Please, If You Would, Read CrunchGear’s Black Friday Coverage

We’re a service-orientated organization and as such our goal is to assist the consumer in choosing the best possible fit for their gadget-facing needs. We’re no blue sky imagineers: we’re professionals. We want you to be happy and we have an easy-to-remember motto: AWPBFDDtWBBFAAPGGFPWAS (Always Be Posting Black Friday Deals During the Week Before Black Friday And Also Post Gift Guides For People Who Are Shopping). And we’re sticking to that easy-to-remember motto through this week over at CrunchGear.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to head over to CG and view some of the deals we’ve gathered up thus far and keep your eye on things this week and through Mobile Monday (which is totally a made-up holiday.) Also, keep your eye on the Gift Guide for our takes on the best holiday gifts.

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