Recording the Drums – Part 4 – Audio Premium

In this week’s Audio Premium content, Bobby Owsinski continues his series on how to record the drums.

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In Part 4 of my drum miking series we’re going to look at a couple of ways to do overhead miking, the philosophy and placement of the sometimes mysterious room mics, and some surprising and interesting alternative miking techniques. Don’t forget, as I’ve stated in the intro of every part of this series, the real key to a great drum sound is a great drummer or a great sounding kit (preferably both in that order). These two items will make just about any engineer look like a genius to his or her clients.

Table of Contents

  • The Two Philosophies Of Overhead Microphones
  • Using Room Mics
  • Miking The Room With A Single Mic From The Front
  • Miking The Room Using A Stereo Mic Overhead
  • Parallel Room Mics
  • Using Three Room Mics
  • Alternative Miking Techniques
  • The Single Mic Technique
  • The Two Mic Technique
  • The Three Mic Technique – Option 1
  • The Three Mic Technique – Option 2
  • The Three Mic Technique – Option 3
  • The Four Mic Technique – Option 1
  • The Four Mic Technique – Option 2

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