Modelling the Audi R8 in 3Ds Max, Day 1 – Premium Tutorial

You asked for it, and Madhan_2005 has delivered! Over the course of this amazing tutorial series, Madhan will be walking us through how he modelled and rendered a photorealistic Audi R8 using 3Ds Max, after which you’ll be well equipped to create your very own dream cars! This tutorial series is a must-watch for any artists looking to expand their portfolio and learn the sought-after art of car creation. Can’t wait to get started? Become a Premium member, or learn more after the jump!

Step by step car creation

Follow freelance CG artist, Madhan, as he walks us through the modelling workflows he uses to create stunning, photorealistic car models such as the Bugatti Veyron, previously featured on the site, and the Audi R8 shown above. An expert in pushing a programs basic toolset to it’s limit, Madhan_2005′s tutorial is a must-have for any artists interested in either vehicle or product design.

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