The Art Of Music Production – Part 5

In this week’s Audio Premium content, Bobby Owsinski continues to feed us insights on music production inspired by his new book “The Music Producer’s Handbook”. In Part 5 we look at mixing and mastering.

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“Until you’ve done it yourself, it’s easy to underestimate what a music producer actually does. This series about music production is based around my new book, The Music Producer’s Handbook, where I’ll outline not only some basic production techniques, but also some of the additional duties expected from the producer. Be aware that we’ll be looking at the relationship of a producer with a band or an artist with a backing band or studio musicians. We’ll tackle self-production later in the series.

In Part 5, we’ll look at the most overlooked, but one of the most crucial parts of production – Mixing And Mastering.

Table of Contents

  • Alternative Mixes
  • What is Mastering?
  • The Reason Why it Sounds So Good When a Pro Does It
  • Experience is the Key
  • The Mastering Engineer’s Sound
  • How Long Should It Take
  • How Much Should It Cost

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