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In this week’s Audio Premium content, Mike Elliott continues his in-depth series on creating drum beats. This week we explore how to create Afro-Cuban drum patterns in your DAW.

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Welcome to the second drum based tutorial in the series that will show you what the beats are and how to make them sound good. In this tutorial we are going to cover drums in the Afro-Cuban style.

Afro-Cuban music is one of the two main categorizations of Latin music; the other being Brazilian. The drums are one of the key components in this style of music and knowing which beat to insert is crucial.

If you ever wondered what the difference was between a rumba and son clave, or just want to add some Afro-Cuban flavor, this tutorial will enlighten you in all regards. Since our previous discussion involved how to construct various beats from smaller elements, this tutorial will do so as well; albeit in a slightly different way. So my friends, lets mambo!

Here’s the kind of music you’ll be able to create once you harness the knowledge inside:

Download audio file (example.mp3)

Table of Contents

  • 1. Setting Up
    • What You Need

    • What to Use
  • 2. Learn the Dance
    • What the Steps Mean

    • Pick a Clave any Clave
    • Review
  • 3. Bell Beat Baby
    • Palito and Cascara

    • Mambo
    • Songo
    • Review
  • 4. Add the Flair
    • Bombo

    • Toms
    • Reinstating the Clave
    • Review
  • 5. Sound Color
    • The Kick

    • The Snare
    • The Cymbals
    • Toms
    • Review
  • 6. Fills, Fills, Fills
    • The Accent

    • Lead In
    • Patchwork
    • Review
  • Afro-Cuban in Review

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