Vintage Television (Electronics)

Vintage Television is a high resolution Cinema 4D model of a vintage television in a simple scene.

What’s included:

• Cinema 4D scene with geometry, lights, shaders, a camera and render settings (Just hit ‘render’ and get the image above)

• Two different ‘Screen’ shaders, the black & white Test Pattern and the color Color Bars

• All objects are named and well organized

An OBJ file is also included. This file has no lights, shaders, or rendering information but can be imported into just about any 3D software.

Download Vintage Television (Electronics)

Beach cartoon scene (Other)

Beach cartoon scene with: stones, palme, hauses and raft

Perfect for games or theme projects such as TV spots, animated greeting cards, character scenes, and personal projects.

Four kind format: .c4d, .obj and .3ds

All textures are included in .psd format

Total number of vertices:333700 Total number of faces: 449820

Originally created in Cinema 4D. All file formats contain identical geometry and materials as seen above.
All objects are polygonal with clean and accurate construction. Close attention to detail makes this highly rated scene ideal for close ups and print work.

Every file format has been checked with the appropriate software. All details are fully modeled out for closeups.

All models can be selected and re-arranged individually. Highly rated. For any problem contact me [email protected]

Download Beach cartoon scene (Other)

Realistic cigarettes, box, ashtray and lighter (Products)


This is for a set of smoking items, Ashtray, Lighter, cigarette box and cigarettes.

The lighter is just the case no actual insides! but looks cool when all the items are together.

Materials are included, There’s is no studio just the object.

The cigarette box is my first attempt at UV mapping so the .PSD file may be a bit cluttered but i’m not very fluent with photoshop, but the final result turned out great!

Thank you

Download Realistic cigarettes, box, ashtray and lighter (Products)

Terma Entrance Door (Buildings and Architecture)

3D model of Terma entrance door with frosted glass created in Cinema 4D. Pivot Point is set so that the door can be opened and closed by rotating the object.

3D Terma Entrance Door Item Include:

  • Terma Entrance Door 3D model
  • Include materials: metal painted brown, metal painted white, stainless steel, stainless steel golden, glass material
  • Frosted glass texture.
  • Studio with 3 lights.
  • File formats: c4d, 3ds, fbx, and obj

Download Terma Entrance Door (Buildings and Architecture)

Realistic wine bottle and wine glass (Food and drinks)


This is a realistic wine bottle and wine glass made inside of cinema 4D.
All the materials are included and a PSD to edit the pre made wine bottle label.

Check out more images to see what it’s like with out post effects, Still very clean and nice.

Could be great for mock ups!

The render studio is not included, just the wine glass and bottle.

Thank you for looking.

Download Realistic wine bottle and wine glass (Food and drinks)

Realistic Cigarette Model (Products)


This is a realistic cigarette model created inside of cinema4D.

In the c4d file there is 2 different files, one which has had all objects connected and put into a hypernurbs for extra definition and one (all switched off so it doesn’t render) which has all the different part inside if you’d wish to edit any of it.

I’ve used two textures, one for the tobacco end and the text made inside of photoshop, the rest of the materials were all made inside of cinema4D, all the materials are included.

The model it’s self has got a few little indents and bumps to make it look more realistic.

Check out more images for the original rendered out images.

Thank you for looking

Download Realistic Cigarette Model (Products)