Character Set V13 (Sprites)

Animations sample :

Main Character V13 Sprite Set
Clean, fresh and color full Game Characters. This characters is suitable for Main player on your game. Every assets is build with vector software and animated with Spine software, to edit the character you can open in Adobe Illustrator or software who support with AI, EPS, and PNG file format. All PNG files was separated files and transparent background. to edit the animations you can open it with Spine software.

What you will get in the package is 18 animations pose:

  • Run / Walk
  • Die
  • IceShoot
  • IceShoot to down
  • Iceshoot to up
  • Jump
  • Idle
  • Back view (On ladder)
  • PoisonShoot
  • PoisonShoot to Down
  • PoisonShoot to Up
  • Roll
  • Swimp
  • fall ( in air )
  • Fireshoot
  • Fireshoot to Down
  • Fireshoot to Up
  • Get Hit
  • Projectile ice,fire and Poison
  • Ai and EPS format files for edit character parts
  • All Animations sprite in PNG background transparent and Spine file to edit animations

If you having difficult Please dont hesitate to contact me here or send email directly to fikri.web [at] and also If there any suggest or idea for improvement feel free to contact me, if it possible I will add your request in further updates.

Good luck with your Game, Thank you for buying and share.

Download Character Set V13 (Sprites)

Female Dark Thief Game Character Sprite (Sprites)

Female Thief 2D Game Character Sprite

Drawn in Illustrator – animated in Spriter – tested inside Unity

The female thief is suitable for platformer / sidescroller games. Put her in an endless runner game, beat’em up, stealth like and similar adventure games. She has over 20 high quality animations and is ready to be part of your game!

Key Features:

  • 20+ animations
  • customizable drawings
  • editable animations
  • source files included
  • 100% vector
  • animations exported as png frames and spritesheets
  • character exported as separated body parts and spritesheet

List of animations:

  1. attack sword
  2. bow shoot
  3. crouch
  4. crouch-to-idle
  5. climb idle (side)
  6. climb walk (side)
  7. death
  8. forward roll
  9. hang idle
  10. hurt
  11. idle a
  12. idle b
  13. idle-to-crouch
  14. jump a ( jump start)
  15. jump b (mid-air)
  16. jump c (falling)
  17. jump d (landing & recovering)
  18. run
  19. slide
  20. throw
  21. walk
  22. wall slide

Have questions? Need help?
Contact me.

(I am planning to add more content e.g assassin like skin, stealth walk, more attack varations etc. but it all depends on the sales at the end..)


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Download Female Dark Thief Game Character Sprite (Sprites)