Best Resources In iOS Development – August 1st 2011

Another great week has gone by for iOS developers, and the upcoming release of iOS 5 is coming closer.

There was a definite increase in the number of great resources shared this week, and it was difficult to pick and choose which to feature on this site.

This week’s resources include a massive collection of useful iOS libraries that is really a must bookmark, a library created to replace Three20, a free augmented reality sdk – that actually works well – and more.

Here are the resources shared in order of popularity:

Open Source: Massive Toolkit With Over 40 iOS Objective-C Libraries – An excellent collection of useful categories, wrappers, and libraries that had already been used in a number of apps prior to release.  If you are doing any Objective-C development for iOS devices then you will probably find something in here to save you time.

Open Source: Well Documented Three20 Replacement Library – A great start on a library created to provide the same functionality that exists within the Three20 library, but with thorough documentation a top priority.

News: Free Augmented Reality SDK For iOS Released By Qualcomm – An amazing AR SDK that had only been available for Android devices.  Works extremely well, and can even track 3D objects.

Open Source: iOS Scene Graph Library 3D – Free 3D Graphics Engine – An open source 3D graphics engine with a very impressive feature set, and excellent tutorials.

Open Source: Text Adventure Game Framework – Make Some Interactive Fiction – An easy to code, well documented, object oriented framework created specifically for text adventure games.

Open Source: Sudoku Solving App Using Computer Vision – An app featuring some impressive use of the OpenCV project to perform OCR, and puzzle finding.

Tutorial: Creating An Evernote Style Button Activated Keyboard – A tutorial demonstrating how to duplicate the same sliding and stretching animation as in the Evernote app.

Tutorial: Masking Sprites In Cocos2D With CCRenderTexture – Demonstrates showing how you can use Cocos2D’s image masking capability to perform effects on your images.

Open Source: Social Networking, Sharing And Activity Tracking Library – A library that allows you to add in a social network just for your app that includes social network sharing and activity analytics.

Open Source: Easy Image Gallery With HTML/CSS Complete With Swipe Support – A useful library that allows you to automatically generate a full featured image gallery which can be used on a website or embedded within a native app using a framework such as Phonegap.

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