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In this week’s Audio Premium content, Björgvin Benediktsson gives you a crash course on music production, with a focus on structure and variety. He illustrates his points with some great YouTube videos.

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Producing music is a lot like writing. You have blank page with a cursor blinking away silently. You kind of know what you want to write about but you have no idea how to start. You might do a rough outline of an article, or put down a few subheadings and a headline that you think will jump start things. Once you’ve gone over some of your ideas and fleshed out your outline you’ve got a pretty good idea what the article will be about, but you just don’t know where to start. Do you write the intro first? Or do you capture your main ideas before you tie them off with an introduction and a conclusion?

Music production, or creating a song from scratch, is a similar ordeal. You know you want to write a song and you kind of have the idea for it, maybe a few chords and the melody, but you don’t know where to start.

Well, in order to jumpstart your creative music production session, let’s go over some of the things that will help you produce a song from initial idea to finished product. It doesn’t matter if the idea is just a demo. At least it’s more than a lingering idea in your head you will likely forget.

Table of Contents

  • Music Production – Some Basic Definitions
  • Song Structure
  • Arrangement
  • Contrast
  • Music Production – A Basic Approach
  • Foundation
  • Riff Sections
  • Melody and Leads
  • Conclusion

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