Meditative Ambient Acoustic Guitar (Atmospheres, Soundscapes)

Meditative Ambient Acoustic Guitar is an atmospheric, gentle, peaceful, light and meditative slow ambient guitar cinematic track. The mood of this airy and ethereal music is contemplative, inspirational, optimistic, positive, easy and romantic. Used instruments: echoed light guitar ( with a spacious delay effect ), soft synths, deep bass with a tranquil pulsation, warm background atmosphere. The guitar sounds very tender, subtle and warm. Sounds calm and tranquil, relaxing and emotional, calming and inspiring. There are: love, dream, bliss, peace, kindness, tenderness, calmness, silence and a sentimental feel in this beautiful ambient music.

Perfect as a delicate and elegant ethereal background music for a romantic, meditative, hopeful, light, bright and optimistic movie, film, short film, film score, motion picture, blockbuster, documentary, soundtrack, video, television, TV show, TV Series, cinema production, advertising, advert, presentation, promotion, final titles, intro and opening, time lapse ( timelapse ), clip, iPhone / iPad / android apps, social media project, commercial, radio, promotion, YouTube, Vimeo and website videos etc.

Also good for any calming and soothing nature scenes and atmospheric scenes in a documentary or movie soundtrack. Could be great for a beautiful landscape video with wide panorama, for a beautiful sunset and dawn on the ocean or on the sea. The second name of this track could be Silent Breeze, because just imagine when you in the boat and only a silent and calm waves around you. It is just eternal blissfulness :)

Will be good for any meditative and relax processes, spa, healing therapy.

WAV and high quality MP3 in ZIP file.

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