Funny Saturday (Children’s)

Follow me on AudioJungleFollow me on VideoHiveFollow me on Twitter This track is included in the Children’s Party Music Pack 2. Buy and save! This is super positive children’s pop-dance track, which was made special for children (and maybe for their parents:))…This track will create good mood without any doubt! Do holiday for your children! This track contain many instruments – from bright synth to dance drums…It can be also used anywhere – in games for children, video, like musical background for websites etc…


  • Piano Opening Logo
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    Lay Lay Stomp (Children’s)

    I picked up a ukelele on my lunch hour today, and I went crazy for the last 3 hours of work waiting to play it. So here’s the first thing that came out. There’s 2 uke’s doing the rhythm, then you have another uke playing a dueling lead line with my Strat through an old school blackface amp. The drums are straight up ho-down along with the jazz bass. I could picture this being the theme song for a toy line with a little farm and vehicles and such. That would be fun. Enjoy and thanks for listening! ;)

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    Corporate Tech Music Pack (Tech)

    A collection of four corporate tech tracks with a crisp electronic and melodic feel.

    TRACK 1 Reach For The Sky-3:03

    TRACK 2 Corporate Intro-2:52

    TRACK 3 Motivational -2:54

    TRACK 4 Trans Cumbria Express-3:43

    Download Corporate Tech Music Pack (Tech)

    Hidden Agenda (Suspense, Dark)

    This track is thick with mystery, intrigue and conspiracy. It has everything a deep, engrossing and gripping drama needs to boost the suspicion and tension for an important scene. Whether it be for a montage, flashback or a live scene with searching, discovery and unveiling a hidden truth or agenda, this piece is sure to be the one you’ve been looking for. Blending heavy orchestral percussion, atmospheric effects, glitch noises and acoustic instruments, it draws the audience in and leaves them feeling compelled having played witness to what has taken place on the screen. This track is also available in alternate versions and loops for extended or shorter play.

    • Don’t forget to let us know about the project you use this track in. We will help promote it!

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    Floating Away (Corporate)

    Instrumental structured around repeating, hypnotic bass groove while synth pads add depth & ambience. After a while, gated pads kick in together with overdriven guitar improvisation. Near the end, you can feel that something is bound to happen, like a calm before the storm… it goes into total mayhem and goes back to calm mood soon.
    Hypnotic, psychedelic & interesting track I`m sure you`ll find some use for ;)
    Loops seamlessly.

    Download Floating Away (Corporate)

    Best Of Times (Folk, Acoustic)

    A positive acoustic guitar driven theme with percussion, synth pads and electric guitar, great for corporate, business, and motivational visuals.

    This file also includes:
    Full Length Version, 60 sec version (3:10 in preview file), 30 second version (4:10 in preview file), 12 sec stinger / logo (4:42 in preview file), loop (4:55 in preview file)

    Other Key Words:
    pop, lite rock, bright, light, positive, friendly, soft, motivated, syncopated, repetitive, corporate, business, success, good, peaceful, loving, melodic, warm, atmospheric, longing, building, eternal, rhythmic, energetic, determined, glory, life, optimistic.

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