What’s Your #1 Question About Increasing Productivity?

When I worked in an office several of my co-workers asked me how I managed to keep my desk organized and clean at all times, how I managed to whip together all sorts of travel plans without a headache, and even whether I actually got any work done with my flexible work schedule (my time of arrival was 10-ish and I even did my grocery shopping during the workday).

As a WorkAwesome writer, I try to write about what I think is useful to my awesomely dedicated readers based on experience – and on whatever I come across in my daily life.  I’m no productivity oracle but I want to help answer reader questions about increasing productivity.  You can always email me with your questions, but for now . . .

If you rubbed your monitor and I floated out in a poof of smoke as your little productivity genie, what 1 question would you ask me?

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