The Foundry’s CameraTracker Giveaway!

Following Part 1 and Part 2 of the CameraTracker Overview, we conclude today with Part 3. We’ll composite our 3D light rays into our final scene with dust interaction.

We all love new plug-ins, and we all love free stuff! So, instead of just showing off The Foundry’s new CameraTracker plug-in, we figured we’d give a few licenses away to our loyal viewers! Details below!


Download Tutorial .flv

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CameraTracker Giveaway Details

We Are Giving Away:

  • 3x Licenses of The Foundry’s CameraTracker plug-in ($250 value!)

CameraTracker will allow matchmoving directly inside After Effects!

The same production tested algorithm seen in NukeX, a cutting edge VFX tool used on films such as ‘Avatar’ & ‘Iron Man II,’ right inside the After Effects environment. Invaluable for integrating VFX and motion graphics into moving camera shots!

How To Enter The Giveaway:

All you have to do is log in to your Twitter or Facebook below and tell the world what you’re after! You’ll get one entry for this…. BUT! Get this… For each person that retweets or enters through your facebook post, you’ll get another entry! We’re not gonna hack your facebook and change your gender (though we would if we knew how)… We’re just having you log into to help spread the word… that’s all. We will be closing this giveaway this Friday, the 13th at 12pm noon, EST.

Enter Through Twitter:

Enter Through Facebook:

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