author and although it’s not actually required here on ThemeForest we do support our products in a professional manner – it’s something we don’t earn from and therefore it is limited to installation issues only – not customizations (although we offer those on a per project basis with free quote). If you require support then simply click here to visit our profile page and submit your issue via the form on the right while logged in so we can first check your purchase and date – many thanks!

View My Other Files!

Download AGENCY X – Premium WordPress Theme (Creative)

Cypher – A bold Blog / News .PSD theme (Miscellaneous)

CYPHER is a bold and responsive friendly, Blog / News theme. It is well grouped and properly layered to make the slicing process easy. It is highly customizable, because of the use of layer styles and shape layers. So if you want to change colors and details, you can tweak the layer style of any specific layer and you can easily customize it’s appearance. The theme is designed based on a 960 grid system.

As a bonus, an alternative Homepage concept is included, that of a portfolio-based website.

8.psd files included:

  1. Home
  2. Home_Portfolio
  3. Category Page
  4. Post Page
  5. Archives
  6. Author Page
  7. Contact Page
  8. Goodies


Icons used in the design are from the awesome icon pack by Brankic1979, free for download at: http://brankic1979.com/icons/

The design also makes use of the iconsweets2 icon set. It is an amazing freeware iconset that can be downloaded from http://iconsweets2.com/

The images at the preview files are by Ilias Sounas (http://www.sounasdesign.com/)

Thumbs up @Orman Clark for some design elements I have used in the design. Visit his website at http://www.premiumpixels.com to get awesome photoshop freebies. The social media icons are an example of this.

Download Cypher – A bold Blog / News .PSD theme (Miscellaneous)

Landed – A Sharp WordPress Theme (Portfolio)

Support Forums
Free Goodies!
Follow on Twitter
Like us on Facebook

Landed is a sharp and vibrant WordPress theme perfect for your portfolio or personal website!

Key Features

  • Project/Portfolio Custom Post Type
  • Gallery Custom Post Type
  • 2 Slider Options (content or image)
  • Theme Options Panel
  • Flickr Widget
  • Widgetized Footer
  • Built-in Contact Form
  • Localisation Support (Translation)

Theme Updates

No updates yet.

Support Forum

We provide excellent support for when you need help setting up the theme. Hop on over to our Support Forum and we’ll do the best we can to help you out.

Download Landed – A Sharp WordPress Theme (Portfolio)

University – Education/Media Centric Template (Nonprofit)

University is a PSD Template which is meant to be used on Education/Media related websites. While the main purpose of the template is to be used on university/education related webpages, with some minor customizations it can be used on a variety of websites, no matter their main type/audience.

If you ever need any help with the template, feel free to send us a mail by using the form on our profile page.

Download University – Education/Media Centric Template (Nonprofit)

Brave Responsive Business Template (Business)


“Brave Responsive Business Template” is the HTML -only version of the popular Brave Responsive Business WordPress Theme

Its a fully-responsive, multi-purpose business template with loads of thoughtful features and options.
The responsive layout will ensure that the theme displays in a readable way on iPhones, iPads and other smartphones like Android.


  • 18 HTML 5 Valid Pages
  • Responsive Layout
  • Tiled or Fullsize Image Backgrounds
  • Collapsable / Removable Footer Area
  • JQuery Enhanced Effects
  • Working Contact Forms
  • Covenient Markup Structure
  • Using Google Web Fonts
  • Compatible With Major Browsers
  • Detailed Documentation

Assets Used:

More Premium Files by Damojo:

Download Brave Responsive Business Template (Business)

WP Pro Automotive Responsive WordPress Theme (Business)

The BEST & ONLY Responsive Automotive theme on ThemeForest!

WP Pro Automotive is one of the most powerful automotive themes purpose built to showcase your listings, loaded with more features than you can shake a stick at!

Although it was coded with vehicle sales in mind it can be used for anything from classifieds to directories. I’ve coded this theme with customization and ease of use in mind.

Get up and running in minutes!

