Enphase Energy’s Thermostat Lets You Control Your Home’s Temperature From Afar

Green data geeks now have another tool for controlling their energy consumption. Enphase Energy‘s new Environ Smart Thermostat lets you control your home’s temperature and monitor your solar installations remotely.

The company is known for its microinverter system, which turns solar-generated DC power into home energy friendly AC power. A microinverter is attached to every solar module, and the unit also monitors the module’s performance and sends out an alert if there is a problem with the module, be it debris or a tree branch that grew large enough to shade the solar panel.

All of the data is transmitted to a website where you can analyze your energy consumption and, with the new thermostat, control your home’s temperature from afar. Want to turn on the AC before your commute home so you can step into a cold house? No problem. You can also turn over control to Enphase, which can help you program your thermostat to meet your energy goals, like letting the temperature rise a few degrees during peak times to save on your energy bill.

“What we want to do is plug a hole on the energy consumption side,” says CEO Paul Nahi.

The thermostat works with Enphase installations and sells for $349. The company began selling solar installations in 2008, and currently has customers in 49 states and all Canadian provinces. Enphase has raised $100 million in funding and although the company won’t release specific figures, Nahi said the company is “financially sound.”

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