Sucker Alert: Wattgate 381 “Audio Grade” Socket

Sucker Alert: Wattgate 381 “Audio Grade” Socket

Wattgate 381

Wow, there really is a sucker born every minute, but is there anyone out there stupid enough to spend $147 on a so called “Audio Grade” electrical socket?

The Wattgate 381 and claims to bring you crystal clean sound. I’m no electrician but doesn’t the quality of your sound actually come from the components inside your amplifier? WTF does electricity flow have to do with it? It’s not like this is some surge suppressor that cleans your power and makes sure that you don’t have power fluctuation. It’s a freaking socket.

I’m sure this will go perfectly with the $400 Monster Cable you bought and that $500 Denon Ethernet Cable.

If your stupid enough to buy one, you can pick it up here

tech.nocr.atSucker Alert: Wattgate 381 “Audio Grade” Socket originally appeared on on 2009/10/25.

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