Theme Features

  • WordPress 3.2+ & 3.3+
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Translation Ready! Full Localization support, .mo & .po files provided
  • Unlimited Skins & Patterns
  • Unbranded AJAX Powered Admin Options Panel, Preview
  • Drag & Drop Homepage Builder, Preview
  • Flex Slider with Touch Support
  • Coming Soon: Slider Option for the Homepage Map Area
  • Widget Ready Homepage
  • Powerful Custom Built Listing Mapping
  • 5 Custom Page Templates
    • Contact
    • Full Width
    • Left Sidebar
    • Sitemap
    • Agents
  • 17 Custom Widgets, Preview
    • Adspace – Use this widget to add any type of Ad as a widget.
    • Agent Info – Use this widget to display your listing agent information, can only be used in the Listing Single sidebar as it relies on listing information for content.
    • Agents Other Listings – Display your agents other listings, can only be used in the Listing Single sidebar as it relies on listing information to function properly.
    • Blog Author Info – Use this widget to tell your audience a little bit about your company and all the awesome things you do! Optional Gravatar, and Read More link.
    • Broker Info – Use this widget to display your brokers information.
    • Contact Info – Use this widget to display your contact information.
    • Flickr – Use this widget to populate photos from a Flickr ID.
    • Follow Us – Use this widget to show your social profiles.
    • Hours – Use this widget to show your business hours.
    • Latest Posts – Use this widget to display your latest posts.
    • Listings – Use this widget to display your listings from any taxonomy and tag combo.
    • Listings Contact – Display an agent contact form. Can only be used in the Listing Single sidebar as it relies on listing information for content.
    • Listings Search – Use this widget to display the advanced listings search form.
    • Loan Calculator – Use this widget to show a loan calculator.
    • Search – Use this widget to display the blog search form.
    • Tabs – Use this widget to display Latest Posts, Recent comments and a Tag cloud.
    • Twitter – Use this widget to display your latest tweets.
  • 40+ Custom Google Fonts
  • 50+ Pre-defined Background Patterns, Preview
  • Custom User Profile Fields (Profile Image, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Phone, Fax, Title, & more!)
  • SEO Optimized
  • Built-in Breadcrumbs
  • Built-in Print This Post, for beautifully printed articles
  • Tweet this, Google +1 & LinkedIn Share
  • Child Theme Creator – Checkout the Screencast
  • Video Ready
  • Two Custom Menu Locations (Main & Footer)
  • Bunch of Shortcodes
  • Extensive Documentation


Thanks for purchasing one of my premium themes! I pride myself on supporting my customers — if you’re experiencing trouble getting setup, I’ll do my best to answer your questions as soon as possible. Support covers getting setup, trouble using any features and bug fixes. I unfortunately can’t provide support for modifications or 3rd party plugins.

Theme support is only offered to verified customers, through http://support.contempographicdesign.com — any other method will be redirected back there. Please search the knowledge base before submitting a ticket.


I actively update my themes with new features and additions, if you have any suggestions please leave a comment or shoot me a message via my profile.

Download WP Pro Automotive Responsive WordPress Theme (Business)

Oreva Business HTML5 Template (Business)

Oreva is a very clean and minimal business html5 template for any kind of business or personal use. This template with 2 color variation which will fulfill all your need of modern websites development. This template is most suitable for corporate identity where you can stand out more uniquely.

Main Features

  • 2 Color Skin Light/Dark
  • Grid based Layout
  • 9 Layered PSD included
  • 17 HTML Files
  • 2 Blog Layout
  • Diapo Slider
  • All Major Browser Compaitible
  • Valid Contact Form
  • 4 Portfolio Style (1 Column, 2 Column, 3 Column, 4 Column)
  • Included Easy to Use Shortcode
  • Easy To Add More Pages

Oreva Color Skins

Milestone Screenshots

Download Oreva Business HTML5 Template (Business)

Mentor Premium Responsive Business HTML5 Template (Corporate)

The pixelentity team is once again proud to bring you our new product: “Mentor” – a fully responsive premium html template suitable for any kind of business or corporate use. Mentor is built upon the responsive Twitter Bootstrap framework, and therefore the template supports all of this framework’s built in components & plugins. The Mentor template is bursting with custom features, including a bespoke responsive slider plugin, an intelligent responsive carousel plugin and a custom developed mobile friendly lightbox plugin. With 24 pre made html pages and 3 included skin to choose from, Mentor will be your trusted counselor for your business’s online presence. See some of the awesome features listed below and check the above demo to see it in action.


