Ask a VC: Why We’re Thankful for David Hornik

David Hornik of August Capital has bailed me out in a short week by hopping into the Ask a VC chair that I neglected to book in advance. The timing wasn’t planned, but it’s appropriate. The first time I ever interviewed Hornik, I was still at BusinessWeek and when I asked him to send a headshot he emailed one over where he was dressed like some sort of pilgrim. It was clear back then he was not going to be your average blue-shirt-and-khaki-wearing VC.

You may remember Hornik from a few TechCrunchTV appearances, most notably the five-part Super Angel-VC SMACKDOWN! with Dave McClure. My most memorable Hornik moment was when he dressed like Tattoo (see left) for the first Lobby conference in Hawaii– an invite-only conference he founded that industry superstars, well, lobby to get invited to every year.

Feel free to send follow-up questions on that super angel debate, general advice or questions about Hornik’s investments in companies like Blippy, Stumble Upon or the Six-Apart-and-Video-Egg-combo-platter called Say Media.

We film in about an hour so get your questions in quickly to AskaVC(at)techcrunch(dot)com. Don’t make me make up fictional readers and questions…

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