Jay Leno Won The Tonight Show Fight, But The Resistance Movement Carries On At…Hulu

The Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien fight over the Tonight Show is long over. Leno soldiers on, and O’Brien is out mixing it up with real people on tour.

But the resistance movement carries on, and Coco supporters (as O’brien is known) have found a bunch of outlets to vent their frustration. Some trick Leno into taking pictures supporting Coco. Others hang out on a Facebook page supporting him called “I’m with Coco / Conan O’Brien.”

But now there’s another way, and this one is likely to piss off NBC. Go to any Tonight Show clip on Hulu and check out the user added tags that appear in the mouseover.

There’s a variety of tags added to the show, but popular ones include: i’m with coco, creep, sellout, douchenozzle and hack.

Ah, the power of the people to voice their opinion on things. Too bad these are going to be ripped down pretty darn soon. Hulu’s terms and conditions on tags arguably prohibit all of these keywords.

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