Mentor features “Flare”: a custom responsive, touch enabled, mobile optimized lightbox which can be used to display single images/videos or entire galleries.

  • Navigation buttons
  • Swipe gestures
  • Mousewheel navigation
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Uses hardware accelerated CSS transforms
  • Fallbacks to standard jquery animation in older browers
  • Per image scaling mode settings (fit, fill, fitmax, fillmax)
  • Fullscreen YouTube, Vimeo, Vid.ly and local video playback support
  • Automatically retrieves cover image for YouTube, Vimeo and Vid.ly videos
  • Gallery mode with optional thumbnails
  • Alternate Gallery Mode with black and white + zoom fullscreen image transition
  • Supports multiple galleries in the same page

Custom Slider & Carousel

  • Responsive Design
  • Supports swipe gestures
  • Uses hardware accelerated CSS transforms
  • Fallbacks to standard jquery animation in older browers
  • Carousel mode (multiple slides shown at the same time)


  • Tooltips
  • Popovers
  • Tabs
  • Accordions
  • Modal dialogs
  • Twitter Widget (latest tweets)
  • Easy Share buttons (facebook, twitter, google +1, pinterest)
  • Code Syntax Highlighting
  • Newsletter subscribe form
  • Google Maps
  • Inline Videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Vid.ly and local video)

Additional Features

  • Multiple filterable portfolio layouts
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • 24 HTML ready to use pages
  • 3 included skins
  • Comprehensive browser based searchable documentation
  • Dedicated Support forum with a proven track record for great after sales support

Credits: Design & Development of the Mentor Template by Pixelentity.


While this template has been fully tested on both Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) version of the Android operating system, it has been optimized for devices running ICS and Mac iOS.

More Of Our Work

Download Mentor Premium Responsive Business HTML5 Template (Corporate)

Shahrzad Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme (Corporate)

Shahrzad is a responsive WordPress Theme perfect for Business, Cooperates, Agency.

Impress your clients with these amazing colors, customize it.

WordPress 3.4 Ready

Responsive Admin panel to be compatible with the new responsive admin panel.

Need support?

All of our theme support is conducted through our Support Site. Please submit your question on Support Site, and we will investigate and help you resolve the issue or question.

Sign up or login to access at http://support.code125.com/

Updates Log

22nd May 2012 - Update 1.1
--Added-- Videos shortcodes "Youtube - Vimeo - Dailymotion - Screenr - Flv Video- HTML5 Video "
--Added-- Audio shortcodes "HTML5 Audio"
--Fix-- Slider is now fully responsive to any mobile device
--Fix-- Minor CSS fixes
--Update-- Demo content file

<code>21st May 2012 - Initial Release Version 1.0</code>

All Features:

  • WordPress 3.4 Ready
  • SEO Ready
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Unlimited Colors
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • 500+ Fonts Available
  • OneByOne Slider
  • Shortcodes Available:
    • Slider – OneByOne
    • Slider – Nivo Slider
    • Slider Posts
    • Columns
    • Images
    • Posts
    • Buttons
    • Portfolio
    • Tabs
    • Tooltips
    • Dropcaps
    • Twitter
    • Google Maps
    • Google Charts
    • Social Box
    • Video
      • Youtube
      • Vimeo
      • Dailymotion
      • Screenr
      • Video flv
      • HTML5 video
    • HTML5 Audio
  • Touch Homepage Slider
  • Animated Filterable Portfolio
  • Unlimited Sliders
  • Unlimited Portfolios
  • jQuery Enhanced
  • prettyPhoto (jQuery Lightbox clone)
  • Widget Ready
  • Multiple Browser Support
  • Styling panel for changing color schemes, fonts, etc.
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns Portfolios with Pager and Filter Tags
  • Online Detailed Documentation

Download Shahrzad Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme (Corporate)

CloudHost – Hosting & Internet Business HTML Theme (Hosting)

A hosting HTML theme for anyone that starts in the hosting business or even for veterans that are looking to revamp their current website. No day like today to start working on your new website.

