Whistling Tune (Folk, Acoustic)

In the spirit of our new logo, we have created this jaunty whistling tune!

Created with strummed acoustic guitar, ukulele, choppy piano, bass, a driving drum beat, some short “la la las” and of course, cheerful whistling, this song lets you close your eyes imagine that you are casting off into the big blue! Perfect for background music for personal or corporate presentations, webcasts, radio, television, or any other kind of advertising.

This song does not loop but a looped version can be made available upon request.

Download Whistling Tune (Folk, Acoustic)

The Africa Music Pack (African)

This one is for all those who are interested in African-styled music. This pack comes complete with four different songs, all with a unique tribal flair.

“One Africa”, “No Place for War”, and “To Africa, With Love” are all ‘a cappella’ pieces with anywhere from 4-part to 12-part harmony throughout. An all male choir performs each song, and each song is unique in its own way.
As an added bonus, the song “Amazon” is also included in this music pack. Different continent (South America), same awesome feeling.

1. One Africa: 3:16
2. No Place for War: 2:08
3. To Africa, With Love: 2:24
4. Amazon: 2:32


Download The Africa Music Pack (African)

Interstellar Mission (Sci-Fi, Fantasy)

An epic voyage through multiple galaxies, never knowing what comes next. Science fiction and action combined (with a bit of ambient too).

This track has a soft-ish first half, as if you were flying through space (or hyperspace) and admiring the stars / planets / galaxies that pass by. It’s generally meant to express the beauty of space and how huge it is.

At 1:15 however, our journey might come across an alien battle, and the music picks up greatly in intensity here. It’s still epic, but there is just a little bit more tension here, provided mainly be the percussion.

There is a little ‘coda’ at the end which transitions us back to the beginning of the track, as this track loops infinitely.

There is a constant ‘pulse’ throughout this track (mainly in the bass), which means that it constantly has forward momentum, crucial for long-running presentations or website backgrounds that need a bit of spark / excitement while the user is browsing.

There is also a constant sense of mystery as there are a number of ‘foreign’ sounds in this track such as otherwordly ethereal vocals, and synth sounds that are not entirely conventional.

All in all, probably something for everyone here! Video game music, trailer music, film music product promo music, it should work across all mediums.

Download Interstellar Mission (Sci-Fi, Fantasy)

Brothers In Arms (Motivational)

A motivational, uplifting track, with a military theme hinted at throughout.

The opening of the track starts with a guitar riff that is accompanied by strings and brass (the accompaniment is like a military chorale). There is also the ubiquitous field snare drum that is usually a staple of most military-themed music in the media.

At 0:24, the track becomes very positive and has a lot of momentum, carried mainly by the drum beat and piano. This continues until 00:48, where a live trumpet (played be me!) closes out the piece. The solo trumpet ‘call’ signifies military more than any other sound and thus I thought it was a suitable sound to close.

This is not an action piece, but rather a piece of music to illustrate the bonds that are formed when soldiers serve together, thus it is meant to be uplifting and positive.

Download Brothers In Arms (Motivational)

A Sailor’s Anthem (Male)

This is a pretty cool little tune. And it’s long (over 4 minutes), giving you lots of room to work with.

“A Sailor’s Anthem” was inspired by the old whaling ships from the 18th and 19th centuries. At least, that’s what I had in mind when I wrote this song. With seven-part harmony, some of the sounds are really interesting, and I think you’ll find this song usable in many different situations, such as film, commercials, websites, etc.

Download A Sailor’s Anthem (Male)

Better Country Days (Country, Western)

This selection is a high energy “Hoe Down” tune featuring electric stratocaster guitar, piano, and a saxophone solo for melody. Extra wood blocks and “more cow bell” add flavor to the rhythm track. This selection is a fun listen in it’s own right, and is suitable in shortened form for commercials. An uplifting happy tune, useful for vacation themes, country equipment and clothing, or other uses.

Download Better Country Days (Country, Western)

The Ancients (Ancient, Medieval, Celtic)

Another gorgeous song styled after the old Latin Gregorian chants from the medieval times. This ‘a cappella’ song has more 12-part harmonies brought to you by Klepato Design, a.k.a. “Dave.”

The language sung in this song was completely made up, which allows many different uses and applications. It would be great for films and movies of all kinds. Picture, if you will, a bunch of monks in an ancient, resonating Catholic church singing this piece.

The song is slow throughout, building in intensity as it plays. The male choir is classically trained, with great vibrato.

Download The Ancients (Ancient, Medieval, Celtic)

One Africa (African)

An upbeat, stylish song with a distinctive South African tribal sound. This 12-part ‘a cappella’ song has heavy drums and some amazing harmonies throughout. If you are looking for something ethnic, or with a really interesting sound, this is it.
All the lyrics are “faux” African, and they don’t mean anything, which gives this song tremendous potential as a use for all sorts of projects. This would be a great piece for film and movies.

Download One Africa (African)

Let The Sun Shine In (Motivational)

A track with a great catchy riff to open up that is very recognizable. The beginning repeats this riff and gradually builds with an uplifting feel to the main part of the track starting at 00:38, which is where the ‘fullest’ sound occurs. The main part of the track feels like a safe piece of hands, it’s ‘present’ but unobtrusive, and therefore makes a perfect accompaniment for a video presentation. The track closes with an echo of the opening riff, providing a nice bookend.

This is a perfectly structured track for short product promotions, or the opening of corporate presentations. It’s simple, straightforward production style allows it to be used across a wide range of mediums. This track was solely designed to be uplifting and positive.

Download Let The Sun Shine In (Motivational)

The Power Of Giants (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

If you were a giant, you would be big.
If you were a giant, you would be powerful.
If you were a giant, you would be synonymous with size and the potential to cause massive ‘events,’ particularly in a physical format.

This piece of music is designed to reflect exactly that – the power of giants.

There is nothing subtle about this track, even the quite beginning still has a vast and panoramic sound. It gradually builds, adding more and more layers over the top of a repeating sequence of chords. Strings, low brass, woodwind, choirs and percussion build to the first climactic moment at 1:08 which then explodes into life with a bombardment of brass chords which are overwhelming in power. The power continues right through to the end of the track.

This track would be VERY suitable for use in trailers, or high-impact productions.

Download The Power Of Giants (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)