Key features:

  • Huge amount of page templates can be made using the shortcodes HTML pages.
  • Working contact form
  • Cross browser optimization (IE7, IE8 , IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
  • Premium design
  • Google Web Fonts custom fonts
  • Creative homepage slider used to showcase your products

The package contains:

  • 26 HTML 5 valid files for each color variation
  • 10 Photoshop files used to create the HTML theme

Stay tuned to our work on:

Download CloudHost – Hosting & Internet Business HTML Theme (Hosting)

Flagship – Responsive Business and Portfolio (Business)


Flagship is a responsive WordPress Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for business websites and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site. The Theme is built on top of the fabulous Avia Framework and offers support for the WPML MULTI LANGUAGE plugin, just in case you need it ;)

It comes with a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the backend. Build your own skin or use one of 21 predefined skins right out from your WordPress Admin Panel. Font, background and color options as well as the dynamic template builder will help you create the Website you need in no time. In addition to the global options you can set unqiue styling options for each entry as seen in the theme demo

SEO (Search engine optimization)
The theme is built with SEO best practices in mind. It uses semantical valid HTML code and CSS so search engines can index the content of your site with ease. Important content is always placed before unimportent in your source code (eg: Blog Post content before Sidebar), Headlines are wrapped in heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) to signalise their importance to search engines. The site also uses heavy internal site linking, which is also of vital for search engines (related posts, primary and secondary navigation menus, footer navigation, etc) With this WordPress Template you are well equipped to get a high google ranking and attract visitors to show them your fantastic work ;)


Key Features Overview

  • Translation ready with mo/po files (Already comes with english, german, spanish and romanian language files)
  • WPML plugin ready: WPML Plugin, in case your business needs a multi language site
  • Responsive designs that addapts to smaller devices (iphone, ipad)
  • Deactivate responsive features with one click in your backend
  • Responsive Slideshow that is optimized for mobile devices (hardware accelerated CSS3 slider)
  • Post Format Support: Standard, Image, Video, Gallery, Link, Quote
  • Multiple Slideshows possible. You can add one to each post, page or portfolio entry
  • 21 predefined skins, easy to edit and modify. Any number of skins possible
  • Supports Videos from any major video hosting service
  • Template Builder for unique page layouts (Landing Pages, Frontpages, Videopages etc)
  • Visual Shortcode editor with preview function, tons of shortcodes like pricing tables, columns, buttons etc
  • Custom Widgets like: Combo Widget, Recent News, Recent Portfolio entries, Advertising, Twitter, Twitter + RSS follower count
  • Color picker options for any number of gorgeous color settings.
  • Unqiue Sidebars for each page/category possible
  • Extensive User Manual, short videos and professional theme support by me and my team to fix any kind of problems
  • Growing community in our support forum: 4500 registered users, 5300 Topics, 25000 Posts. We do care that your site works and answer every post!
  • jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
  • Contact Form Builder: Modify your contact form from your backend: add/remove/modify the available inputs, textareas, dropdowns and checkboxes
  • Code built with SEO best practice in mind
  • sliced PSDs included (no full page template, since the theme was never desing in Photoshop but build directly within the browser)


This is a responsive theme, able to adapt its layout to the screen size of your visitors. (try resizing the screen and see for yourself) The Slideshows for this theme are also touch enabled and hardware accelerated, which means they are working super sleek on mobile device like ipad or iphone :)

Support and Documentation

The theme comes with an extensive help file with videos to help you understand how it works. If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at http://www.kriesi.at/support

We have 4500 registered members that often help out faster than we can. Nevertheless you will always recieve a response from me or my support team. More than 25000 Posts show that we do care that your site works fine ;)

A short notice: The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple:

  1. Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will greatly enhance your experience since the answer to your question might already be there.
  2. Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, which often happens on the support forums.



External scripts and resources used:

  • lightbox plugin
  • Iconsweets2 Icon set
  • Images by dribbble+: All images are copyrighted to their respective owners and not available for download with this theme.
  • Special Thanks to Zee7 and Brian Plemons
  • flickr creative commons library pictures by: cg, manu_h, mizrak, visualpanic, codyR, kretyen, mescon, obskura, freya23, amir K, Tambako the Jaguar, jaeWalk


Stay up to date:

Download Flagship – Responsive Business and Portfolio (Business)